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Brazilian Portuguese Word of the Day

na grelha: on the grill
Part of speech: expression Example sentence: Gosto de peixe feito na grelha. Sentence meaning: I like fish cooked on the grill.

French Word of the Day

Un avion = a plane (pronounced ah-vee-on)

L'avion is also the name of the new (or maybe not-so-new anymore by now) low-fare business class connecting Newark to Paris' lesser-known airport Orly, the larger airport being known as either Charles de Gaulle or Roissy (from the name of the town where it's located)

Italian Word of the Day

scivolare: to slip
Part of speech: verb Example sentence: L'anziana signora è scivolata sul marciapiede coperto di ghiaccio. Sentence meaning: The elderly lady slipped on the ice-covered sidewalk.

German Word of the Day

genau: exactly
Part of speech: adverb Example sentence: Das ist genau, was ich gesagt habe. Sentence meaning: This is exactly what I said.

Russian Word of the Day

заваривать (чай): to brew (tea)
Part of speech: verb Example sentence: Чай должен завариваться чуть подольше. Sentence meaning: The tea has to brew for a little bit longer.

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Power or strength.

Word of the Day
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Definition: (adjective) Marked by or causing boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter.
Synonyms: hilarious, screaming.
Usage: My brother spent the evening regaling us with uproarious tales of the pranks he and his bunkmates used to play on the other campers.
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cherry-pick: to select with great care.

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