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Nature and Animals
Botany Photo of the Day
Pachypodium namaquanum
19 Aug 2014
Pachypodium namaquanum

Second in the series on South African biomes and plants, again written by Taisha:

Pachypodium namaquanum is commonly known as halfmens (Afrikaans for "semi-human"), elephant's trunk, or elephant plant. This species is found in the Succulent Karoo. Drew Avery@Flickr took this photo back in 2009 at the Denver Botanic Gardens and shared it via the Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool. Thanks, Drew...

Animal of the day
Roan Antelope - Goat- and Horse-like Antelope of Africa
8 Aug 2014

Roan antelopeThe roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus) appears as if evolution somehow crossed a goat and a horse to produce one of the most common large antelope species found in Central African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana. Both bulls and cows have the cloven hooves and beards of goats, but the long legs and short striped mane of a zebra. They get their common name from roan a color of domesticated h...
20 Aug 2014
Bear-the-Poodle-Mix puppy
Hi, my name is Bear. In my free time I love running around chasing balls and wearing off all of my pent up energy. My favorite treats are peanut butter, grass, and my family's fingers...although they don't really like me eating those last two. It's OK, though, because I'm really adorable and a great cuddler during my sleepy times in the afternoon, so they can't stay mad at me.

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19 Aug 2014

Time to meet today’s Star Kit, the gorgeous Hijinks. She is a 2 year old Siamese from Bunker Hill, West Virginia.

Hijinks Relaxing 3-10-2014

Hijinks came to our home through the Siamese Cat Rescue. She was one of 60 animals confiscated from a pet hoarder’s home in Indianapolis. She traveled via the Meezer Express, a volunteer group of people who transported like a relay race baton a few hours each, until I picked her u...
Muffin [3] - August 20, 2014
20 Aug 2014

Muffin [3]
Maire52 says: Muffin is our surprise pale pointed kitten from a dark tortoiseshell mother. I always wanted a colourpoint cat and I feel extraordinarily lucky that, out of the blue, my fairly ordinary though beautiful and much loved tortie Sushi gave birth to this kitten. The vet says she is not a true colourpoint, but she is close enough for me. I thought I would have to pay for one. ...

Daily Nature Photo -- The Nature Conservancy
Golden Crowned Kinglet
20 Aug 2014

Golden Crowned Kinglet

Flickr User: Ashley Har...

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