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Word of the day
Brazilian Portuguese Word of the Day

solteiro: single
Part of speech: adjective Example sentence: Você é solteiro ou casado? Sentence meaning: Are you single or married?

French Word of the Day

Un avion = a plane (pronounced ah-vee-on)

L'avion is also the name of the new (or maybe not-so-new anymore by now) low-fare business class connecting Newark to Paris' lesser-known airport Orly, the larger airport being known as either Charles de Gaulle or Roissy (from the name of the town where it's located)

Italian Word of the Day

mondiale: worldwide
Part of speech: adjective Example sentence: La seconda guerra mondiale è stata più terribile della prima. Sentence meaning: The Second World War was more terrible than the First.

German Word of the Day

Beispiel: example
Part of speech: noun Example sentence: Kannst du mir dafür ein Beispiel geben? Sentence meaning: Can you give me an example for that?

Russian Word of the Day

удар ногой: kick
Part of speech: phrase Example sentence: Чтобы открыть эту дверь, прийдётся ударить её ногой. Sentence meaning: To open that door, you need to give it a good kick.

(Source : www.transparent.com)
English word of the day
acerbate Wordsmith.org
To irritate or to aggravate.

obtrude Thefreedictionary.com
Definition: (verb) To impose (oneself or one's ideas) on others with undue insistence or without invitation.
Synonyms: push out, thrust out.
Usage: He never hesitated to obtrude his opinion on others, believing that everyone must value what he had to say.

sudser: Dictionary.com Word of the Day Dictionary.com
sudser: any movie, play, or the like that is designed to provoke a tearful response.