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Nature and Animals
Botany Photo of the Day
Hoita strobilina
18 Jul 2014
Hoita-strobilina1-tb.jpg Hoita-strobilina2-tb.jpg

It's always a treat to feature a photograph from the late James Gaither (aka J.G. in S.F.@Flickr). Today we feature Hoita strobilina (image 1 | image 2), or Loma Prieta hoita, of the Fabaceae. These photographs were taken in Regional Parks Botanic Garden, in Tilden Regional Park in the Berkeley Hills in July of 2009, and uploaded to the Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool. Thanks again, James!...

Animal of the day
The Weeping capuchin- a Social Learner
24 Jul 2014

Weeping capuchinWeeping capuchins (Cebus olivaceus) are also called wedge-capped monkeys because of the dark hair on the top of their head resembling a monk’s cap. They are native to the semi-deciduous, tropical forest of South America in Venezuela, Guyana, and the Amazon Basin. Coloration is tan or cream, with a white face and chest and a wedge of dark hair on the top of the head. Weeping capuchins weigh an a...
24 Jul 2014
Bentley-the-Goldendoodle puppy
Hi, my name is Bentley and everyone says I look like a stuffed animal! My parents say that I am really smart. I know how to turn around, roll over, play dead, walk backwards, and my favorite: shake hands. I love chewing on my toy Mr. Squirrel, getting everyone who sees me to pet me, and taking silly photos for my parents!

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Bronwen and Dyfi
24 Jul 2014

Today we have brother and sister Star Kits, Bronwen and Dyfi. They are 2 year old Domestic Longhairs from Gloucestershire, England.

Bronwen and Dyfi

We adopted Bronwen (Welsh for ‘white breast’),the queen, and Dyfi (Welsh for ‘dark’), the tom, from a friend who was having chemo treatment for cancer when her cat got pregnant before they had got her sterilised. We had just moved somewhere where the landlord sai...
The Mighty Zeus [redux] - July 24, 2014
24 Jul 2014

The Mighty Zeus [redux]
Laura says: We adopted Zeus from the SPCA when he was three months old. When he was featured kitty on "Good Morning Kitten" on July 26, 2011, we were bursting with kitty-parent pride. Now, we are delighted to share more of his kittenhood. We had no idea when Ted suggested the name "Zeus" just how PURRRRFECT that name was for this mighty force-of-nature. Being an exclusive...

Daily Nature Photo -- The Nature Conservancy
Looking Up
24 Jul 2014

Looking Up

Flickr User: Basheer Tome

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