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Video: Cirque du Soleil Does Its Thing… With Drones
 Cirque du Soleil is known for doing incredible things with the human body. Now they’re doing incredible things with quadcopters. Read More
Why Is Box Taking So Long To Pull The IPO Trigger?
 On March 24th, Box filed for its long-awaited IPO and went into the dreaded quiet period. It’s been over six months now since Box filed its S-1 form, signaling it would look for $250 million in its public offering. Prior to the announcement, Box was one of the hottest startups in technology, but after months of delay, with its IPO still sitting on the table, it is fair to wonder what… Read More
Mobile Wallet Laughingstock Clinkle Finally Launches To Let You Pay Friends And Earn “Treats”
 After 17 months of jokes about vaporware college payments startup Clinkle, its iOS and Android apps finally launched today at a few colleges. Clinkle lets you pay friends, get a pre-paid Visa, and earn gifts like Baskin-Robbins ice cream for buying stuff with your Clinkle card. The trick is that Clinkle gamifies payments. You can only see Treats sent to you by friends if you pay with your… Read More
Gobble Promises To Help Customers Make Delicious Meals In 10 Minutes Or Less
 If you like the idea of cooking, but not, y’know, the actual work (or the fact that the food might turn out pretty badly), then Gobble may be the startup for you. And I don’t mean that in a condescending way. When I try to cook, I do a decent job of frying an egg or boiling spaghetti, but anything more than that and I start to get nervous. So I feel like I’m on… Read More
Microsoft Backtracks After Senior Employee Says “Windows 9”
 Worried that Microsoft was going to keep the “Threshold” codename on the next version of Windows? Fret not, it probably won’t: In a speech to employees, Alain Crozier, president of Microsoft France, called the new operating system “Windows 9″ quite recently, and there is tape of it. Read More
PRSS Digital Magazine Platform Acquired By Apple
 Apple has acquired Dutch digital magazine startup Prss, a platform that makes it easy to create iPad-compatible magazines using tools that don’t require any knowledge of code. The company is essentially a magazine-focused version of iBooks Author, and the deal could mean better native publishing tools for digital periodicals. The acquisition was first reported by iCulture, a Dutch… Read More
How Much Better Is Each New iPhone’s Camera? Here’s An Excellent Comparison
 It’s easy to say that the iPhone’s camera has gotten better over time — that’s pretty much a given. But how much better? Lisa Bettany, co-founder of Camera+, decided to put it to the test. Eight generations of iPhone, lined up in a row… all taking the same photo. The results are pretty damn neat. The differences start to get a bit less massive as you reach the… Read More
Bitcoin’s Price Skyrockets Following PayPal’s Hug
 This morning, PayPal rolled out broader support for bitcoin, allowing merchants to accept the cryptocurrency as payment for digital goods. The reaction to bitcoin itself has been immediate and positive. The PayPal integration is minor — users won’t be able to start stashing their bitcoin in their PayPal accounts, but merchants that use certain PayPal services, and are located in… Read More
Tune In To TechCrunch Radio On Sirius XM 102 Indie Tonight
 TIL that Sirius XM offers a one-month free trial. Coincidentally, TechCrunch Radio runs for four more weeks for one hour every Tuesday night, starting tonight. So, if, perchance, you were interested in listening in to the show, you could get in on that free trial action from Sirius and follow along with John Biggs and I as we discuss the latest news, interview cool guests, and have a live… Read More
Expa Brings On Hooman Radfar, AddThis Founder, As San Francisco EIR
 Expa, a startup studio with $50 million in funding and led by Garrett Camp, is today welcoming a new member to the team. Hooman Radfar, founder and Chairman of AddThis, is coming on board the team to bring his expertise in big data and web services to the mix. Expa is a powerhouse of talent, with Uber cofounder Garrett Camp at the helm and Naveen Selvadurai, foursquare co-founder, also working… Read More
Newsvine - Get Smarter Here
Newsvine - Get Smarter Here
SEC Charges Barclays Capital with Systemic Compliance Failures After Acquiring Lehman's Advisory Business
Washington D.C., Sept. 23, 2014 —  The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Barclays Capital Inc. with failing to maintain an adequate internal compliance system to ensure the firm did not run afoul of any federal securities laws after its wealth management …
US cracks down on companies moving overseas - Yahoo News
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration cracked down Monday on certain overseas corporate mergers and acquisitions, aiming to curb American companies from shifting their ownership abroad to shirk paying U.S. taxes. New regulations from the Treasury Department will make  …
Next Generation Identification FBI Announces Biometrics Suite's Full Operational Capability
Agencies searching the FBI’s criminal history record database for matches to their subjects are getting faster and more accurate responses—the result of the Bureau’s 10-year effort to improve its ability to provide law enforcement partners with timely, high-qual …
Jury Finds Wakpala Man Guilty of Second-Degree Murder, Four Counts of Sexual Abuse of a Minor, and Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury
United States Attorney Brendan V. Johnson announced that Stoney End Of Horn, age 36, of Wakpala, South Dakota, was convicted of Second Degree Murder, four counts of Sexual Abuse of a Minor, and Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury, following a four-day jury trial in Pierre, …
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First Stanford "how to start a startup" lecture with Sam Altman & Dustin Moskovitz now online (Sam Altman/How to Start a Startup)

Sam Altman / How to Start a Startup: First Stanford “how to start a startup” lecture with Sam Altman & Dustin Moskovitz now online  —  Lecture 1: Welcome, and Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution Part I  —  Why to Start a Startup.  Sam Altman , View Sam's Slide Deck.  Dustin Moskovitz , View Dustin's Slide Deck.

Samsung launches $19.99 Power Sharing cable for charging micro USB devices with your Galaxy phone or tablet (Emil Protalinski/The Next Web)

Emil Protalinski / The Next Web: Samsung launches $19.99 Power Sharing cable for charging micro USB devices with your Galaxy phone or tablet  —  Samsung today launched a new accessory for its Galaxy line of products that isn't just a gimmick but looks extremely useful: meet the Samsung Power Sharing cable for $19.99.

Facebook's internet connectivity drones to begin testing next year, to deploy within 2-5 years (Issie Lapowsky/Wired)

Issie Lapowsky / Wired: Facebook's internet connectivity drones to begin testing next year, to deploy within 2-5 years  —  Facebook Lays Out Its Roadmap for Creating Internet-Connected Drones  —  A still from an promotional video showing how Facebook and will deliver internet access via  —  aerial drone.

Google investing $772M to build a 120 megawatt data center in the Netherlands (David Meyer/Gigaom)

David Meyer / Gigaom: Google investing $772M to build a 120 megawatt data center in the Netherlands  —  Google to build gigantic 120-megawatt data center in the Netherlands  —  The $772 million facility in Eemshaven will benefit from proximity to the landing point of major international submarine cables …

Mobile Wallet Laughingstock Clinkle Finally Launches To Let You Pay Friends And Earn "Treats" (Josh Constine/TechCrunch)

Josh Constine / TechCrunch: Mobile Wallet Laughingstock Clinkle Finally Launches To Let You Pay Friends And Earn “Treats”  —  After 17 months of jokes about vaporware college payments startup Clinkle, its iOS and Android apps finally launched today at a few colleges.  Clinkle lets you pay friends, get a pre-paid Visa …

Tiger Global raises $1.5B pool to invest in private companies, 5 months after last $1.5B raise (Dan Primack/Fortune)

Dan Primack / Fortune: Tiger Global raises $1.5B pool to invest in private companies, 5 months after last $1.5B raise  —  Exclusive: Tiger Global raising another huge fund  —  Tiger Global has begun raising another $1.5 billion to invest in private companies, Fortune has learned from multiple sources.

Comparing photos taken with Camera+ using all iPhone versions, from the original to iPhone 6 (Lisa Bettany/snap snap snap)

Lisa Bettany / snap snap snap: Comparing photos taken with Camera+ using all iPhone versions, from the original to iPhone 6  —  How does the iPhone 6 camera compare to previous iPhone cameras?  —  In the past seven years, each new advancement in iPhone camera technology has made dramatic improvements to image quality.

PRSS Digital Magazine Platform Acquired By Apple (Darrell Etherington/TechCrunch)

Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch: PRSS Digital Magazine Platform Acquired By Apple  —  Apple has acquired Dutch digital magazine startup Prss, a platform that makes it easy to create iPad-compatible magazines using tools that don't require any knowledge of code.  The company is essentially a magazine-focused version of iBooks Author …

Wink announces Relay, a $300 wall-embedded touchscreen for controlling smart home devices (Ben Popper/The Verge)

Ben Popper / The Verge: Wink announces Relay, a $300 wall-embedded touchscreen for controlling smart home devices  —  How one tiny startup is winning the race to power your smart home  —  For decades the smart home has been a tantalizing dream just out of reach.  There are hundreds of connected devices on the market …

Former Apple retail chief and ex-J.C. Penney CEO Ron Johnson to launch on-demand delivery service for gadgets (Jessica E. Lessin/The Information)

Jessica E. Lessin / The Information: Former Apple retail chief and ex-J.C. Penney CEO Ron Johnson to launch on-demand delivery service for gadgets  —  Former Apple Exec, J.C. Penney CEO to Launch Delivery Startup  —  The godfather of Apple's retail stores is trying to reinvent shopping again, this time by getting rid of stores.

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'S.H.I.E.L.D.' Season 2 Premiere Recap: 'Go Dark'

“Go dark.”

The first words from new director Phil Coulson in the Season 2 premiere of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are also his first set of orders, given to Isabelle Hartley (Lucy Lawless) and a new team of mercenary agents after an exchange with a contact goes bad.

SEE ALSO: 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Finale: 8 Key Takeaways

But with the shambles that S.H.I.E.L.D. is in after Season 1, and the measures its remaining agents must take to keep up their pursuit of Hydra, “go dark” mig...

India Has a Chance to Make History With Mars Mission

India’s space program could establish a series of firsts this Wednesday when it attempts to enter its Mangalyaan space probe into Mars’s orbit.

If successful, India will become the first country to reach Mars’ orbit on a maiden venture and the first Asian country to launch a successful Mars mission, all with a much cheaper price tag than any Mars mission before it.

SEE ALSO: NASA's MAVEN Satellite Settles In

India Space Research Organisation launched the small unmanned satellite Mangalyaan (H...

Why Khorasan May Be a Bigger Threat to the U.S. Than ISIS

The Khorasan Group may be a bigger threat to the United States than the Islamic State, according to multiple reports.

This group of al-Qaeda affiliates is tiny by comparison to ISIS and doesn't wield anything close to the same military capability. But Khorasan's extremists are much more sophisticated plotters, and they may have been at work designing new-age explosives built to pass undetected through airport screenings

See also: 5 Things to Know About Khorasan, the Other Radicals the U.S. B...

Welding Accident Causes Wharf Fire That Shuts Down LA Port, Nearby School

LOS ANGELES — A fire that raged overnight on the underside of an old wooden wharf was finally quelled Tuesday, but not before all container terminals at the Port of Los Angeles and several in adjacent Long Beach harbor were shut down because of worries about unhealthy smoke.

Concern about the plume from burning creosote-preserved timber in the pre-World War II wharf also triggered a precautionary evacuation of a port-area elementary school and advice to residents to stay indoors.

See also: A ...

Facebook Further Reveals Plans for Internet-Connected Drones

Yael Maguire, engineering director at Facebook Connectivity Lab, doesn't like to use the word "drones" when it comes to "beaming" Internet to the developing world. He prefers "planes."

But whatever you want to call them, Facebook and are looking to the skies in order to get the last 15% of the world's population, who aren't connected, online. At the 2014 Social Good Summit on Monday, Maguire gave more details on the Connectivity Lab's plans, first revealed in March, in a conversa...

Wearables Finally Get a Chip That Can Handle Consumer Expectations

The so-called Internet of Things — encompassing everything from smart fridges to fitness trackers — has turned all kinds of products into computers. And every single computer needs a processor, and those processors consume power.

This is why it's important to have a whole different class of chip for devices without a traditional user interface — "embedded" processors. ARM, the company that has chip tech is in almost every smartphone today, just gave the category a big upgrade.

See also: Why I...

Vizio Launches 4K TVs You Can Actually Afford

Remember when Vizio promised to make an Ultra HD TV something regular people could actually afford when they unveiled a model in January that cost less than $1,000? That's finally happening with the launch of the company's P-Series of sets.

To be clear, there are Ultra HD or 4K TVs that cost less than Vizio's 50-inch model, but you'd be hard-preseed to recognize the brands, and they may be lacking in cruicial hardware.

See also: 4K vs. HD: Here's the Difference

Vizio calls its UHD sets "P" fo...

12 Epic Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs

Every day people fantasize about the many ingenious, creative and disruptive ways they can finally quit their crappy jobs

Most of these daydreams stay within our imagination and rarely become reality. And the majority of people leave the job they hate with a dignified two weeks notice or a quiet letter of resignation

See also: The 7 Most Important Things to Do Before You Quit Your Job to Freelance

But, for now, you can live vicariously through the few brave employees who lived out their grand...

Pee Wee Football Team Loses to Its Own Banner

The Wallkill Mighty Mites of Wallkill, New York, opened its season with a 24-0 victory, but the pee wee football players were no match for a mighty banner

A dozen 6- to 7-year-old players ran face-first into the massive sign before the person holding the banner finally lost his grip

Linebackers don't have anything on paper.

Adorable Dog Returns Lost Items for KLM Airlines

What It Looks Like to Bend Your iPhone 6 Plus

William Shatner Singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Is a Fantastic Reality

Jimmy F...

What It Looks Like to Bend Your iPhone 6 Plus

Earlier today, we saw photos that suggested the iPhone 6 Plus is bending inside some user's pockets. So YouTube channel Unbox Therapy decided to put an iPhone 6 Plus to the ultimate bend test — on video.

Spoiler alert: We find out that aluminum is bendable. (Thin aluminum attached to a large surface area bends especially easily.) So if you own the new 5.5-inch phone, this video might just encourage you to invest in a case. You might also want to keep it out of your pants pockets for long, to...

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The Mysterious Case Of The 113-Year-Old Light Bulb
In a California fire station, a 113-year-old light bulb still burns. Is it a miracle of physics, or a sign that light bulbs have gotten weaker with time?
The U.S. Once Considered Using 23 Nuclear Bombs To Blast Out A Highway
Rising out of California's Mojave Desert are the Bristol Mountains, nearly 4,000 feet of rock blocking easy passage through the scorching desert. For decades, Route 66 and the Santa Fe Railway have had to bend south, acquiescing to the mountains' height. But in the 1960s, at the peak of atomic age, we had a plan to blast through the mountains once and for all — with nuclear bombs, of course.
You Don’t Need A Therapist For Good Support
Honestly, these boxer briefs aren't going to get you laid more. But they will make you look and feel cool right before you do. And now get 20% off your first pair.
The U.S. Is Imprisoning Slightly Less Of Its Population
The federal prison population has dropped in the last year by roughly 4,800, the first time in several decades that the inmate count has gone down, according to the Justice Department.
The Correct Coffee Size Is Small
This is a fact. The small coffee — also known as a regular coffee — is one of humanity's great inventions: an easily handled, hot, delicious, stimulating serving of a beverage. Large, larger, and largest coffees are grim and tragic.
It Turns Out You Can Bend The iPhone 6 Plus With Your Bare Hands
If you can't take the pressure, get out of the pocket.
Bill O'Reilly Has The Plan To Defeat ISIS All Figured Out
Perhaps in the nick of time, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has done President Obama the favor of drafting a strategy to fully destroy the now-infamous terrorist group known as ISIS.
The Bias Fighters
Psychologists are testing ways to reduce unconscious racial prejudice — not just in the police, but in all of us.
Don't Ever Appear On 'The Daily Show'
If you agree to go on "The Daily Show" you should know exactly what you're in for.
The past 24 hours of MetaFilter
I Am More Than OK With Not "Having It All"
Once I checked financial stability, a good partner, and sufficiently sown wild oats off the list of Reasons Why I Am Not Ready, I was left with my own brain, which rarely goes well for me. Kate Harding writes about her ambivalence about having children, and her ultimate decision.
India's Mars Orbiter Mission In 45 mins from now (watch a webcast), India's Mars Orbiter Mission's satellite will insert itself into orbit around Mars. This is the final hurdle for MOM to overcome to achieve a big milestone for the Indian Space Research Organization.
People should wear and eat seal as much as possible
Tanya Tagaq, an Inuk throat singer, has won the 2014 Polaris Prize for her album Animism. The Polaris goes to the best Canadian album of the year based on "artistic merit without regard to genre, sales history or label affiliation". Her acceptance speech was a little more controversial than usual for the Polaris, with Tagaq saying "People should wear and eat seal as much as possible" and "Fuck PETA." Her performance. Her acceptance speech.
From the ever-fertile brain of Ben Cooper (aka Radical Face, half of Electric President) and pals comes Clone, a musical-visual story in six acts, posted weekly starting today. Act I: The Laboratory.
Chikungunya Style
The other epidemic. From 2006 to 2013, the United States had an average of 28 cases per annum of chikungunya, a viral disease. So far, this year, there have been 1052. Once confined to Africa and Southeast Asia, localized outbreaks have appeared in Italy, other parts of Europe, and the Americas. Although the first known locally acquired case appeared in the Caribbean in 2013, it has achieved epidemic levels with an estimated 738000 cases. A mosquito-borne disease, the symptoms are akin to a s...
Why I Just Asked My Students To Put Their Laptops Away  
Screens generate distraction - biologically impossible to resist - in a manner akin to second-hand smoke. Allowing laptop use in class is like allowing boombox use in class  -  it lets each person choose whether to degrade the experience of those around them. [CITATION PROVIDED] I've stopped thinking of students as people who simply make choices about whether to pay attention, and started thinking of them as people trying to pay attention but having to compete with various influences, the lar...
Dodging Healthcare Cost Controls For Fun And (Mostly) Profit
The New York Times reports on a new way medical professionals are gaming the system (to the tune of $2.8T a year) - by making end runs around cost controls through out of network consultation calls.
The Ninth Feltron Report
Nicholas Felton datafied all his conversations in 2013. ALL of them. You may remember Felton, a performance artist, from previous datafication projects. In 2013, he kept detailed records of every conversation he had - with anyone, in any medium. Last month, he released the Report.
Intelligence X 100 =
being FactMag's months-in-the-making rundown of the 100 greatest Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) tracks of all time. For the curious (and, indeed courageous) amongst you, we've now pulled together a mammoth YouTube playlist, featuring all of the selected tracks in order.
Non-ebola care
As hospitals struggle to cope with the ebola epidemic, where are patients with other emergencies finding care? In Monrovia, Liberia, it's Cooper Adventist Hospital. Without proper isolation facilities to handle ebola, they are instead tackling everything else. This August 17, 2014 San Bernardino Sun article discusses the challenges the doctors are facing. Dr. James Appel's blog (Dr. Gillian Seton's article appears in the side bar), and his recent remarks on international aid efforts.
Think iOS 8 Crashes A Lot? You’re Not Imagining Things

Stability, thy name is not iOS 8.

According to a report by mobile app performance management firm Crittercism, titled "Mobile Experience Benchmark Report: Apple Edition," iOS 8 foists more crashes on users than iOS 7. 

The company found the new iPhone software has a crash rate of 3.6%, while the older version throws in the towel less often, at just 2%. (Crittercism measures the crash rate as the percentage of app launches that result in a crash.)

There are two ways to look at that: On one hand, ...

Clinkle Confirms Its Massive Failure To Reinvent Payments
Clinkle homepage

After more than a year of buzz, Clinkle finally unveiled its first product Tuesday with a quiet launch on its website. 

It's a prepaid Visa card.

And an app.

You read that right.

What happened to Clinkle's rumored (but plausible) idea of using high-frequency transmissions to communicate with payment terminals? Missing in action. 

See also: Here's A Heavy Dose Of Reality For New Payments Startup Clinkle

What on earth were Clinkle's engineers working on during their recent hackathon? ...

iPhone 6 Problems: Not Safe For Your Pants Pocket—Or Your Microwave

There are worse things in life than a free U2 album automatically installed in your iTunes library. And now that new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners have had some time, we get to hear exactly what those worse things are. 

See also: You, Too, May Want To Delete That U2 Album From iTunes

Thumbs strained! iPhones microwaved! Apple phablets wilting under the strain of wedding attendance! Never mind the iOS 8 changes that troll our resistance to change or your inability to carry on now that Camera...

Apple's Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner Is Still Hackable, But Don’t Panic

For the second time in two iPhone releases, mobile-security firm Lookout has tested and bested the security of Touch ID.

Touch ID lets users unlock the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus just by putting their fingerprint over a sensor on the home button. By requiring a fingerprint to unlock the device and make purchases within the App Store, with Apple Pay, or through third-party developers, Apple is trying to make your data and information more secure.

So what happens if it’s hacked?


Wink Relay Makes Walls Smarter With New Touchscreen Panel
This sci-fi wall panel has nothing on Wink's new Relay wall console.

ReadWriteHome is an ongoing series exploring the implications of living in connected homes.

Wink has been busy. After having introduced its wallet-friendly Hub a few months ago, the smart-home upstart backed by Quirky and GE already has another new offering: a touchscreen wall console called Wink Relay.

This futuristic beauty looks way better than the dingy wall-mounted panel Bruce Willis had to contend with in The Fifth Elemen...

NoSQL Databases Are Going Mainstream—They Actually Have Paying Customers

NoSQL, the newish alternative to traditional relational databases, is a big deal, but it can also be a big mess: there are more than 100 different NoSQL databases, and several different kinds ranging from document to key-value to columnar to graph databases. Even more confusingly, relational databases are now cross-dressing as NoSQL databases, adding support for JSON, among other things.

And yet enterprises are navigating the potential pitfalls and embracing NoSQL in droves. Today Redis Labs, ...

This Business Suit Onesie Is Ingenious Laziness In Clothing Form

Silicon Valley Street Style is a weekly feature that looks at the intersection of fashion, technology and taste.

The business suit onesie is here, guys! Finally!

Clearly we’ve all been waiting for the day when Betabrand would unleash the perfect onesie to make it look like wearers put in the tireless effort to create an outfit. 

The Suitsy looks like a white button-up, jacket, and trousers, but none of these pieces of clothing are separate items—the Suitsy is actually a comfortable onesie made t...

Polaroid Cube: The Cutest Action Camera Yet

If a mobile camera app icon manifested into a physical product, it would be the new Polaroid Cube. And judging by the looks of this wee little box, the action camera might just win over plenty of hearts, helmets and handlebars.

The Cube, which starts shipping next month, offers 1080p video recording and a retro-fabulous aesthetic for a price tag of $99. That’s half the price of a base model GoPro, the leading brand that defines this category.

Polaroid seems to have the makings of a mainstream ...

Nearly Half Of All iPhone Users Have Downloaded iOS 8

Slowly but surely, iPhone users are updating to iOS 8, the new operating software for iPhones and iPads, Apple reports.

The technology company has added a new pie graph to its App Store Distribution page for developers, which notes that 46% of users have upgraded to iOS 8. Meanwhile, 49% of users continue to use iOS 7 and 5% are still using even earlier versions.

Earlier this week, multiple usage trackers determined that iOS 8 adoption was off to a slower start than iOS 7. One possible reason...

Heroku 101: A Beginner's Guide To Hosting Apps In The Cloud

Apps are big business. Everyone is using them for games, messaging, and information. Some people are even making their own.

Small businesses and amateur programmers might be interested in getting into the app game, too. There are plenty of tutorials online for building an app. The hard part is figuring out what to do once the app has been built. How do you get it to people?

See also: How To Build A WinJS App In 10 Easy Steps

If you've built a Web app—that is, a self-contained program designed ...

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These guys were driving around and playing live music.
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The funniest Alien art I've seen so far
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So band pictures came in
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This blind pup is gaining his confidence
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look ma! no hands!
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120 photos from the making of THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY
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Clinkle finally launches its payments service (but not the one originally promised)
Clinkle promised a digital wallet. Instead it delivered a piece of plastic. It's debit card will be integrated into a new smartphone rewards networks, but it's a far cry from the…
ARM launches a high-powered microcontroller for the internet of things
ARM has released a higher-performance microcontroller core design aimed at the the internet of things, and several chip firms are already using it.
T-Mobile picks Ericsson to build its new tricked-out LTE network
Ericsson revealed it's handling T-Mobile's new LTE network expansion into new spectrum, into rural areas and into the nooks and crannies of dense urban areas.
Manual for iOS gives photographers DSLR-style control in a well-designed app
Looking for an iPhone camera app with a wealth of manual settings? Check out Manual, which takes advantage of new iOS 8 camera capabilities to give photographers a surprising amount of control.
Only 0.12 percent of all Wikipedia articles contain videos
There are millions of articles on Wikipedia, but less than 6000 contain a video. That's despite long-running efforts to get more video onto Wikipedia.
How Conjur’s identity management tool helps developers and operations stay together in a happy marriage
Conjur's husband-and-wife co-founders have a tool that's essentially a modern day update to Active Directory, except tailored for the world of cloud computing. Say goodbye to not knowing who has access…
Verizon builds bridge from (and to) Amazon’s cloud
Verizon is now offering what it calls a Secure Cloud Interconnect service between Verizon Cloud and Amazon Web Services. You can probably guess why.
Google Fiber’s Austin network takes shape with an update coming Oct. 15
Watch out Austin, your Google Fiber is getting closer. The search giant and burgeoning ISP shared a few details about it's Texas construction so far.
Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story come to Apple TV with FX Now app
Apple TV users can now catch up on episodes from shows like Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story and Archer, thanks to a new FX Now app that was added to the…
See Hue later: Philips to spin out its lighting division to focus on connected health
Philips is splitting into two companies. One dedicated to lighting and the other to consumer and medical technology. Both companies will be better positioned for the changes wrought by the internet…