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Kika Keyboard
1 Jun 2016
Today I am reviewing Kika Keyboard, a keyboard replacement app for both Android and iOS. Given the subject matter of my site, I’ll be reviewing the Android version of the app.9/10 StarsDOWNLOAD HERE

Now I want to start being completely honest – I generally hate third party keyboard apps, other than googles own stock keyboard app. I have a Samsung device, and the first app I install after logging in is the google keyboard. I love it’s simple look, it’s speed, and the great combination of touch and swipe input. When I was asked a week ago to review Kika, I honestly thought I would install it, test if for a few hours and then call it day, but now, over a week later, it is still in use. I have honestly surprised myself how much I like this keyboard. In short – It’s great.
If you watch the above video, you will get a good idea about the basic visual look and feel of the app. As you can see, it has nice clean layout, with no unnecessary clutter. In fact, just like Google's own keyboard it has a very material and flat design, which I really like. Looks can be deceiving however, as under this simple exterior is hidden quite a number of cool features!

Getting as 4.4 on the Google Play store is no easy task, and it is obvious that in the case of Kika it is well deserved, with lots of work obviously going into the app. There are custom themes, a huge array or emojis and emoticons, a massive searchable database of animated gifs, swipe inputs, plugins, tablet mode and more. There's so many features hidden under the surface that you really have to experiment to find them all - but that's the beauty of Kika - it packs so much in without ever feeling cluttered or bloated. 

There are a few nice hidden sunrises under the hood of Kika. One of the best features (for me) is the ability to easily restore your copy and paste history - something that I had previously used separate third party apps to accomplish. There's also a huge sticker pack, which is fantastic in apps such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. There is also a really cool ASCII / Emoji art section, which combines line and lines of text and emojis into more complex pictures. It's something I haven't seen other keyboards include, and is one of those things that will have your friends asking 'How did you do that'!?!

Finally, are the themes  - and there is honestly one for almost every occasion. Whether you want something stock and clean, or more bolded and colourful - there are themes and fonts to suit every taste. I personally always go for things with a stock look and feel, and in this space Kika delivers.

All in all, this is an amazing keyboard app. I've shocked myself by still having it installed and in use - which really says something! This is a well deserved 9/10 - check out Kika Keyboard today!

In the words of the developer:

Kika Emoji Keyboard is a smart emoji keyboard app for android phone that makes typing fast, easy and fun. 
With 1200+ emoji & emoticons, smileys, stickers, colorful and customizable themes, massive funny GIFs, word predictions, smart auto-correction, smooth swipe, 60+ supported languages and more, Kika Emoji Keyboard delivers everything you’d expect from a world-class smart keyboard app for FREE!  
Over 10 million people are using Kika Keyboard to type and share ideas. Get it now and check by yourself!
Key Features
•Send 1200+ emoji & emoticons (ʘ‿ʘ) across Facebook , Messenger, Snapchat , Instagram, Gmail, Kik and more.
•The 1st keyboard with native support for WhatsApp's skin tone emojis
•Support newest Android emojis like middle fingers, unicorn and taco for OS which is above 6.0
•100+ awesome themes/skins and cool fonts to suit your style
•Personalize your own keyboard skins with photos or colors
•Search & send animated GIFs
•Unlimited stickers with search
•Swipe to type faster
•Word predictions & suggestions
•Smart Auto-Correction
•Support 60+ languages with specific dictionaries including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa, Russian, etc.
•Custom keyboard with personalized fonts and sound layouts including one-hand mode & split screen
•Adapt to different devices with cutomized layouts including one-hand mode, split screen and tablet mode
•Provides QWERTY KeyboardKika Your Life
Using emojis, stickers, GIFs is a popular way to express your emotions. When you are angry, an angry pig sticker can express more than a word could. With Kika Keyboard, you can text and chat with friends across all IM tools like Facebook, kik, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram ,Hangout and Snapchat. Kika provides contents including cool Android default emojis, Emojione, Twitter Emoji, Riffsy GIFs , funny stickers like Panda and Cat. You can save stickers and GIFs in Kika and share them across all social platforms.
Kika has loads of keyboard themes such as Galaxy, Lollipop, Pure Love , Snow, Horse Power, Zombie, Bubble, Rain, Lovely Girl and more to make your keyboard colorful.
If you are tired of original font, Kika provides 30+ fonts to show your style and 10+ sounds like Gun and Piano to make typing fun. Kika’s custom function allows you to choose selfies and picture from gallery like as keyboard skins or use camera to take a photo and make it your own theme.
Everyday Kika helps you to send emoji and text on multiple platforms. It's a flash keyboard. For instance, you write down your idea fast on Evernote ,Tumblr, or Notepad. You leave a comment with emoji on eBay, Amazon, Yelp or Foursquare. And you send emoji in games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans. In a word, Kika satisfy all your demands of typing.Join Kika Community
You are welcome to join our Facebook group - Kika Community
bit.ly/TheKikaCommunity - for troubleshooting, news updates, special GIFs, stickers & themes and more!Contact Us
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KikaKeyboard
Official Website: www.kika.tech
Support & Feedback: support@kikakeyboard.com
Partnership: partnerships@kika.techKIKA KEYBOARD9/10 StarsDOWNLOAD HEREKeep up to date with the latest android apps and sales. Also check out great reviews of featured applications.

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2 May 2016

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