World holidays today

World holidays
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1 Nov 2014

The list of public holidays observed throughout the world today, Saturday, November 1, 2014, is brought to you by Q++ Studio, the professional source of worldwide public holidays.

Aland  All Saints' Day
Algeria  Revolution Day
Andorra  All Saints' Day
Antigua and Barbuda  Independence Day (celebration)
Austria  All Saints' Day
Belgium  All Saints' Day
Benin  All Saints' Day
Bhutan  Druk Gyalpo Coronation Anniversary
Bosnia and Herzegovina  All Saints' Day (FBiH) [Regional]
Bulgaria  Revival Leaders' Day [Schools]
Burkina Faso  All Saints' Day
Burundi  All Saints' Day
Cape Verde  All Saints' Day
Central African Republic  All Saints' Day
Chad  All Saints' Day
Chile  All Saints' Day
Congo  All Saints' Day
Cote d'Ivoire  All Saints' Day
Croatia  All Saints' Day (Svi Sveti)
East Timor  All Saints' Day
Finland  All Saints' Day
France  All Saints' Day
French Guiana  All Saints' Day
French Polynesia  All Saints' Day
Gabon  All Saints' Day
Germany  All Saints' Day (BW BY NW RP SL) [Regional]
Guadeloupe  All Saints' Day
Guatemala  All Saints' Day
Guinea  All Saints' Day
Hungary  All Saints' Day
India  Haryana Day (HR) [Regional]
India  Kannada Rajyothsava (KA) [Regional]
India  Puducherry Liberation Day (PY) [Regional]
Italy  All Saints' Day
Liechtenstein  All Saints' Day
Lithuania  All Saints' Day
Luxembourg  All Saints' Day
Madagascar  All Saints' Day
Martinique  All Saints' Day
Mayotte  All Saints' Day
Monaco  All Saints' Day
New Caledonia  All Saints' Day
Peru  All Saints' Day
Philippines  All Saints' Day (Araw ng mga Namayapa)
Poland  All Saints' Day
Reunion  All Saints' Day
Saint Barthelemy  All Saints' Day
Saint Martin  All Saints' Day
Saint Pierre et Miquelon  All Saints' Day
San Marino  All Saints' Day
Senegal  All Saints' Day
Seychelles  All Saints' Day
Slovakia  All Saints' Day
Slovenia  Remembrance Day
Spain  All Saints' Day (Todos los Santos)
Sweden  All Saints' Day (Allhelgonadagen)
Switzerland  All Saints' Day (AG AI FR GR JU LU NW OW SG SO SZ TI UR VS ZG) [Regional]
Togo  All Saints' Day
US Virgin Islands  D. Hamilton Jackson Day (Liberty Day)
Vatican City  All Saints' Day
Wallis and Futuna  All Saints' Day

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October 27

Cocos (Keeling) Islands  Cook Islands  Ireland  Nauru  New Zealand  NigeriaNiue  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  Turkmenistan     


October 28

BrazilCyprus  Czech Republic  Greece  TurkeyTurkmenistan   


October 29

Cambodia  Honduras  IndiaNepal  North Cyprus  Turkey   


October 30



October 31

Chile  GermanyGuatemalaHonduras  PhilippinesSlovenia  Sweden*   


November 1

Aland  Algeria  Andorra  Antigua and Barbuda  Austria  Belgium  Benin  Bhutan  Bosnia and HerzegovinaBulgariaBurkina Faso  Burundi  Cape Verde  Central African Republic  Chad  Chile  Congo  Cote d'Ivoire  Croatia  East Timor  Finland  France  French Guiana  French Polynesia  Gabon  GermanyGuadeloupe  Guatemala  Guinea  Hungary  IndiaIndiaIndiaItaly  Liechtenstein  Lithuania  Luxembourg  Madagascar  Martinique  Mayotte  Monaco  New Caledonia  Peru  Philippines  Poland  Reunion  Saint Barthelemy  Saint Martin  Saint Pierre et Miquelon  San Marino  Senegal  Seychelles  Slovakia  Slovenia  Spain  Sweden  SwitzerlandTogo  US Virgin Islands  Vatican City  Wallis and Futuna   


November 2

Angola  Bahrain  BelgiumBolivia  Brazil  East Timor  Ecuador  El Salvador  French GuianaGuamHaitiMacau  Mauritius  MexicoSan Marino  Uruguay
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Worldwide Public Holidays

Dominican Republic 2015 Public Holidays Announced
Posted on 31 Oct 2014
Sources: Ministerio de Trabajo, República Dominicana (Santo Domingo) and Dominican Republic bank holidays and public holidays ( The Ministry of Labour of the Dominican Republic has announced its annual official finalized listing of non-working public holidays in the the Dominican Republic for the upcoming calendar year 2015. [full story]

Azerbaijani Ashura Public Holiday Ruled-Out
Posted on 31 Oct 2014
Sources: Azərbaycan Respublikası Nazirlər Kabineti (Baku) and Azerbaijan bank holidays and public holidays ( Azerbaijan's Chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, Mubariz Gurbanli, has stated that he did not see any need for Azerbaijan to declare a non-working public holiday on account of the upcoming annual Ashura Muslim festival. [full story]

Bolivian November 3 Public Holiday Confirmed
Posted on 31 Oct 2014
Sources: Ministerio de Trabajo, Empleo y Previsión Social (La Paz) and Bolivian bank holidays and public holidays ( Bolivia's Ministry of Labour has issued a communique confirming the fact that Monday, November 3, 2014, would be a day in lieu non-working public holiday in Bolivia, on account of the annual Todos los Santos non-working public holiday of Bolivia falling on a Sunday in 2014 ("se traslada al lunes 3 de noviembre al coincidir con domingo"). [full story]

Pakistan Public Holiday November 9
Posted on 31 Oct 2014
Sources: Associated Press Of Pakistan (Islamabad) and Pakistan bank holidays and public holidays ( The Ministry of the Interior of the Federal Government of Pakistan has announced that Sunday, November 9, 2014, would be the date of the annual non-working public holiday throughout Pakistan to mark Iqbal Day. [full story]

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