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Google Webmaster Blog-- No Twitter Account--  
Google Webmaster Central Blog
Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index.
Introducing our global Google+ page for webmasters
Webmaster Level: AllWe’ve recently launched our global Google Webmasters Google+ page. Have you checked it out yet? Our page covers a plethora of topics:
  • Official news and announcements like when our blog launched en français
  • Tips such as how to handle 404s correctly
  • Q&A office hours with our team
  • Exclusive behind the scenes including planking puns and adventures with Googlebot
Follow us at and let us know in the comments what else you’d like to see on our page! If you...
Surfacing your business's contact and local info in Google

Webmaster level: All

Every day, searchers use Google to find information about businesses. Common queries include finding the phone number for customer service, the location of a business, and opening hours.

This information is typically found in a business's location page or a "contact us" section of a company's website. When Google correctly identifies these pages and is able to extract the relevant information from them, it is more likely to surface that information to searchers looking f...

App Indexing updates
Webmaster Level: AdvancedIn October, we announced guidelines for App Indexing for deep linking directly from Google Search results to your Android app. Thanks to all of you that have expressed interest. We’ve just enabled 20+ additional applications that users will soon see app deep links for in Search Results, and starting today we’re making app deep links to English content available globally. We’re continuing to onboard more publishers in all languages. If you haven’t added deep link su...
More Precise Index Status Data for Your Site Variations
Webmaster Level: IntermediateThe Google Webmaster Tools Index Status feature reports how many pages on your site are indexed by Google. In the past, we didn’t show index status data for HTTPS websites independently, but rather we included everything in the HTTP site’s report. In the last months, we’ve heard from you that you’d like to use Webmaster Tools to track your indexed URLs for sections of your website, including the parts that use HTTPS.We’ve seen that nearly 10% of all URLs already u...
Introducing the new Webmaster Academy
Webmaster level: BeginnerOur Webmaster Academy is now available with new and targeted content!Two years ago, Webmaster Academy launched to teach new and beginner webmasters how to make great websites. In addition to adding new content, we've now expanded and improved information on three important topics:
  • Making a great site that’s valuable to your audience (Module 1)
  • Learning how Google sees and understands your site (Module 2)
  • Communicating with Google about your site (Module 3)
If you often fi...
App Engine IP Range Change Notice

Google uses a wide range of IP addresses for its different services, and the addresses may change without notification. Google App Engine is a Platform as a Service offering which hosts a wide variety of 3rd party applications. This post announces changes in the IP address range and headers used by the Google App Engine URLFetch (outbound HTTP) and outbound sockets APIs.

While we recommend that App Engine IP ranges not be used to filter inbound requests, we are aware that some services have c...

Musical artists: your official tour dates in the Knowledge Graph

Webmaster level: all

When music lovers search for their favorite band on Google, we often show them a Knowledge Graph panel with lots of information about the band, including the band’s upcoming concert schedule. It’s important to fans and artists alike that this schedule be accurate and complete. That’s why we’re trying a new approach to concert listings. In our new approach, all concert information for an artist comes directly from that artist’s official website when they add structured da...

3 tips to find hacking on your site, and ways to prevent and fix it
Google shows this message in search results for sites that we believe may have been compromised.You might not think your site is a target for hackers, but it's surprisingly common. Hackers target large numbers of sites all over the web in order to exploit the sites' users or reputation.One common way hackers take advantage of vulnerable sites is by adding spammy pages. These spammy pages are then used for various purposes, such as redirecting users to undesired or harmful destinations. For ex...
Infinite scroll search-friendly recommendations
Webmaster Level: Advanced Your site’s news feed or pinboard might use infinite scroll—much to your users’ delight! When it comes to delighting Googlebot, however, that can be another story. With infinite scroll, crawlers cannot always emulate manual user behavior--like scrolling or clicking a button to load more items--so they don't always access all individual items in the feed or gallery. If crawlers can’t access your content, it’s unlikely to surface in search results. To make sure that s...
Faceted navigation best (and 5 of the worst) practices
Webmaster Level: Advanced

Faceted navigation, such as filtering by color or price range, can be helpful for your visitors, but it’s often not search-friendly since it creates many combinations of URLs with duplicative content. With duplicative URLs, search engines may not crawl new or updated unique content as quickly, and/or they may not index a page accurately because indexing signals are diluted between the duplicate versions. To reduce these issues and help faceted navigation sites become ...

Search Engine Land-- No Twitter Account--  
Search Engine Land: News & Info About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search ...
Search Engine Land's feed keeps you updated throughout the day on the latest news with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft's Bing and the world of search engine marketing, search engine optimization and search engines in general.
SearchCap: Google Keyword Planner Enhanced, Yandex Earnings & AdWords Scripts
Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: Yandex Reports 62% Share Of Russian Search Market With Q1 2014 Revenue Up 36% Yandex 2014 first-quarter earnings release shows the Russian search engine’s... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
200 Tickets Left for SMX Advanced – Register Now!
Time is running out to register for SMX Advanced. With just 200 tickets left, we’re likely to sell out again this year… the 8th in a row. Why does SMX Advanced sell out? The program: You’ll participate in expert-level sessions that don’t stop to explain the basics. Advanced sessions on SEO,... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
Yandex Reports 62% Share Of Russian Search Market With Q1 2014 Revenue Up 36%
Yandex 2014 first-quarter earnings release shows the Russian search engine’s revenue was up 36 percent year-over-year since the first quarter of 2013, totaling RUR 10.9 billion ($305 million). The site’s share of the Russian search market averaged 61.9 percent, with search queries... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
This AdWords MCC Script Will Save You An Hour Every Day!
If you’ve kept count of how many of my posts during the past year have touched on AdWords Scripts (6 out of 16), you’ll know how useful I believe they can be to streamline repetitive tasks in AdWords. I use them all the time for accounts I manage; and without them, I simply couldn’t be... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
Google Adds New Features To The Keyword Planner Tool
Google has added nine new features to the Google Keyword Planner Tool today. Here are the new features in the Keyword Planner tool that you should be able to play with yourself today. The images and descriptions are from Kim Clinkunbroomer’s blog. (1) Nice graphical visualizations and... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
SearchCap: Old Google Street Views, Bing For Schools & DailyMotion’s Upset
Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: “Bing For Schools” Becomes “Bing In The Classroom” & Makes Program Available To All Schools Originally launched in August of last year as Bing for Schools,... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
“Bing For Schools” Becomes “Bing In The Classroom” & Makes Program Available To All Schools
Originally launched in August of last year as Bing for Schools, the new Bing in the Classroom program has moved out of its pilot phase and is now available to all US schools, grades K through 12. For participating schools, the free program offers ad-free and safe searches, daily lesson plans, as... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
New Google Maps “Digital Timeline” Shows Street View Images Dating Back 7 Years
Google Maps has launched a cool new feature for its Street View images that lets you see past pictures of various landmarks dating back seven years. From the announcement, “If you see a clock icon in the upper left-hand portion of a Street View image, click on it and move the slider through... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
DailyMotion Says Google Is Cheating, Serves Up Its Own Video Content Over DailyMotion Videos
The president of French video platform DailyMotion Giuseppe de Martino told UK newspaper The Independent he believes Google is leveraging unfair search practices, serving up YouTube videos in place of DailyMotion content. Independent reporter Ian Burrell writes: [De Martino] claims that sometimes... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
Enterprise SEO Audits – Go Beyond The Desktop Crawl
Digital technology — and the way consumers are using it — is evolving at a pace never seen before, and the platforms and tools used by digital marketers are trying to keep up with it all. We all know content is still king. In order to win the battle for the consumer’s attention,... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
Search Engine Roundtable-- No Twitter Account--  
Search Engine Roundtable
A well-rounded view on search engines and search engine marketing from five segments of the Web population represented by senior members of the major SEO/SEM forums on the Internet.
Daily Search Forum Recap: April 24, 2014

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today...

Google Keyword Planner Tool Gets New Features
Kim reports the keyword planner tool within the Google AdWords console has quietly added nine new features today...
Full Reviews In Google Knowledge Graph
Mike Blumenthal reports Google is now displaying full review snippets in the right side knowledge graph panel. Here is a picture of the reviews in the knowledge graph: Mike Blumenthal said on Google+: They have been around for several months but now seem much more frequent...
Google Indexing Bing's Jellyfish
Back in 2007, Microsoft acquired, a comparative shopping engines. Sometime recently...
Look Back At Older Google Maps Street Views Images
Google announced they will show, when they have it, the older images they've taken of streets via Google Street Views, so you can go back in time. Google Street Views has been taking pictures since 2007 and Google is going to let you go back in time to view those images as they are...
Google Dropping Reviews From A Zagat User
When Google acquired Zagat, they integrated Zagat reviews into Google Maps. Jade Wang from Google announced in...
Daily Search Forum Recap: April 23, 2014

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today...

A Google Update Brewing?
The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has been pretty active with webmaster chatter since Sunday, when I went offline for two days. It also appears that the automated tracking tools are seeing nice spikes over the past couple of days including Mozcast...
Google's Matt Cutts On How To Buy Domain Names
Google's Matt Cutts posted a video on the question How can I research a domain that I may want to purchase...
Yahoo! Search-- No Twitter Account--  
Yahoo Search
Hold Your Horses! The Kentucky Derby is Buzzing on Yahoo

Searches for [mint julep] are spiking 97% on Yahoo this week, which can only mean one thing — the Kentucky Derby is near! In fact, searches for [kentucky derby 2014 contenders] are spiking 2011% this month on Yahoo, with 80% of searches coming from the men and 20% coming from the women. You’re also searching for past [triple crown winners] as the term is spiking 39% this week.

Horses aside, you’re interested in fashion choices for the big event as searches for [kentucky derby hats] are spi...

Let's Talk Trash

Earth Day is tomorrow and [earth day activities] is predictably spiking 453% this week on Yahoo. Want to instill in your kids Earth-friendly practices so that they too can grow up to appreciate our green world? Yahoo users are searching for kid-friendly Earth Day activities such as [earth day crafts], [earth day coloring pages], [earth day posters], [girl scout earth day craft ideas], [earth day class party activities] and [diy recycle paper].

Check out what other Yahoo users want to know a...

Achoo! Spring Allergy Season Is Here

Spring has sprung and the flowers are blooming! While Yahoo users love spring, it looks like some of you are getting the sniffles as searches for [allergies] are spiking 323%, while searches for [pollen count] are up 290% this month. [Symptoms of seasonal allergies] and [worst spring allergies] are also spiking off the charts in top searching cities San Diego, Raleigh, Orlando, Washington D.C., and New York.

You’re also concerned about the [pollen vortex] as searches for the term are spikin...

Fashion High

The weather may be getting warmer, but don’t expect to see many midriffs this summer season! Yahoo users are keeping their belly buttons under wrap and filling their closets with ultra-figure-flattering high-waisted bottoms instead.

Not only are searches for [high waisted shorts] spiking by 227% this month on Yahoo, the [high waisted bikini] is also a rising trend as it spikes by 248% this month, as well as top searched [high waisted swimsuits].

Other high-waisted fashion trends you’re sea...

Eggstraordinary Easter Eats!

Searches for [how to hard boil eggs] are spiking 149% this week on Yahoo and that can only mean one thing – Easter is here! Looking to fuel up ahead of your big hunt? Yahoo users are preparing [pickled eggs], up 345%, [deviled eggs recipe] up 64% and [egg salad] up 12% for main egg dishes.

Getting creative with the season’s traditional Easter Peeps, Yahoo users are searching for [recipes with peeps], [peeps dessert ideas] and [easter decorating ideas using peeps]. Some unique ways they’re ...

Springing Into New Series and New Seasons

Put on your comfy pants and slippers. Sundays are now about catching up with highly-anticipated spring TV series. Yahoo users are anxious for their favorite oldies but goodies to return to the screen and even more excited for new shows to debut.

What are you planning to watch this Sunday funday? After its premiere last weekend, HBO’s [game of thrones] is the most searched TV show this month on Yahoo, but ABC’s new show [resurrection] might be the one Yahoo users are most excited about this...

Countdown to Coachella

The tunes, the fashion, the beginning of music festival season — Yahoo users are rightfully excited that [Coachella] is almost here! Searches for the the two-weekend, three-day music and arts festival are spiking 77% this month on Yahoo.

All the single ladies, report to the dance floor. We’re happy to share that there’s a close to equal amount of men and women festivalgoers with 52% of searches by men and 48% of searches by women. And while most searches come from LA, people are coming to ...

Spring Cleaning for Your Fitness Routine

Yahoo users are looking for fun ways to work up a sweat as they search for the most effective way to burn calories this month. [Bikini workout], [hiit workout] and [ab workouts] are all spiking off the charts this month on Yahoo.

While fitness trends come and go, over the last month [crossfit] has been the hot workout for the summer, with [trx], [insanity workout], [p90x] and [t25 workout] coming in strong. Other top workouts you’re searching for on Yahoo include [soulcycle], [speed shred wo...

April Showers Bring May Flowers

With so many fluctuations in weather this year, Yahoo users are turning to search to find out the weather in their city, or better yet, their spring break vacation destination. Over the past week, the top buzzing cities in weather forecasting are Sacramento’s [kcra weather], up 18930%, and [weather in san francisco], up 754%, as Northern California experiences a late season rainstorm with folk’s fingers crossed that the drought is no longer.

Yahoo users are also searching [rainfall totals ...

So Smooth(i.e.)

Looking for a tasty way to clean up your diet? Yahoo users are too! Loaded with vitamins and nutrients, searches for [smoothie] are spiking 269%. Dare we assume you are still on track with your new year resolutions? Searches for [weight loss smoothies] and [chia seedsmoothies] have reached an all-time high this month on Yahoo.

Ranked in order, the top searched smoothies on yahoo this month are:

  • Kale Smoothie - Those green leafy lettuce-like pieces that have superhuman powers? That’s what is...

  • Seomoz-- No Twitter Account--  
    Moz Blog
    Moz, a Seattle-based search engine optimization company, serves as a hub for search marketers worldwide, providing education, tools, resources and paid services.
    2014 Inbound Marketing Trends

    Posted by Kurtis

    It's no secret that 2014 holds several promising opportunities for inbound marketers. The industry is projected to see a lot of continued growth aided by increased budgets for the year. Earlier this year, Cyrus wrote a post announcing the Moz Industry survey results. According to that survey, there seem to be a few slight shifts in demand for certain marketing activities, which ultimately has an effect on where marketers are allocating most of their time.

    Though some of the...

    The #MozCon 2014 Agenda is Here!

    Posted by EricaMcGillivray

    *drumroll* ... That's right, friends, the MozCon 2014 Agenda is here! You can now show this to your boss to get that final approval and start making plans for how many notebooks you'll be filling with ideas and tips.

    But first, I'd be remiss if I didn't remind you to buy your ticket today, as MozCon has sold out the last several years.

    For the best current deal on MozCon, make sure you're a Moz Pro subscriber. If you're not, you can sign up for a 30-day fre...

    Penguin Penalties: Do Webmasters Respond the Way They Should?

    Posted by russvirante

    Penalization has become a regular part of the search engine optimization experience. Hell, it has changed the entire business model of Virante to building tools and services around penalty recovery and not just optimization. While penalties used to be a crude badge of honor worn by those leaning towards the black-hat side of the SEO arts, it is now a regular occurrence that seems to impact those with the best intentions. At Virante, we have learned a lot about penalties...

    Starting Over, Part 2: Launch

    Posted by Dr-Pete

    This post is a part of the "Starting Over" series, the story of starting a blog ( from scratch. See the end of the post for links to the rest of the series.

    Launching a new site is exciting, and it should be, but we sometimes let excitement get the best of us. After months of building and planning, it's understandable to want to finally pull the trigger, but launch is important and rushing it can delay real success. This is the story of how I got Minima...

    Building a Brand Online: The Golden Age of Digital

    Posted by willcritchlow

    This post is based on a talk I gave at our SearchLove conference in Boston last week. It ties quite closely with the post my colleague Ron Garrett wrote last week: Search Marketers Need to Evolve. You can probably tell we've been doing a lot of thinking about this.

    When I gave this talk at SearchLove, I hoped that it would put in context why we bring such a range of speakers and topics together at our conferences and to inspire the attendees to go back to their compa...

    6 Changes We Always Thought Google Would Make to SEO that They Haven't Yet - Whiteboard Friday

    Posted by randfish

    From Google's interpretation of rel="canonical" to the specificity of anchor text within a link, there are several areas where we thought Google would make a move and are still waiting for it to happen. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand details six of those areas. Let us know where you think things are going in the comments!

    For reference, here's a still of this week's whiteboard!

    Video Transcription

    Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteb...

    The Holy Grail Of Building Communities: Developing A Strong Sense of Community

    Posted by RichardMillington

    None of the technology released in the past five years has made us better at building communities.

    It's made it easier to build communities, but it hasn't made us better at building communities.

    In fact, much of it has proved a costly distraction that has reduced the chances of us succeeding.

    We say that with confidence. We've crunched, munched, and otherwise stared at numbers until our eyes bleed. Technology tweaks, barring a correction for an earlier mistak...

    Search Marketers Need to Evolve: Google is Rewarding Marketing Strategists

    Posted by RonGarrett

    In the last three years at Distilled, I have sold approximately $5 million in marketing services to over 100 businesses. Initially, the vast majority of the business I sold was in search, but over time it has evolved to encompass different facets of marketing because we are now headed towards a hyper-competitive future. In order for our industry to continue to thrive, we need to set ourselves apart. I wanted to share some of my experience in how I was able to overcome ...

    10 Smart Tips to Leverage Google+ for Increased Web Traffic

    Posted by Cyrus-Shepard

    This time, it's about engaged traffic.

    While checking our stats here at Moz, we noticed that while visits sent to us from Facebook keep decreasing, traffic from Google+ has started to appear significant by comparison.

    While not everyone has an audience active on Google+, the number of people who interact socially with any Google products on a monthly basis now reportedly exceeds 500 million.

    What's different about Google+ is that beyond the direct social visits a...

    Search Engine Watch-- No Twitter Account--  
    Search Engine Watch
    Keep updated with major stories about search engine marketing and search engines as published by Search Engine Watch.
    5 Ways You Can Avoid FOMO When Developing a Website
    Nothing can compare to launching a new website. There's a lot to get done and all the checklists in the world probably won't prevent you from missing out on a big opportunity. Never fear. By thinking ahead, you can avoid these five common scenarios.
    A Knowledge Gap Analysis Will Tell You What Web Analytics Can't
    Too much emphasis is placed on web analytics to determine what changes to make to improve a website's conversion rates. Here's why conducting a knowledge gap analysis should be your first step to find ways to increase your conversions.
    Nuances of Spanish Language Search Marketing
    This post will help you understand the nuances of Spanish language search marketing and what you can do to help your campaigns over the hurdles that are often faced with so many countries, cultures, and dialects under a single language.
    Can Bing Predict Reality Show Winners?
    Bing is using search and social signals to display predictions in its search results for how contestants of popular reality TV shows will fare. Bing said more types of predictions will be coming in the future as well.
    How to Avoid Buying a Bad Domain – Tips From Google's Matt Cutts
    Checking the Internet archive, doing some Google and Bing searches, and asking the seller for specific analytics or Google Webmasters data can help ensure that you're either starting with a clean domain, or discover potential problems.
    Bing in the Classroom Now Open to All U.S. Schools
    Bing for Schools search, which incorporates both safe search and an ad-free search environment, has been tested in a pilot project since the start of the school year, with more than 5,000 schools and 4.5 million children.
    Search Ads Yield 68% More Revenue per Conversion When Integrated With Social
    Marin Software conducted research that sought to answer the question of whether search and social advertising campaigns managed together produced better results. What it found was positive results in the areas of conversions and revenue.
    Are All Sitewide Links Unnatural?
    While sitewide links can be unnatural, they can also be really good links! Here's how you can evaluate sitewide links pointing to your site and determine whether it's a good link or if you should try to remove or disavow these links.
    4 Keyword Research Techniques in an Age of Vanishing Keyword Data
    Keywords still matter and Google is making it harder for us to find them. But not impossible. Here's how you can use small AdWords campaigns, Google Webmaster Tools, UberSuggest, and user interviews or surveys for keyword research.
    Rank Still Matters in the Age of Secure Search
    Rank is about the user experience. If rank is the doorway to success in search engine optimization, conversion is the ultimate success. The more you can use rank metrics to inform your conversion efforts, the more successful you will be.
    W3C News-- No Twitter Account--  
    W3C News
    Leading the Web to its Full Potential
    7 First Public Working Drafts of XQuery, XSLT, and XPath 3.1

    Today the XML Query Working Group and the XSLT Working Group have published seven First Public Working Drafts, four of which are jointly developed and three are from the XQuery Working Group.

    The joint documents are:

    • XML Path Language (XPath) 3.1. XPath is a powerful expression language that allows the processing of values conforming to the data model defined in the XQuery and XPath Data Model. The main features of XPath 3.1 are maps and arrays.
    • XPath and XQuery Functions and Operators 3.1....
    Last Call: Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)

    Today W3C took a modest but fundamental step in strengthening online privacy protections with the publication of a Last Call Working Draft of Tracking Preference Expression (DNT). The specification plays a key role in addressing user demand for improved control of online privacy. It enables individuals to express their privacy preferences in a simple, stable, scalable, and flexible browser setting. The Tracking Protection Working Group seeks feedback on the TPE specification through 18 June.

    Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Primer Draft Published

    The Efficient XML Interchange Working Group has published a Working Draft of Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Primer, which provides technical background for the Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) format. It is oriented towards quickly understanding how the EXI format can be used in practice and how options can be set to achieve specific needs. Learn more about the Extensible Markup Language (XML) Activity.

    Web Payments Workshop Participants Urge W3C to Form Steering Committee

    Today W3C published its report from the March Workshop on Web and Payments. More than 100 people from the banking industry, payment service providers, virtual currencies providers, financial institutions, mobile industry, browser vendors, payment regulators, and payment standardization bodies met to discuss Web payment use cases, business requirements, and standardization priorities.

    During their two-day agenda they addressed questions such as how can both legacy business models and new busi...

    Requirements for IndieUI: Events 1.0 and IndieUI: User Context 1.0 First Public Working Draft Published

    The Independent User Interface (Indie UI) Working Group today published the First Public Working Draft of Requirements for IndieUI: Events 1.0 and IndieUI: User Context 1.0. The document introduces use cases related to the IndieUI specifications and the technical requirements for meeting the use cases. IndieUI: Events defines a way for different user interactions to be translated into simple events and communicated to web applications. With IndieUI, web application developers will have a un...

    SVG Integration Draft Published

    The SVG Working Group has published a Working Draft of SVG Integration. This specification details requirements on how SVG documents must be processed when used in various contexts, such as CSS background images, HTML ‘iframe’ elements, and so on. These requirements include which features are restricted or disabled, such as scripting and animation. A number of referencing modes are defined, which other specifications that allow the embedding or referencing of SVG documents can normatively ref...

    XQuery 3.0, XPath 3.0, XQueryX 3.0, XDM 3.0, Serialization 3.0, Functions and Operators 3.0 are now W3C Recommendations

    The XML Query Working Group published XQuery 3.0: An XML Query Language, along with XQueryX, an XML representation for XQuery, both as W3C Recommendations, as well as the XQuery 3.0 Use Cases and Requirements as final Working Group Notes. XQuery extends the XPath language to provide efficient search and manipulation of information represented as trees from a variety of sources.

    The XML Query Working Group and XSLT Working Group also jointly published W3C Recommendations of XML Path Language ...

    XML Entity Definitions for Characters (2nd Edition), and Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) Version 3.0 2nd Edition are W3C Recommendations

    The Math Working Group has published two W3C Recommendations today:

    • XML Entity Definitions for Characters (2nd Edition). This document defines several sets of names, so that to each name is assigned a Unicode character or sequence of characters. Each of these sets is expressed as a file of XML entity declarations.
    • Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) Version 3.0 2nd Edition. This specification defines the Mathematical Markup Language, or MathML. MathML is a markup language for describing ma...
    W3C Track at WWW2014 in Seoul

    At this year’s 23rd International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2014), W3C organizes W3C tutorial and W3C tracks where conference participants are invited to learn from, meet and discuss with our team of experts. With the conference located in Korea, the W3C track sessions also cater specifically for the Korean industry. The presentations and discussions are about Web Cryptography, Web Publishing, Web & TV, and Web accessibility. W3C and Tim Berners-Lee will dedicate the last W3C track sessio...

    MBUI: Abstract User Interface Models, and Task Models Notes Published

    The Model-Based User Interfaces Working Group has published two Group Notes today:

    • MBUI – Abstract User Interface Models. Model-Based User Interface Design facilitates interchange of designs through a layered approach that separates out different levels of abstraction in user interface design. This document covers the specification of Abstract User Interface Models, by defining its semantics through a meta-model, and an interchange syntax (expressed as XML Schema) for exchanging Abstract Use...
    Bing Webmaster Blog-- No Twitter Account--  
    Webmaster Blog
    Official blog of the Bing Webmaster Center Team.
    Is SEO The Future? No, And Here’s Why

    SEO is a combination of technical work at the site code level, content management at the editorial level and usability work, often spanning both of the first two areas. It’s the basic work that needs to be done today. Table stakes, if you will. You cannot sit at the poker table without putting money on that same table.

    So, SEO is foundational work sites need to engage in – that’s been clear for a while.

    But as the engines get smarter with and about signals, and as new, trustworthy signals are...

    What if…(The More Things Change, the More Different They Become)

    As you ease into your ergo chair, or settle in astride your giant yoga ball behind your computer, you face another day. Another day of gathering data, auditing web pages, digging into keyword reports, meetings with engineering, design, marketing and others. Today will most likely resemble yesterday for the most part. Maybe some tedium, maybe some excitement, and if you’re really, really lucky, maybe a fire drill, too.

    Big, sweeping, dramatic changes generally don’t ripple through the world of...

    Where Does Your Time Go?

    Time is the one thing we all want more of, yet no one can create more of. It limits what we can accomplish all too often, and it forces us to work faster and smarter. There’s way too much of it when you’re trying to boil water, and not nearly enough when planning vacation. It’s safe to say that humans, generally speaking, can be obsessed with time. We pay attention to it. Numerous devices exist to help us track it, “manage” it and remind us of its passing.

    Time is elusive, but finite. It’s el...

    Announcing Bing Knowledge Widget & App Linking

    Bing Knowledge Widget

    At Bing, we want to help people do more and know more. We’ve been building Bing’s knowledge repository that now has hundreds of millions of entities (people, places, and things) and billions of relationships between them. This helps us create a deeper understanding of our world. The quest to understand our world cannot be done alone. We work with many partners who enrich our knowledge. We give what we’ve learned back to the world via and Windows Search Charm.


    Link Juice

    One bottle of Link Juice* and you’ll be more popular than a puppy in a sweater! Loaded with all the nutrients and goodness you need to successfully grow, a single bottle of Link Juicecontains:

    100 total links:

    • 44 general, relevant site links
    • 27 guest blog post links on related sites
    • 12 .ORG links
    • 9 .EDU links
    • 8 .GOV links

    When purchasing Link Juice, you can opt for the “anonymous” package for just a few dollars more, cloaking your activities! All links will be delivered within 90 days ensur...

    5 Steps To Improving Search Rankings

    I’ve shared this previously, but recently did a deeper dive on the subject with Eric Enge. This week’s blog post will be pretty short, then as the full interview can be seen of his Stone Temple blog. Basically, we covered the thinking behind my graph showing the order of priority I put on doing work today.

    • Content
    • Social
    • User Experience
    • Link Building
    • SEO

    It might seem like old news, but I still think it’s worth a read. Eric asks some great questions and we get into a bunch of detail on each...

    Usability, Mobile and Your Future

    This should come as a surprise to no one reading blogs like this one. Mobile is your future. Everything points to this. Adoption rates, bandwidth access, changing mobile plans from major carriers, technology evolution in devices, prices decreases and so many more signals all tell us this change is upon us. It’s been known for some time that mobile queries will outpace desktop queries shortly.

    Today’s businesses are seeing this shift. More business and traffic is coming from tablets, phablets ...

    Reviewing Some Basics

    It’s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest, the forward thinking and the new and shiny. But it always pays to keep an eye on the basics. The stuff you feel you really already know. The stuff that often comes to haunt us when we least expect it.

    Controlling robots

    Everyone wants to be indexed. “Let the crawlers come!” But there are times when you need to control access. Areas you don’t want crawlers to enter and index. If you’re doing server maintenance, you may want to calm things ...

    Speak Plainly or Forever Lose Your Customer

    Part of the equation of success is being seen as relatable. From time to time, almost all of us hits this wall to one degree or another. And no, I’m not saying you have a personal failing here.

    When you start a business, you either are an expert in your chosen field, or you become one through exposure, education and experience.

    One thing you inevitably have to contend with is communicating to your customer or client. And it turns out that in some cases we might be giving them too much credit ...

    Doing Right By Customers

    Social media has changed our lives, no question. As a consumer, today you have more power than ever. The Internet brought a massive expansion in choice of where we shop, and increased access to lower prices via that competition.

    Social media, however, is an equalizer. It’s a conversation medium like none that’s existed before. Enabling a customer in Florida to talk directly to a manufacturer in Oregon in real time (timing permitting, of course) to get direct answers form the source.

    Outlets l...

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    How to Frack Your Content Marketing and Close The Social Loop

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    Chase is the CEO and Co-Founder of InfiniGraph. InfiniGraph provides brands with intelligence Content Hubs, engagement performance analysis and large scale competitive insights. Chase has lead teams at 2 startups, Oracle, Sprint PCS, Chase Manhattan, and Hearst Corp. He also received the Fast Tech 50...

    From Social to Content: Facebook’s Evolution Into a Content Conglomerate

    In the wide world of the Internet, fickle users, demanding investors, and growing technologies are just a few […] Author information

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    20 Ways To Increase Conversion Rate Optimization For PPC Advertising

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    Google’s Social Login Popularity Increases In Q1 2014, According To New Study

    Janrain, the leader in customer profile management, published its latest quarterly Social Login Trends report this week.  The […] Author information

    Matt Southern

    Matt Southern is a marketing, communications and public relations professional. He provides strategic digital marketing services at an agency called Bureau in Ontario, Canada. He has a bachelors degree in communication and an unparalleled passion for helping businesses get their message out. TwitterFacebookGoogle+

    The post...

    Blurring the Lines Between Search and Social: An Interview with Johnathan Siddharth

    Everyday, different parts of the online experience work hand in hand. Technologies are straddling the lines, working across […] Author information

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    Murray is Deputy Editor at Search Engine Journal,

    Murray founded The Mail in 2013, an angel-funded startup publication covering performance marketing and mobile marketing. Murray is an advisor to a number of bay area startups including VigLink. In 2011 Wiley published his book Online Marketing: A User...

    10 Survival Tips For E-Commerce Websites

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    3 Times That Link Isn’t Worth It

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    STUDY – Webmasters and Online Marketers are Missing Out on the Power of

    Launched by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and recently adopted by Yandex, is an initiative to standardize a set of […] Author information

    Marcus Tober CTO & Founder at Searchmetrics


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    Twitter Advertising FAQ

    [Check out our unofficial Twitter FAQ and contribute your questions and answers!] Advertising – in particular mobile advertising – has become a big deal on Twitter. While they have struggled behind Facebook when it comes to establishing such a service, it does exist and is gaining traction. People are realizing the benefits of having an [...]

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    Managing Your Online Reputation On a Higher Level

    There are a number of factors that are important to consider when trying to solidify your branding recognition and overall PR. But when it comes to your presence on the internet, nothing is quite as important as managing your online reputation. It is more crucial than visibility, social media engagement, or even online sales. Your [...]

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    What Is Google Plus?

    Google Plus is an interesting kind of site. The culmination of years of development and failed products, it has finally provided a solid social media platform for Google. One that incorporates many of their other services to give a more well rounded and intuitive experience for both personal and professional users. Check Out & Contribute [...]

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    Meet the New SEOchat

    We are excited to launch a new, clean look today. Please browse around and let us know what you think! Basically, here are the main changes you’ll notice: A new calmer color scheme Cleaner way to lay out forums The shoutbox is moved on top of the home page (say hi!). You can collapse it [...]

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    What is Twitter Engagement and How to Measure It

    Twitter has become one of the most valuable tools on the web today. Twitter has altered the social landscape into a condensed, highly public form that immediately expands your reach, just by its very nature – which is why everyone is using it, from the smallest blog to the largest corporation. When you utilize this [...]

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    Former Googlers on Google Plus

    When doing my research of Googlers using Google Plus, I came across quite a few people that were no longer with Google, so I moved them to the new list. You will see they all moved on to something very exciting and interesting! It might be a good idea to keep in touch with these [...]

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    How Rich Snippets Work (And Tools to Generate Them)

    Google search results are becoming ridiculously competitive. With the introduction of new and flashier ways to be seen, you still have to learn how to creatively and dynamically exploit those offered tools. Being seen with so many others attempting the same feat is just as hard as it was when visibility relied only on ranking. [...]

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    Bing and Google Suggest for Personal Reputation Management

    Both Google and Bing have autosuggest, and it is a feature I think we tend to take for granted now. I know that I even cater my search terms when using either engine based on what comes up as a suggestion. It feels completely natural to do so, even though it is a relatively new [...]

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    10 Blogs To Follow For Content Marketing Advice

    Content is the primary tool for marketing in the world today. Even when looking at other styles, it often veers off into content in one way, or another. Social media, for example, requires content to drive engagement, as does more direct advertising, media marketing, ect. You have to have something to show your audience on [...]

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    Manage Your Backlink Lists with This Smart List Cleaner Tool

    Today’s tool is a special one because it can turn useful in numerous situations and processes, especially now that search marketers have to deal with dozens of sources and thousands of lines of (backlink) data. If you are doing a link audit, for example, or auditing a possible penalty, you have to deal with at [...]

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