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The Day After Mars

October 31, 1938 was the day after Martians encountered planet Earth, October 31, 1938 was the day after Martians encountered planet Earth,

Hubble picture of the day
Hubble Sees 'Ghost Light' From Dead Galaxies
30 Oct 2014

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The universe is an infinite sea of galaxies, which are majestic star-cities. When galaxies group together in massive clusters, some of them can be ripped apart by the gravitational tug of other galaxies. It's a giant cosmic mosh pit. Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope to probe the massive galaxy cluster Abell 2744 nicknamed Pandora's Cluster have found forensic evidence of galaxies torn apart long ago. It's in the form of a phantom-like faint glow filling the space between the galaxies. This glow comes from stars scattered into intergalactic space as a result of a galaxy's disintegration.

RedOrbit Images Of The Day - Earth

Weeping Taranaki
31 Oct 2014
Weeping Taranaki
Egmont National Park on New Zealand?s North Island is pictured in this satellite image.

National parks protect forested areas from human activities that cause land degradation and deforestation. The boundary between protected and non-protected areas is often very clear in satellite images ?as we see here between the green, densely forested area and surrounding agricultural landscape.

The land here was first formally protected in 1881, within a 9.6 km radius of the mountain summit.

With high rainfall and a mild coastal climate, the park is home to a lush rainforest, with some plants unique to the park. Halfway up the mountain slopes, the forest is sometimes called the ?Goblin Forest? for its gnarled trees and thick moss.

The mountain at the center of the national park has two names: Mount Egmont and Mount Taranaki. Taranaki is the original name given by the indigenous M?ori people, while the name Egmont was given by British explorer James Cook after John Perceval, 2nd Earl of Egmont in 1770. Many places in New Zealand have official dual names or, as in this case, alternate names in the original M?ori and English (following colonization by the British).

The mountain is considered an active volcano, although it has been dormant for over 150 years.

According to M?ori mythology, Taranaki used to reside over 100 km further east near other large volcanoes when a fight broke out over the female Mount Pihanga. Taranaki lost and fled west, carving the gorges of the Whanganui River along the way before stopping. When the mountain peak is covered by clouds and mist, it is believed that Taranaki is weeping for Pihanga.

Credit: KARI/ESA

RedOrbit Images Of The Day - Mars

Searching For Debris
31 Oct 2014
Searching For Debris
Despite the recent successes of missions landing on Mars, like the Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) or the arrival of new satellites, such as India\'s MOM orbiter, the Red Planet is also a graveyard of failed missions.

The Soviet Mars 2 lander was the first man-made object to touch the surface of the Red Planet when it crashed landed on 27 November 1971. It is believed that the descent stage malfunctioned after the lander entered the atmosphere at too steep an angle. Attempts to contact the probe after the crash were unsuccessful.

HiRISE acquired this image to aid in the search for the missing lander. If the Mars 2 debris field is found it could serve as a future landing location for a mission to study the effects of crash landing on the Martian surface and effects of aging on man-made objects.

This caption is based on the original science rationale. To date, the debris field has not been located, but this spot was noted as a probably location for the Mars 3 lander.

Written by: HiRISE Science Team

Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

RedOrbit Images Of The Day - Universe

Spooky Saturn
31 Oct 2014
Spooky Saturn
The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the mission for NASA\'s Science Mission Directorate, Washington, D.C.

Credit: NASA/JPL-CalTech

NASA Earth Observatory Image of the Day

Halloween History
1 Nov 2014

Halloween History
The earliest roots of the autumn holiday may have sprouted on Ireland?s Hill of Ward.
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Great Observatories Witness a Galactic Spectacle
1 Nov 2014

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Cassini Sees Sunny Seas on Titan
30 Oct 2014

Specular Spectacular

As it soared past Saturn's large moon Titan recently, NASA's Cassini spacecraft caught a glimpse of bright sunlight reflecting off hydrocarbon seas.

ESA Top Multimedia

Luca Parmitano at the ?Space For Our Future? exhibition inauguration
28 Oct 2014

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano speaking at the inauguration of the ?Space For Our Future? exhibition, created by ESA and the European Commission, on 28 October 2014, at the Berlaymont building in Brussels, headquarters of the European Commission.

The display highlights Europe?s successes in space, the concrete benefits being delivered to citizens, and the developments expected in the near future.

The exhibition is structured around the three pillars of knowledge and innovation, services to citizens, and competitiveness. It presents the major challenges facing Europe and highlights the space projects and initiatives that will help tackle them.

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