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Crystal Hearts Valentines LWP
22 Jan 2015
Today's app of the day is Crystal Hearts Valentines LWP.

With valentines day fast approaching, now is a great time to treat yourself or a loved one to something a little special as a phone wallpaper. Pick up Crystal Hearts Valentines LWP for a really low price from google play, set it as your wallpaper, and I am sure you will be impressed with the new life it brings to your phone.

As far as I am concerned, live wallpapers are one of the most under-appreciated functions of the android OS. Crystal Hearts Valentines LWP is a great wallpaper to change your opinion of this as it looks fantastic, runs incredibly smoothly, works on both phones and tablets, is interactive, and best of all - does not drain your system resources or waste your battery life.

Check it out today! Once installed simply click on the Crystal Hearts Valentines LWP icon from your app drawer and you will be able to apply it as a live wallpaper with a single click. It looks great and really is one of the best live wallpapers I've seen in a long time!

In the words of the developer:

A Live Wallpaper of deep red crystal hearts that float beautifully on your home screens designed for lovers of romance to celebrate Saint Valentines day.
Show your romantic side to your loved one with this beautiful HD 3D Live Wallpaper.
It's efficient so won't drain your battery as it's been designed not to waste your device's resources when you using other apps.
Swipe left and right to change the direction of flow and tap the hearts to watch them spin and delicately clink into each other.
Designed for phones 7 and 10 inch tablets.
After installation is complete the following instructions to set your live wallpaper:
Launch directly from Google Play or from the Crystal Hearts Valentines LWP icon in your apps list, or:
Go to your settings menu and find Display settings.
You should then be able to choose home and/or lock screen and choose CRYSTAL HEARTS VALENTINES LIVE WALLPAPER from the list.
You can then click apply or edit.
Any suggestions for improvement or features you'd like to see please do contact us!

DOWNLOAD NOWPRICE: $1.12 AUDCrystal Hearts Valentines LWPa new android app recommendation every day...

Retirement Genie
8 Jan 2015
Today's app of the day is Retirement Genie.

It is inevitable that for everyone lucky enough to have a job, retirement is something important to plan for. With the life expectancy of most people increasing, having enough money and assets to survive through retirement has never been more important. It is not simply enough to pack up your desk and expect everything to be OK - instead careful planning is required, and professional help is often needed!

To get the ball rolling, a great new app has made its way to the Google Play app store - Retirement Genie. Upon starting the app, users are greeted with a simple calculation tool where a person's planned retirement age, pension amount and expenses can be inserted. From there, all that needs to occur is the 'calculate' button being pressed, and the Retirement Genie will let you know whether your savings will be enough to live on throughout what are meant to be the best years of your life.

It's quick, easy and best of all free. It is not going to be enough to plan every aspect of retirement, but it will show users whether they are on track and allow users to determine whether it is necessary to start putting away more saving, or whether to seek some further professional advice. Check it out today, and start planning for tomorrow!


In the words of the developer:

Many questions about Retirement planning?
How long will my Pension Last?
Should I reduce my Pension withdrawals? Should I increase them?
How much will I need in my Pension? Will I have enough the way I am going?
How do Investment Return and different Risk Profiles impact my Pension?
Aussie FREE RetirementGenie: Pension Simulator (calculator) can help you!
- It’s FREE!
- EASY TO USE! - Spinners for a few variables and then 3 “AUTOMATIC – SOLVER” buttons – that’s all!
- EASY TO UNDERSTAND! – uses Graphs to show what is happening.
- FAST! – get quick results using the AUTOMATIC SOLVERS.
- MADE BY A FINANCIAL PLANNER! - 100% developed and coded by a real-life “Financial Planner” with a Masters Degree in Financial Planning!
- EDUCATIONAL! - Learn about Pension Risk Profiles while using – simple Spinner changes Return and it tells you what investments (asset classes not specific) make up that profile then find out how they affect Pension longevity with different withdrawal rates….in seconds.
- FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY! - ……err….maybe not actually…
- (1) Pension BALANCE SOLVER – will aid in calculating what BALANCE is needed to last given the other variables you have chosen.
- (2) Pension RETURN/RISK PROFILE SOLVER – will help calculate the RETURN needed to last given the other variables you have chosen.
- (3) Pension EXPENSES SOLVER – will help calculate how much can be WITHDRAWN given the other variables you have chosen.
- Discounts automatically for inflation – converts all values back to current values from future values.
- If this is popular and well received enough will upgrade this app to include other features (this App is only one part of a larger application I made in Visual Basic).

In preparing any advice in this site Arrowvale Pty Limited, ABN 25 834 700 823 trading as J.Brookman and Associates Financial Services has not taken into account any particular persons objectives, financial situation or needs. Investors should, before acting on this information, consider the appropriateness of this information having regard to their personal objectives, financial situation or needs. We recommend investors obtain financial advice specific to their situation before making any financial investment or insurance decision.
Arrowvale Pty Limited, ABN 25 834 700 823 trading as J.Brookman and Associates Financial Services, Office 4, Level 4, 10 Eastbrook Tce, East Perth, WA 6004 is an Authorised Representative of Apogee Financial Planning Limited ABN 28 056 426 932, a member of the National Australia Bank group of companies.
Jeff Brookman | Scott Brookman | Arrowvale Pty Ltd | ABN 25 834 700 823
Trading as J.Brookman and Associates Financial Services
Authorised Representatives Apogee Financial Planning Limited | ABN 28 056 426 932
Australian Financial Services Licensee Registered Office at: 105-153 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060

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