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Coffee with Foamy Cat Optical Illusion

Good morning everyone and welcome to the last Friday in February! March begins this weekend, and with it is supposed to come the warmer weather, but we just have to wait and see! So, since this is Friday, we decided to show you a very cool optical illusion! How many of you are about to have a nice cup of coffee? Now, we have featured plenty of optical illusions involving coffee, and some that have featured foam in the coffee looking like an elephant before, but we have never seen an optical illusion like this ever! Check out today’s optical illusion, which is all about a foamy cat that looks like it is about to reach its paw down and grab some unsuspecting swimming fish. Whoever did this foamy cat and fish is one talented barista, and the coffee is so cool who can possibly drink it?

Coffee with Foamy Cat Optical Illusion

Ready for another illusion involving a hidden cat? This illusion is really hard because we have trouble finding the cat, but do you all see this furry feline? Well you have to look close, and if you happen to find the cat, please leave us a comment and let us know because it’s quite possible that some of us need glasses! Have a good day!

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An Optical Illusion

What Color is this Dress?

Every now and then, some optical phenomena comes along and creates a buzz.  The current one going around the Internet is being called “What Color is this Dress?”, and it is a pretty good one.  Have a quick look at the picture of the dress below… what two colors do you see on this dress?

What Color is This Dress

Some people see a white and gold dress while others are seeing a blue and black dress.  Me personally, I kind of see a light blue and gold dress, so maybe I’m in a third camp here.  Whatever color this dress is, it has caused quite a stir.  I would be curious to see what colors people are seeing here, so please drop a quick comment and let me know what two colors you are seeing.

Our brains make a lot of assumptions when trying to process the color of an object.  In order to explain what is going on here, it might be helpful to look back at the color saturation illusion and the checker shadow illusion video.

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