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Galactic Heroes
28 Oct 2014
Today's app of the day is Galactic Hero.

I regularly get asked to review games on this site, and unfortunately many of them just aren't that great, or are unoriginal imitations of more successful ideas. Every now and then however, a game comes along that takes a great existing genre and makes it better. Today, that game is Galactic Hero - a great turn based 'three in a row' puzzle game, crossed with an epic space saga.

For a start, this game looks, sounds and is designed flawlessly. Everything simply works, whether it be the Google Play Games integration, the simple menu systems or the easy quick settings. The graphics are fantastic and the sound is perfect for the genre! This is a high quality production!

In relation to the gameplay, this game is equally well designed. The game follows a turn based battle system, in which you can create three in a row to add points to your player, or create three in a row of then opposing players gems to remove points from their bars of energy. There are various upgrades that can be earn't along the way to help, but the simple gameplay hook is never clogged down with unnecessary extras - instead is hooks you in with ever increasing layers of strategy and increasingly skilled opponents.

This game is truly great to play. It comes highly recommended - check it out today!

In the words of the developer:

Galactic Hero: Space adventure saga meets turn-based match 3 puzzle game.
In Galactic Hero, the fate of the galaxy is in your hands. In this epic match 3 puzzle adventure, you will serve as a guardian of the galaxy and battle alien invaders by matching three or more gems, jewels and alien artifacts in a row. Can you outwit your alien challengers and thwart their invasion?
As this star saga unfolds, you will need to improve your matching strategy as your alien challengers become smarter and more powerful the further you travel through space. Along the way, you will engage enemy aliens in laser gun battles, mine colourful gems and jewels on distant planets and race alien spaceships through space gates and portals.
Strategy is key to winning a war. Devise a winning strategy to defeat the alien foes in puzzle battles to eventually earn the title of galactic war hero!
* Beautiful space-themed graphics and art
* Simple, yet challenging gameplay
* Fun, rewarding missions to complete to acquire gold coins, gems and upgrades
* Leaderboard to compete with friends
How to Play the Game 
Match three jewels, gems or artifacts in a row to score points. In this turn-based Match 3 puzzle game, you will face off with an intelligent alien opponent.
Use advanced strategy to defeat your opponent - match items that your opponent requires to eliminate their ability to charge force fields or plasma grenades.
Collect gold coins to buy various upgrades to help you win more battles. Boost space mine damage, or increase gem mining efficiency to help on your quest to win the war in the stars.
Complete various missions to earn gold coins and gems.
Earn 100 Google Play leaderboard points for each new space gate you unlock. Show your friends who is the ruler of the galaxy!
Play Galactic Hero - the addictive match 3 game with a futuristic space theme. Explore the galaxy, conquer the stars and experience the fun and joy of challenging match three puzzlers! Playable on phone or tablet.

DOWNLOAD NOWPRICE: FREEGALACTIC HEROa new android app recommendation every day...

Halloween Kid Counter
28 Oct 2014
Today's app of the day is Halloween Kid Counter.

With Halloween fast approaching, no doubt everyone is well and truly into the planning phase. For some, that surely means going out and trying to buy the most outrageous costume ever. For others iot may involve decorating the house and carving pumpkins, and for others, it means heading to the supermarket and buying outrageous amounts of candy.
With this in mind, plus the recent trend for everything and everyone embracing the concept of the 'quantified self' comes a great new Android app called Halloween Kid Counter. After installing the app, Halloween Kid Counter allows you to easily keep track of how many 'trick or treaters' knock on your door on Halloween night. This could be useful for those who like to keep track of the number of visitors they have every year.
And that's about it. This is a simple app that does one thing and does it well. On top of being able to keep track of the number of attendees every year, it also allows you to associate a picture with every year. This is a nice extra feature. Interestingly, I actually see uses for this app beyond the Halloween uses, as it is a simple app that allow easy counting across a variety of years, With the ability to customise the background image for a particular year, I imagine people finding ongoing uses. 
All in  all, an interesting app worth checking out.

In the words of the developer:

This simple app allows you to keep track of the number of children that have visited you for Halloween. You can associate a photo of your Halloween decorations with each year of data that you store in the app.
You can also enter historical Halloween data if you choose to.
Click the + or - buttons to increase or decrease the child count.
Click the left or right arrow buttons to go to the previous or next year respectfully.
End-user License Agreement: 

DOWNLOAD NOWPRICE: $1.67Halloween Kid Countera new android app recommendation every day...

iPhone Giveaway of the Day

31 Oct 2014
OfficeWrx Rating: 0/5.

OfficeWrx is the world’s only app that lets you find, edit, present, print and save all your MS Office documents and PDFs – wherever you keep them (desktop, email, cloud).

It is faster, more secure and easier to view than any other app, and it works perfectly on all mobile devices and platforms.

OfficeWrx is the latest productivity tool... More

Le Vamp
31 Oct 2014
Le Vamp Rating: 4.5/5.

••• OUI! OUI! •••
Thank you for the MASSIVE support while Le Vamp was the App of the Week! Our favorite critter of the night went shopping for new clothes and hats for everyone as a way of saying Merci!

HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR AFTERLIFE! Offering a macabre mix of cartoony and cadaverous, Le Vamp’s world is brilliantly (re)animated and scarily simple to learn!

Escaping into the night, Le Vamp has managed to upset all the important citizens of France, from mimes to hunchbacks to baguette-wielding gendarmes. As... More

31 Oct 2014
Thumbpire Rating: 5/5.

Thumpire tells the laugh-out-loud story of a little vampire who needs to stop sucking his thumb – and the friendly monsters who try to help him break the habit!

• Written by million-selling children’s author Stephen White (“Barney & Friends™”) and Sarah G. White, SLP-CCC.
• Choose “vampire” narration or “read it myself”
• Fun sound effects and music... More

31 Oct 2014
AlphaBELCH Rating: 4.5/5.

NOTE: To open book “swipe” cover screen right-to-left…don’t just tap!

Kids love animals and kids love to laugh at burps and belches. Put them together and you’ve got AlphaBELCH – an A-to-Z gallery of animals who burp on the land, in the air, and under the sea!

Writing, narration, and sound design by Stephen White, who has entertained millions of... More

31 Oct 2014
Crazytarium Rating: 4.5/5.

So you think you can take pills? Try the new “Pro Mode” to see if you’re up to the task!

Help this little guy to take his pills and stay CRAZY! Play through the adventure of a crazy guy taking his pills and having fun in amazingly gorgeous environments and mind-numbing puzzles.

Crazytarium is an original and fun-filled game with... More

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