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Photoburst ::: Travel Photography Daily Contest
Photoburst is a Travel Photography daily contest. Everyday we publish the best photo uploaded by our contributors. Monthly winners will be awarded with a $50 gift certificate to and (in even numbered months only) a guest editor invitation for the following month

Inle Lake Fisherman ::: Wendy de Kok
Inle Lake Fisherman ::: Wendy de Kok ::: The Inle Lake is a lake in Myanmar. It is known for the stilted villages, the floating orchards and the leg rowers. On and around lives the Inle Lake-Intha minority, their villages are built on stilts. The Intha's have their own way of rowing. Just like the gondolier in Venice, the rower on the boat, but-instead of using two hands he holds the oar between one hand and one leg.

JPG: Photos by Brian Betteridge.
JPG: Photos by Brian Betteridge.

City Trees

City Trees

City Trees by Brian Betteridge

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The Seine is the liquid heart of Paris—a conduit of commerce, a source of inspiration for artists, and a dreamlike backdrop for romance in settings provided by the dinner boat Le Calife.

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