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    Reviewing ‘Everybody Writes’ From A New Writer’s Perspective #SEJBookClub by @MarketingCath - 3/28

    A book review of Ann Handley's Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content.

    The post Reviewing ‘Everybody Writes’ From A New Writer’s Perspective #SEJBookClub by @MarketingCath appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

    #SEJSummit Speaker Steve Floyd on What Marketing Strategies Work Best For Your Business by @wonderwall7 - 3/28

    As the CEO and Founder of AXZM, Steve Floyd has a wide breadth of experience in all things marketing, from local search to content strategy. He will be sharing his insight and experience a speaker at the upcoming SEJ Summit in Dallas on March 31st. The conference ticket cost is being covered by our partner, Searchmetrics. Searchmetrics delivers enterprise SEO and content marketing analysis, recommendations, forecasting, and reporting for companies who want potential customers to find them fas...

    The Evolution of Keyword Research Tools [Infographic] by @jonharules - 3/28

    Let’s look back at the various keyword research tools that were developed to help us make our content stand out in the vast online ocean.

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    Google Open to be Sued by UK Web Users After Losing Court Ruling by @mattsouthern - 3/28

    Google’s request not to be sued by British web users over privacy violations was dismissed by the UK’s Court of Appeal today, the BBC reports. The case stems from an incident which occurred during a nine month span between 2011 and 2012 where Google collected data on all Safari users, including those who opted out of having their information tracked. There’s incentive for Google to install cookies on users computers, because they can be used to track browsing history. With that information Go...

    The Biggest Losers in Facebook’s Recent Purge of Page Likes by @mattsouthern - 3/27

    Facebook warned everyone about an upcoming drop in page likes earlier this month, which ended up taking place on March 11th. By removing inactive accounts from a page’s total like count, Facebook claims its making the overall total of page likes more meaningful. Understandably, many business owners were upset to wake up that morning to find their hard earned page likes had suddenly dropped. I’ll wager that however many likes your business page lost, it’s nothing compared to the drop incurred ...

    Jordan Koene on Preparing Your 2015 Marketing Strategy by @wonderwall7 - 3/27

    Searchmetrics’ Jordan Koene is a speaker at our SEJ Summit Dallas conference on March 31st, where he’ll cover “What You Did Not Plan for in 2015″. No one wants to be left unprepared, so Jordan’s tips will help us become more prepared for what we can’t always expect. He gives tips on how to prepare down below. But First, More About The SEJ Summit The SEJ Summit conference ticket cost is being covered by our partner, Searchmetrics, which delivers enterprise SEO and content marketing analysis, r...

    How Often Should You Post on Social Media? See The Most Popular Research [INFOGRAPHIC] by @kevanlee - 3/27

    How many times per day should we post? Luckily, we’re able to check in a bunch of research on social media frequency to get a "best practice" baseline.

    The post How Often Should You Post on Social Media? See The Most Popular Research [INFOGRAPHIC] by @kevanlee appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

    How to Rock Outreach Marketing by @sherisaid - 3/27

    Outreach marketing is a great way to create organic backlinks and find new audiences. Valuable content is the most effective marketing strategy for 2015.

    The post How to Rock Outreach Marketing by @sherisaid appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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    Search Engine Roundtable
    A well-rounded view on search engines and search engine marketing from five segments of the Web population represented by senior members of the major SEO/SEM forums on the Internet.
    Daily Search Forum Recap: March 27, 2015

    Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web...

    Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: March 27, 2015
    This week in search, I covered a couple noticeable Google search algorithmic changes, but Google said they are just normal fluctuations in the search results...
    Google: The Changes In The Search Results Are Normal Fluctuations
    I am still seeing massive chatter around Google's search results changing both in terms of Webmaster Tools showing changes in rankings...
    Google Mobile Local Results Expand Link Navigation
    I am documenting this, but I am told by Google it is about a month or so old. The Google mobile results for searching for local intent queries...
    Google: We're Working On Making The Google News Sitemap Index Count More Accurate
    We reported a month or so ago that Google News said the sitemap index count is not accurate for determining how many of your articles are indexed by Google News. Google, in the case of Google News, recommends you do a site command...
    Colorful Google Knowledge Graph Boxes
    Google's mobile search results are getting even more colorful, first using colorful line separators and now bringing some color to the knowledge graph boxes. Here is a picture
    Huge Quality Score Drop For Google AdWords Advertisers
    I am seeing widespread reports of Google AdWords advertisers complaining that their AdWords Quality Score has dropped significantly across their accounts and ads...
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    Search Engine Watch
    Keep updated with major stories about search engine marketing and search engines as published by Search Engine Watch.
    5 Tips to Make Your Marketing Stand Out Like a Purple Cow [#SESMiami] - 3/27
    In the spirit of Seth Godin's principle that good marketing should stand out like a purple cow, marketers from Home Depot and the Miami Marlins baseball team shared their insights on how to make your marketing "purple."
    Are You #Winning at Google Shopping Campaigns? - 3/27
    If you’re down for a little spring cleaning this season, something you could be optimizing right now are your Google Shopping Campaigns.
    Google Loses Safari Web Tracking Court of Appeal Case - 3/27
    U.K. consumers can now take the Web giant to court.
    "Not Provided" Keywords Expand to Google Webmaster Tools - 3/27
    These early conclusions were based on the findings on 23 different websites, many in totally separate webmaster accounts.
    Google’s Mobile Algorithm Puts Customers First [#SESMiami] - 3/26
    Google will begin prioritizing mobile-friendly sites because that's what users have grown to expect, said developer programs tech lead Maile Ohye in her SES Miami keynote speech.
    Ad Blocking: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - 3/26
    How does the emergence of ad-blocking browser plugins and applications affect search marketers?
    Hacking the Google Display Network for Insanely Low CPC - 3/26
    Use these five Google Display Network hacks to achieve the lowest cost per click - they're all geared toward improving click-through rate and driving higher Quality Score.
    Google’s New Program Aims to Get Local Businesses Online - 3/25
    The tech giant's newest initiative looks to assist local businesses in completing their listings on Google Search and Maps.
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    7 Apps to Run Your SEO or PPC From Your Phone - 3/24

    Thanks to mobile apps it’s now easier than ever to to run your SEO, PPC, AdWords and Social Media campaigns directly from your phone. That’s definitely a big deal when you’re traveling or if in an industry that requires a lot of time out of the office. While that makes your professional life a whole [...]

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    Free Tools to Do A Competitor Blog Audit - 3/17

    Your content is one of the greatest tools you have at your disposal, from a marketing point of view. It gets your name out there, attracts attention, bring in regulars, markets your brand, builds your authority, connects you to other experts… you would be hard pressed to find a way it wouldn’t be helpful. Having [...]

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    Get Back to the Basics: How to Rank Your Article on the First Page of Google - 3/17

    Google’s First Page of Search Engine results is the only place worth being these days. If you don’t rank on a search engines first page you have maybe a 1-5 percent chance of being found, depending on the industry you are in. That might seem like the competition is too hard and the whole optimization [...]

    The post Get Back to the Basics: How to Rank Your Article on the First Page of Google appeared first on SEO Chat.

    Responsive Email Tips to Improve CTR and SEO - 3/09

    With mobile responsiveness becoming a major new search factor in 2015, it is important to ensure both your site and your emails are mobile responsive. The better you configure your email template to make it easy to get to your site, the more traffic it will drive. Pages you link from your email need to [...]

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    B2B Social Media Measurement Proves ROI - 1/21

    In the B2B space, there persists a belief that social media only works for B2C. This is because to date most have no proof it works for B2B. According to MarketingProfs and The Content Marketing Institute B2B Content Marketing 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America, measurement is a key area where B2B marketers [...]

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    Online Marketing Services: Why You Should Consider Charging by Task - 1/19

    I am sure a lot of our readers and members provide some sorts of online marketing services and thus they are facing with the well-known dilemma: How to measure and charge for the service? How to make your pricing competitive and clear while not under-pricing yourself. [There's also a follow up to this article on [...]

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    New Marketing Tactics to Try in 2015: What’s Yours? - 1/05

    Welcome to 2015! A new year is a good time to try something new (especially given that Q1 is usually a slower quieter time for many marketers!) Is there any tactic you are planning to try this year? Here’s some inspiration for you! Jolynno: Video Marketing + Podcasting Yes, I currently use Instagram marketing and [...]

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    4 Aspects to SEO Basics for Websites, Blogs and eCommerce - 12/03

    What do you do about SEO if the site you built doesn’t seem to have SEO features built in? First, you need to know there is more than one aspect to SEO. There are actually at least four: Meta fields On page SEO Incoming links Page load time and caching SEO Basics No matter what [...]

    The post 4 Aspects to SEO Basics for Websites, Blogs and eCommerce appeared first on SEO Chat.

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    Just a quick intro n say hello - 6:15
    Hi All, Well I ended up here by accident lol and Im glad I stumbled across this place as I've found more useful...
    Scammbed by "botmasterz" - 6:00
    Hello, Just wanted to let everyone know that botmasterz scammed me, I paid him via paypal to make a bot for me...
    Please give me a good suggestion or a good niche. - 5:55
    I worked with tinnitus and acne niche, every niche got 300 visitors but no sale. So despairing. Now I want to pick...
    Safest Pinterest bot for a money site - 5:25
    Starting another authority site and would like to automate things as much as possible. I've been reading threads...
    Thanks To BHW.. My Journey To Get Answer Is It Possible Can Get US$1000 in One Day ? - 5:24
    First, sorry If my english is not good... After I am reading about knowledge SEO At this community, I can get...
    12 years old to 20 now I'm clueless, Need Help!! - 5:20
    Ok so I've come to the realization that IM is still and always will be profitable. My IM journey started 8...
    Starting a company in bulgaria - paying myself in dividends? - 5:01
    Hello, I recently started earning more than I expected ($500+ daily, still growing) and since I live in the...
    need a favour ! - 4:51
    is there anybody who can do me a favour. I want to start selling on fiverr so i need a account on fiverr signed up...
  • TopRank Blog@toprank  
    Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®
    Facebook Marketing: Hidden Tactics and Tricks from Leading Brands at #SMMW15 - 3/27
    How are successful brands like Century 21, Western Union, Roadtrip Nation and the San Diego Chargers building and sustaining their Facebook communities? This Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW15) panel touted engagement as a key to a great community. Faceboo Marketing Planning One key to great content goes back to planning. Joel Price, manager of new [...]
    How To Encourage Employee Advocacy on Social Media: Citrix, Adobe, Cox - 3/27
    It’s a seemingly small ask to get your employees moving and grooving on social media. Yet many marketers have experienced the pain of creating social activity from within. While it might seem like a no-brainer for employees to get socially involved, many obstacles can prevent them – whether a lack of time, lack of know-how, [...]
    Online Marketing News: Facebook Flashbacks, Twitter Rides The Carousel, Google Finds Half The Web Is Broken - 3/27
    The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for SMEs [INFOGRAPHIC] - For those that want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the opportunities that social media presents for connecting with consumers, it’s important to realize the importance of social media etiquette; that is, the dos and don’ts of running and managing social [...]
    Twitter Marketing – How Brands Rise to the Top of the Stream: Microsoft, BMC Software, Renaissance Hotels - 3/27
    What are brands doing to rise to the top of the Twitter stream? Marketers from Microsoft, BMC Software and Renaissance Hotels at Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW15) explained what has been working in their social media world. Every Brand has Different Goal Twitter is to inform, says Rob Wolf, social media manager, Microsoft. He manages the corporate [...]
    How to Get Results You Can Measure with Influencer Marketing - 3/26
    Marketers salivate dreaming of attracting attention from “influencers” – be it celebrities, established experts in a particular field, or talking heads. Convincing an influential industry leader to promote your brand would feel like a major win any day, as that kind of exposure can dramatically increase your brand’s reach and influence. So let’s say you [...]
    Social Media Marketing World 2015 – What We’re Looking Forward to Most #SMMW15 - 3/26
    by Debbie Friez & Brooke Furry of TopRank Online Marketing One of the best ways to succeed in social media marketing is to not be afraid to test and fail. The landscape is ever changing, and as marketers, we need to adapt quickly and learn from others. Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW15) this week in [...]
    5 Steps to Personalize Repurposed Content for Your Target Audience #SMMW15 - 3/24
    Repurposing content is most often a function of efficiency. Marketers investing in content have always sought to extend the value of their content marketing efforts by repurposing, re-skinning or reimagining content into alternative forms. In fact, repurposing is so popular, there are over 1 million search results in Google for “repurpose content”. And for good reason: [...]
    Winning With Authority Rainmaker – 15 Marketing Influencers Define Authority for Marketing Success - 3/23
    “I fight authority and authority always wins” So says the song by John Mellencamp. In the digital marketing world, why fight authority when you can become authoritative yourself? Today there are more tools and resources than ever for individuals, startups and even nimble divisions within large organizations to become an authority in their industry. In the context of [...]
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    How to Compromise Air-Gapped Devices - 3/24
    ---Quote--- security researchers at Ben Gurion University in Israel have found a way to retrieve data from an air-gapped computer using only heat...
    Yet another Airbus fatal plane crash - 3/24
    That's it, I am not flying Airbus any longer. This simply can't be co-incidence that basically all fatal plane crash in recent times are Airbus. ...
    WPClick Bundle - Launching today ! - 3/24
    Earn 50% Commissions for every sale. 3 Front-End Licenses - $29 to $67 Up to $33.5 per sale.
    PPI Networks??? - 3/24
    See title...
    Snowden/Greenwald Withholding Info - 3/23
    Both of these guys say they know all this stuff going on behind the scenes, things the public needs to know, and yet they won't release it all at the...
    Google AdSense spying - 3/23
    Google Adsense Spying ( ---Quote--- Publishers of websites who participate in Google's...
    Federal Court says Advertisers liable for deceptive affiliates - 3/23
    just saw this. basically says Federal Court can hold advertisers liable for deceptive affiliates. wondering if this means stricter rules and policing...
    ★Maze Runner Permanent Homepage Post ★Different Cms★PR 2-7★PA/DA 15+★@2$/Post★ - 3/23
    ! Maze Runner Permanent Home Page Post Version 5 Is Live ! 200 New Blogs Added with New Ips . Average PA/DA - 15 + and TF 10 + Image:...
  • Google Webmaster Blog@googlewmc  
    Google Webmaster Central Blog
    Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index.
    Helping users fill out online forms - 3/17

    A lot of websites rely on forms for important goals completion, such as completing a transaction on a shopping site or registering on a news site. For many users, online forms mean repeatedly typing common information like their names, emails, phone numbers or addresses, on different sites across the web. In addition to being tedious, this task is also error-prone, which can lead many users to abandon the flow entirely. In a world where users browse the internet using their mobile devices mor...

    An update on doorway pages - 3/16
    Google’s Search Quality team is continually working on ways in which to minimize the impact of webspam on users. This includes doorway pages.We have a long-standing view that doorway pages that are created solely for search engines can harm the quality of the user’s search experience.For example, searchers might get a list of results that all go to the same site. So if a user clicks on one result, doesn't like it, and then tries the next result in the search results page and is taken to that ...
    Deprecation of the old Webmaster Tools API - 3/12

    Last fall we announced the new Webmaster Tools API, which helps you to automate a number of important aspects using code. With the pending shutdown of ClientLogin, we're going to turn down the old Webmaster Tools API on April 20, 2015.  

    If you're still using the old API, getting started with the new one is fairly easy. The new API covers everything from the old version except for messages and keywords. We have examples in Python, Java, as well as OACurl (for command-line fans & quick testing...

    Unblocking resources with Webmaster Tools - 3/11

    Webmasters often use linked images, CSS, and JavaScript files in web pages to make them pretty and functional. If these resources are blocked from crawling, then Googlebot can't use them when it renders those pages for search. Google Webmaster Tools now includes a Blocked Resources Report to help you find and resolve these kinds of issues.

    This report starts with the names of the hosts from which your site is using blocked resources such as JavaScript, CSS, and images. Clicking on the rows g...

    Easier website development with Web Components and JSON-LD - 3/09

    JSON-LD is a JSON-based data format that can be used to implement structured data describing content on your site to Google and other search engines. For example, if you have a list of events, cafes, people or more, you can include this data in your pages in a structured way using the vocabulary embedded in webpages as a JSON-LD snippet. The structured data helps Google understand your pages better and highlight your content in search features, such events in the Knowledge Graph an...

    Safe Browsing and Google Analytics: Keeping More Users Safe, Together - 3/03

    The following was originally posted on the Google Online Security Blog.

    If you run a web site, you may already be familiar with Google Webmaster Tools and how it lets you know if Safe Browsing finds something problematic on your site. For example, we’ll notify you if your site is delivering malware, which is usually a sign that it’s been hacked. We’re extending our Safe Browsing protections to automatically display notifications to all Google Analytics users via familiar Google Analytics Noti...

    Finding more mobile-friendly search results - 2/26

    Webmaster level: all

    When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns. In the past, we’ve made updates to ensure a site is configured properly and viewable on modern devices. We’ve made it easier for users to find mobile-friendly web pages and we’ve introduced App...

    Case Studies: Fixing Hacked Sites - 2/18

    Webmaster Level: All

    Every day, thousands of websites get hacked. Hacked sites can harm users by serving malicious software, collecting personal information, or redirecting them to sites they didn't intend to visit. Webmasters want to fix hacked sites quickly, but unfortunately recovering from a hack can be a complicated process.

    We're trying to make the process of recovering from a hack easier for webmasters with features like Security Issues, Help for Hacked Sites, and a section of our foru...

  • Bing Webmaster Blog@bing  
    Webmaster Blog
    Official Blog for Bing Webmaster Tools & Experiences
    Track Certificates to Help Users Stay Safe - 3/10
    Today, I am delighted to announce an exciting new feature in Bing Webmaster Tools pertaining to security. Track Certificates (Preview) — which was built in collaboration with Microsoft OSG Enterprise Security (see their post here) — allows you to track and review certificates that were requested by browsers visiting your site right from within Bing Webmaster Tools. What’s more, Track Certificate not only shows you the certificates we encountered, you can also directly report certificates…
    Understanding and Testing: Implicit Local Queries - 2/12
    For this post, we spent some time with Wei Wang, a Senior Program Manager in the Mobile Relevance team here at Bing and asked him to explain some of the basic things they face when answering “local” queries via mobile, and to explain a bit about how Bing fills in the blanks to determine the “best” result for a local-intent query.- Duane In web search, many queries are associated with…
    Recommended Reading: The Role of Content Quality in Bing Ranking - 12/08
    You’ve heard us talk about quality quite a bit on this blog and we can all agree that creating quality content is the only sustainable strategy in attracting and retaining visitors. Naturally, as a search engine we always aim to connect our searchers with the best content out there, so content quality plays an important part in our algorithms.  Which brings me to the “recommended reading” part: My colleague Michael Basilyan from the Bing…
    How Bing and Your Mobile Device Became Friends - 11/21
    As we discussed in Meet our Mobile Bots recently, Bing probes websites using device-specific crawlers to understand if they provide a good experience on different devices and platforms and to inform our mobile ranking algorithms. Today we are joined by Mir Rosenberg from the Mobile Relevance team to add some color to the subject by discussing a recent mobile ranking update that resulted from this effort. Enjoy!  — Vincent Traditionally, Bing…
    Meet our Mobile Bots - 11/03
    In today’s post we are joined by Lee Xiong from the Bing Crawl team. Lee is going to discuss some new developments on the crawl front pertaining to mobile SEO.  Enjoy!  – Vincent We can all agree that mobile is the future. Actually, we can’t really say “mobile is the future” anymore. Mobile is the present. Mobile is now. With that in mind, it’s time to take a fresh look at some essential things…
    Quick! We’ve Doubled our Webmaster Sign-Up Credit! - 10/23
    Two weeks ago I told you how to get $100* in free advertising credit by becoming a new Bing Ads user if you had a Bing Webmaster Tools account. As it turned out, many of you seized this opportunity to claim your ad credit, just in time for the holiday season. And for those of you who didn’t act yet: simply log into your webmaster tools account today and click…
    Building Authority & Setting Expectations - 10/17
    Authority is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “a person or organization having power or control in a particular, typically political or administrative, sphere”. For our purposes, we also understand that “authority” conveys a sense of trust and influence. Searchers generally want authoritative sources to engage with. They want to be able to trust the sources they visit. Naturally, this means being an authority ranks pretty high on the “must…
    Not a Bing Ads User? Get $100 in Ad Credit to Become One! - 10/10
    Since our June 2012 re-launch of Bing Webmaster Tools, many webmasters, site owners, and search marketers like yourself have joined our program and use the tools to stay up-to-date on how their web site is performing in Bing and Bing-powered search results. Millions of content publisher share their Sitemaps, Parameters to Ignore, and Crawl Preferences with us, allowing their websites to shine on, Yahoo!, and other places powered by…