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Pair of Eagles Optical Illusion

Friday is here, and now everyone is feeling great because after work, the weekend will officially be in full swing!  Friday is the last day of the week for most of us, and now two days of fun can begin.  While out and about over the weekend, you all may go someplace where you get to see some wildlife, like a wild animal park, or just a zoo in your hometown.  Today’s optical illusion is all about natural wonders, and these two eagles in the image above are very special.  You may notice that there is a face hidden in the feathers of one of the eagles, and it looks like a Native American that is actually watching over and protecting the two birds. Native Americans believe strongly in the spirits protecting nature, and this illusion proves it.

Pair of Eagles Optical Illusion

Speaking of the natural world, we have something to show you all that you are not going to believe! Do you believe in the existence of sea monsters? If you do not, we have an image of a sea monster to show you that just may terrify you beyond belief! A man claims that this is a real creature he found on the beach, and it truly has all of us baffled!   Have a great Friday!

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An Optical Illusion

Apple’s Perspective Video

While this video from Apple is probably a tad bit too long, it does feature some pretty good anamorphic optical illusion tricks.  The video is captured from a single camera moving around a sterile white room in what appears to be a single take.  The style of this commercial is reminiscent of Ok Go’s recent music video for their song The Writing’s on the Wall.  At the time of this post, the Ok Go video has received more than 11 million views on Youtube, which is a pretty impressive accomplishment.  My guess is that someone in charge of Apple’s marketing took notice of its popularity and decided to create an anamorphic video of their own.

What do you think of the video?

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