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Thursday, 24 Jul 2014

The Cellar - Image of the Day
Stephen Wilkes is a photographer who has found his niche making a different kind of time lapse photographs. Quote: “Day to Night” series captures the day-to-night transitions that occur in familiar cityscapes. Each image represents a collection of moments, not just a singular moment in time. About 50 photographs out of around 1,500 shots taken over the course of 12-15 hours comprise each single resulting photograph. Wrigley Field Quote: Wrigley Field, Chicago, 2013 This photograph was taken during the course of a Day/Night double header, a rare occurrence these days in major league baseball. Wrigley Field is the Grand Temple of baseball parks. It will change dramatically within the next year, as large jumbotrons will be installed into the stadium, forever changing this view. While the morning was sunny and clear, the afternoon made for a real challenge photographically. We had rain showers on and off throughout the day, and into the evening.
7-21-14: Day to Night

IGNACIO FONSECA - CrossroadsTaken at Highway 1 from LA to SF. Canon 7D with 22-135mm Lens.

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Wikimedia Commons picture of the day feed
Wikimedia Commons picture of the day for July 24
Picture of the day Birdy-2450.jpg Birdy at the SWR3 New Pop Festival in Baden-Baden 2013  

Wikimedia Commons media of the day feed
Wikimedia Commons media of the day for July 24
Media of the day File:El arte de venenciar.oggPlay media 3D animation of the way of "venenciar", which is the traditional way of pouring wine in Jerez. Venenciar aroses because it was the only way to reach the center of the boot. It consists in grabing the "venencia", which has three parts: the cup, the rod and hook, with the thumb and index finger close to the hook. Then the venencia is vertically inserted into the boot and once the cup is filled, the venencia is also taken in a vertically way. Once outside the venencia gets horizontally to the ground and increases the distance between it and the wineskin. At the end an abrupt blow is given to complete the movement.   Problems playing the file?

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