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Nature and Animals
Botany Photo of the Day
Gnetum gnemon
1 Aug 2014
Gnetum gnemon

Today's photo is of Gnetum gnemon, of the Gnetaceae. This photo of the male inflorescences was uploaded to the Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool by Mike Bush (aka aviac@Flickr). Many thanks, Mike!

Gnetum gnemon (PDF) is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia and the western Pacific Islands. It grows in tropical lowland forests, to lower montane forests near sea level up to 1,700 meters....

Animal of the day
The Weeping capuchin- a Social Learner
24 Jul 2014

Weeping capuchinWeeping capuchins (Cebus olivaceus) are also called wedge-capped monkeys because of the dark hair on the top of their head resembling a monk’s cap. They are native to the semi-deciduous, tropical forest of South America in Venezuela, Guyana, and the Amazon Basin. Coloration is tan or cream, with a white face and chest and a wedge of dark hair on the top of the head. Weeping capuchins weigh an a...
1 Aug 2014
Louie-the-English-Bulldog puppy
Hi friends! My name is Louie. Ever since my mom and dad brought me home, I've made so many new human and puppy friends...probably because I'm so darn cute! My favorite thing to do is sleep, but I also love belly rubs, playing tug-of-war, and splashing around in my puppy pool. I'm a very smart boy and already know a few tricks like sit, paw and lay down. I have a lot of learning to do, but as lo...
1 Aug 2014

Thank furry it’s Friday. Today’s beautiful Star Kit is Athena. She is a 10 week old Gray Tabby from Anderson, South Carolina.


Athena is named after the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge, and the name definitely fits. We found Athena when she was 6 weeks old. She truly was one of the smartest 6 week old kittens I’ve ever met. She quickly became accustomed to everything about our house. She will ...
Diablilla [redux] - August 01, 2014
1 Aug 2014

Diablilla [redux]
Pieter and Renée say: We are the owners of Titran's Cattery. We have bred Norwegian Forest cats since 2000, first in Brussels, Belgium, until 2006, and now in a small village in the southern part of the Netherlands. Our breeding goal has been and will always be to breed very healthy and social Norwegian forest cats who are as close as possible to the breed's standard. So for u...

Daily Nature Photo -- The Nature Conservancy
Smokey Mountains
31 Jul 2014

Smokey Mountains

Flickr User: Basheer Tome


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