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Brazilian Portuguese Word of the Day

gerente: manager
Part of speech: noun Example sentence: Paulo é o gerente desta loja. Sentence meaning: Paulo is the manager of this store.

French Word of the Day

Un avion = a plane (pronounced ah-vee-on)

L'avion is also the name of the new (or maybe not-so-new anymore by now) low-fare business class connecting Newark to Paris' lesser-known airport Orly, the larger airport being known as either Charles de Gaulle or Roissy (from the name of the town where it's located)

Italian Word of the Day

cercare: to look for
Part of speech: verb Example sentence: Ho perso un orecchino nell'erba; è meglio se lo cerco prima che faccia buio. Sentence meaning: I've lost an earring in the grass; I had better look for it before it gets dark.

German Word of the Day

brauchen: to need
Part of speech: verb Example sentence: Ich brauche mehr Zeit! Sentence meaning: I need more time!

Russian Word of the Day

недостаток: lack
Part of speech: noun Example sentence: Недостаток средств ускорил закрытие фабрики. Sentence meaning: The lack of funds hastened the closure of the factory.

(Source : www.transparent.com)
English word of the day
ascetic Wordsmith.org
adjective: Practicing severe self-discipline or self-denial; noun: One who practices severe self-discipline or self-denial.

turgid Thefreedictionary.com
Definition: (adjective) Excessively ornate or complex in style or language.
Synonyms: bombastic, declamatory, orotund, tumid, large.
Usage: Growing impatient with the politician's turgid prose, she turned off her television.

gauche: Dictionary.com Word of the Day Dictionary.com
gauche: lacking social polish; tactless.