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World holidays
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--- TODAY ---
1 Sep 2014

The list of public holidays observed throughout the world today, Monday, September 1, 2014, is brought to you by Q++ Studio, the professional source of worldwide public holidays.

American Samoa  Labor Day
Bermuda  Labour Day
Canada  Labour Day
Eritrea  Revolution Day (Bahti Meskerem)
Guam  Labor Day
Kazakhstan  Constitution Day Holiday
Kyrgyzstan  Independence Day Holiday
Luxembourg  Luxembourg City Kermesse (jour ferie d'usage) (not official) [Regional]
Northern Mariana Islands  Labor Day
Palau  Labor Day
Puerto Rico  Labor Day (y Dia de Santiago Iglesias Pantin) [Banks/Government]
Slovakia  Constitution Memorial Day
Swaziland  Umhlanga / Reed Dance Public Holiday
Trinidad and Tobago  Independence Day Holiday
US Virgin Islands  Labor Day
USA  Labor Day
Uzbekistan  Independence Day (Mustaqillik Kuni)
Vietnam  Public Holiday (compensated Sat. Sept. 6)

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--- THIS WEEK ---
This news feed of worldwide public holidays for week 36 comes from the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database, the professional source of worldwide public holidays. To see the public holidays names, place your mouse over the name of a country.


September 1

American Samoa  Bermuda  Canada  Eritrea  Guam  Kazakhstan  Kyrgyzstan  LuxembourgNorthern Mariana Islands  Palau  Puerto RicoSlovakia  Swaziland  Trinidad and Tobago  US Virgin Islands  USA  Uzbekistan  Vietnam     


September 2

Nepal  Transdniestria  Vietnam   


September 3

San Marino  TaiwanTokelau   


September 4

no public holidays, anywhere in the world, on this date  


September 5

Marshall Islands   


September 6

Bonaire, St Eustatius and SabaBulgaria  China  IndiaSao Tome and Principe  Swaziland   


September 7

Brazil  China  IndiaMozambique  NepalSouth Korea 
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Worldwide Public Holidays

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