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Total Backup
30 Jul 2014
Today's app of the day is Total Backup.

One of the most frustrating experiences for a smart phone user is having a well organised contact list list fall into chaos and disrepair upon purchasing a new device or having to do a soft reset. Of course, smart phones these days sync contacts to the cloud, making restoring the contacts easy enough, but what is lost is the hard work that you put into arranging those contacts.

Whether it be call logs, contact groups or joined contacts, on setting up or restoring a new phone these are all lost - possibly forcing you to start from scratch! Well, that was until now. With Total Backup, developer Adrian-Costin Tundrea has created a simplistic and effortless way to protect your hard work and to keep your contacts backed up and protected.

This app could not be simpler. Upon loading you are presented with a simple screen where you can choose what to backup, whether it be your call logs, contact groups or contact joins. In the settings of the app, you can quickly select where to store a backup (including external SD card support), as well as compression levels, to make the file as space efficient as possible. 
In addition to this basic level of settings, more advanced users can enable scheduled backups, allowing the user to triggers days of the weeks and time when a backup will run. Schedule your backups regularly, and make backups to Dropbox or Google Drive and you can guarantee the protection of your contact information. 

So once files are backup up, the real question becomes how easy is it to restore? In short, it could not be more simple. Simply tap the 'restore' tab and a list of all your backups will be presented. Tap the data-sets you want to restore and you are done! It could not be easier. 
Finally, Total Backup looks fantastic. It features the latest Google design settings, making it not just simple to use, but also impressive to look at. Honestly - you would think this is almost a first party feature - it works so seamlessly!
All in all, this is a great Android app, well worth checking out. Have a read of the developer's description below then download!

In the words of the developer:

In a nutshell...
Total Backup offers the ability to backup and restore user contact joins, contact groups and call log with the touch of a button. Never lose your ordered contact list and groups when deleting accounts, reseting or migrating to a new device. Save and restore your call log fast and without hassle.

What is it good for?
Have you spent countless hours managing your contacts? Grouping or joining all those users with different names for each account took forever? And have you ever reseted or migrated to a new device? Lost all those groups or joins? How about your precious call logs? Bring order to chaos right now! Keep restore points updated using scheduled daily, weekly or monthly backups and compress/decompress, delete or share them as you want. You can easily send them by email or bluetooth and restore all that data on other devices. You can even upload them directly to Google Drive or Dropbox account (if you have their applications installed). And if you need extra security you can always choose to encrypt restore points with the AES algorithm.

Here is a list of features Total Backup offers for free:
- backup contact joins, groups (for most of your accounts) and call log
- restore all contact joins, groups and call log at any time
- save restore points on internal memory or on external storage and easily manage them
- automatic scheduled backups with customizable trigger (daily, weekly or monthly) and limit
- support for zip compression/decompression of restore points (can reduce memory usage with over 90% in some cases)
- support for restore point encryption by password (using AES algorithm)
- easy sharing of restore points by email, bluetooth or any other application that supports zip file format
- upload restore points to Google Drive or Dropbox (requires their own applications installed)

(developers features continued...)

Premium features
If you want an ad-free user interface, extra features (like advanced compression, encryption and power saving settings) and support future development you can always buy the Premium features with a one-time fee of only 1.5$ (depending on your region).

If you want to find out why Total Backup needs all those permissions or get an answer to other related questions please visit Total Backup's Wiki located at

Any kind of feedback (bugs, feature requests, comments) is more than welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact me at or (if you want to track the status of the issue) I invite you to open a report on

PRICE: FREETOTAL BACKUPa new android app recommendation every day...

Ondigo Mobile CRM
28 Jul 2014
Today's app of the day is Ondigo Mobile CRM. 

There are quite a number of CRM applications available for Android devices from Google Play, but they do not hit that perfect level of features and simplicity as effectively as Ondigo Mobile CRM. More importantly, the developers have tried to make the app reflect their vision as much as possible - creating a CRM that is powerful as well as easy to work with. From my brief time using the app, it is quite apparent that they pulled it off. Ondigo Mobile CRM is easy to recommendation to anyone looking for a way to streamline their customer management. 

Check out the video above and the feature list in the video below - sure this may be a mobile application but no corners have been cut. This is absolutely a fully fledged CRM with capabilities equivalent to what you would find on many desktop systems. Best of all though, Ondigo is not only feature packed, but also many times easier to use - being beautifully designed and perfect for any small business owner/sales person who would like to stay on top of his sales flow/customers/contacts and make more money - not having to worry about complex software and databases!

On top of all that, Ondigo is excellent for those managers or business owners who want to keep track of how things are going while away from the office. Traveling abroad, late to work, working from home - all are situations where Ondigo will allow you to stay on top of your CRM. 
After booting up the app, the app will present you with a simple login screen (which I accomplished using my google account in one simple tap!). From there calendars are automatically imported, allowing you to quickly glance at important and upcoming events. The second great feature is the ability to attach notes and records to contact user names. Best of all, these will automatically appear when a call is made. No more having to scrawl addresses on the back of a notepad - instead sync Ondigo on your phone or tablet and you will have a perfect solution, keeping both your contacts and their information in a single location. 

Finally, the app features a 'Reports' tab, allowing you to easily keep track on how sales are progressing in a particular day, how many calls have been received, who needs to be called back, etc. These features are just the beginning - there are plenty more powerful features hidden below the surface that any user of the app will quickly come to appreciate. Best of all, it looks great and runs very smoothly. This has obviously been programmed with care and attention to detail - not simply thrown together!

All in all, this is a great mobile app - strongly recommended for anyone looking to simplify their CRM needs!

In the words of the developer, Ondigo:

ONDiGO Mobile CRM is so much more than a traditional CRM.
With the focus on simplicity, automation, and design, ONDiGO is continuously growing and perfecting the very first Triggered CRM built just for you.

It is the first mobile CRM that truly adapts to the way you actually work, automatically building a smart contact book, tracking your every interaction, and presenting pertinent customer information exactly when you need them, while on-the-go. The perfect tool for sales people and small business owners to manage their business contacts.

ONDiGO Mobile CRM is so brilliantly simple that even we were surprised that no one had thought of it before.

Forget about forgetting! Notes and pertinent data are presented to you in real time.
Say goodbye to data entry! A customer database is created for you, automatically logging calls, emails, texts, and cliff notes to each business contact card.
Boost your sales on-the-go! Have all your customer information in one place, available right when you need it, keeping you one step ahead - always.
*Attach notes to contacts to always remember vital information
*One-tap after-call actions to follow up, set a task, create a meeting or attach files
*Separate Personal from Business contacts 
*Contact card keeps all information about each customer in one easy-to-read log
*Color coding labels is a great way to quickly identify types of contacts
*Easy sorting by relationship type
*Have a mobile CRM database automatically built for you, just by using your phone as you would normally
*Set tasks, schedule meetings and attach documents to each business contact
*Sales Pipeline available for each contact with sales phase and deal value
*Built in smart search option to find any piece of information
*Save all your business contacts in the Cloud
*Access and manage business contact information easily. Anywhere, anytime.

Coming soon:
* Salesforce CRM / Zoho CRM integrations.
* Team collaboration for sales teams.
* Cross platform access - Mobile (iOS,Android), Tablets and desktop.

ONDiGO Mobile CRM has been built directly from our users' feedback. 
We are always open to your ideas. Do you have a feature you'd like us to add?
Questions/Feature Requests/Comments/CRM Stories….
Please send to:
Or through any of our social profiles:

Looking forward to having you on-board! 
Team ONDiGO Mobile CRM :)

a new android app recommendation every day...

iPhone Giveaway of the Day

Instaflash Pro
30 Jul 2014
Instaflash Pro Rating: 0/5.

Perfect your photos instantly with Instaflash Pro.

Instaflash Pro gives you more photo editing control with Pro photo adjustments including: Shadows, Highlights, Light EQ, Tone EQ, Color EQ, Split Toning, Fill Light, Soft Light, Clarity, Vignette, Focus, Noise Removal, White Balance, and more.

Simulate depth of field like an SLR or tilt-shift lens using the focus tool. Fine tune your... More

Quick Dial +
30 Jul 2014
Quick Dial + Rating: 4/5.

‘Quick Dial’ is the fastest call-making application in the world. You can even make the call WITHOUT running the application. 

Don’t you always intend to call your mother and forget?
Don’t you sometimes get into trouble for not calling your girlfriend?
Don’t you feel a little awkward with your friend for not keeping in touch?
Maybe your favorite contact is... More

AVPlayer Plus Pro
30 Jul 2014
AVPlayer Plus Pro Rating: 3.5/5.

Would you like to watch videos on the go? Do you feel frustrated when your favorite video’s format is not supported? Or do you hate the time -consuming hassle of trying to convert the video formats to your devices?

Try AVplayer Plus! It can play almost any video format through iphone, such as AVI, RWMV, DIVX, MKV, MP4, XVID, MOV,... More

Card Mate Pro
30 Jul 2014
Card Mate Pro Rating: 3.5/5.

Too many cards filled in your wallet? Don’t know which card should put in your wallet? Or were you in a need of your credit card details while on the go without your wallet? Do you think it’s not safe to carry all your cards in your real wallet?

This is where Card Mate as a secure card manager comes handy.

* Card Mate can auto scan and save your card images, and you can store plenty of addition information with these card images. Scan card process is... More

Hit N’Run
30 Jul 2014
Hit N'Run Rating: 3.5/5.

Weave in and out of traffic at high speeds and hit cars of the proper color. Have fun breaking traffic regulations and following worst driving practices. Hit N’Run pushes the limits of gameplay on a handheld device. Choose your own speed and pace: from comfortable and relaxed to extreme and outright mad.

YouTube Video:

Race a sports car in... More

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