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Heart Shaped Fire Burst Optical Illusion

Happy Sunday everyone, and how are you doing on this second day of the weekend? Today is the day when people purposely want to take it easy and rest, but others like to live it up given that it’s the last day of the weekend.  What do you all like to do on Sunday? For those of you that want to party on, how about going outdoors and having a nice barbecue with friends. However, we recommend you all be careful because adding fire to any barbecue grill can be dangerous, and sometimes the fire can burst. Check out today’s optical illusion, which is all about fire that bursts into the shape of a heart. What do you all think of this image? Do you all think the heart shape is there or not?

Heart Shaped Fire Burst Optical Illusion

Want to see another image involving a lady and some hidden animals? Here is the image, and see how many animals you can spot in this picture.  We know today is Sunday, and for some its just another day, but we do recommend you all do something for this last day of the weekend.  Today is one last time for some fun, and whether you head outdoors or not, we hope you all have a great Sunday.

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An Optical Illusion

Low Flying Plane

Why is this plane flying so low to the ground?  It looks like an extremely dangerous maneuver.

Low Flying Plane

The plane is actually flying high above the ground. What appears to be the plane’s “shadow” is a lake far below in the background.  This image was provided courtesy of Robert Ausbourne.

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