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Word of the day
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cartomante: fortune teller
Part of speech: noun Example sentence: A cartomante previu seu sucesso. Sentence meaning: The fortune teller predicted your success.

French Word of the Day

Un avion = a plane (pronounced ah-vee-on)

L'avion is also the name of the new (or maybe not-so-new anymore by now) low-fare business class connecting Newark to Paris' lesser-known airport Orly, the larger airport being known as either Charles de Gaulle or Roissy (from the name of the town where it's located)

Italian Word of the Day

stradale: road
Part of speech: adjective Example sentence: I cartelli stradali non erano chiari e ci siamo persi. Sentence meaning: The road signs weren't clear so we got lost.

German Word of the Day

die Umwelt: environment
Part of speech: noun Example sentence: Es ist wichtig, auf die Umwelt zu achten. Sentence meaning: It is important to take care of the environment.

Russian Word of the Day

лифт: elevator
Part of speech: noun Example sentence: Поднимитесь на лифте на девятый этаж. Sentence meaning: Take the elevator to the ninth floor.

(Source : www.transparent.com)
English word of the day
nitty-gritty Wordsmith.org
The essential, practical, or most important details.

billfold Thefreedictionary.com
Definition: (noun) A pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money.
Synonyms: wallet, notecase, pocketbook.
Usage: The thief was at the bar, eyeing the patrons' billfolds and gauging their levels of intoxication.

doughty: Dictionary.com Word of the Day Dictionary.com
doughty: steadfastly courageous and resolute; valiant.