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Vimeo tech chief takes on 'terrifying' online video challenges (Q&A) - 13:00
Andrew Pile has to make sure his service works with everything from phones to smart TVs, even as video-streaming technology constantly changes.
College students more prone to thoughtless social posts than high schoolers, study says - 3:04
A new survey -- conducted for a firm that recently brought its private social-networking app to the US -- also shows that teens are tired of the lack of reality on sites like Facebook.
Google's head of Android to oversee its most important products - 2:13
By promoting one of his most trusted lieutenants, Google CEO Larry Page can spend more time focusing on the future.
Clever cables for charging your phone (pictures) - 2:12
Balking at the idea of paying Native Union Night Cable $40 to tie a knot in your smartphone charging cable? There are plenty of other charging cables available for less that you should also consider.
Lady Gaga's 'Cheek to Cheek' coming to Amazon Instant 4K, PBS - 1:45
​If you're a fan of Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett or changing outfits every three minutes, 'Cheek to Cheek Live' will be televised on PBS tonight, and on Amazon Instant 4K later in the year.
Crave Ep. 180: Help battling robots cause even more mayhem - 1:35
The robot war might be televised (on the Web at least) and it's a fight to the finish. The RoboGames could become a Web series if a crowdfunding effort meets its goal.
Top-rated reviews of the week (pictures) - 1:30
This week, CNET editors reviewed products from some of the big names in consumer electronics -- Apple, Amazon, Nintendo -- but Pioneer's flagship AVIC 8000NEX navigation and multimedia receiver was the one that impressed us enough to earn a Spectacular rating as well as the coveted Editors' Choice Award.
Got a new iPad and want to switch carriers? Turns out it's not so easy - 1:05
So much for a universal Apple SIM. AT&T and T-Mobile both lock down iPad SIM cards in their stores. The difference is a T-Mobile iPad purchased at an Apple store will remain open.
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Sundar Pichai’s Ascension At Google Could Herald New Platform Unification - 1:58
 In a sweeping transfer of power, Google CEO Larry Page will bequeath operational leadership of a host of core products to his lieutenant Sundar Pichai. Pichai, a well-known Google executive, will add control of Google+, search, maps, infrastructure and ads to his portfolio, which already includes Chrome’s browser and operating system efforts, Google Apps and Android. Read More
Sidecar Tests A New “Commute” Service, With Discounts When You Pay For A Week Of Morning Rides - 0:23
 Ridesharing service SideCar invited me today to beta test a new feature called Sidecar Commute. Here’s how it works, as explained on the tester signup page: You pay $35 for a one-week SideCar Commute Pack, then you can request a ride every morning that week, and you’ll get a $15 credit for that ride. Read More
You Can Now Build Oculus Rift Projects In The Free Version Of Unity - 24/10
 Hey, you! Yeah, you! The one with the awesome idea for something that needs to be built in virtual reality! Remember a few weeks back, when Oculus mentioned that their development tools would soon work with the free version of the Unity game engine, rather than just the $1,500 Pro Version? It’s done. Read More
First Look At 3D Camera App 3DAround - 24/10
 What if you could shoot those cool 360-degree, swivel-around photos you see on ecommerce sites or in The Matrix with just your smartphone? Then you’d be using the 3DAround camera app that launches next month from Dacuda, which gave TechCrunch an early peek. Simply hit record, revolve your camera phone or tablet around an object, and 3DAround stitches together all the photos into a 3D… Read More
Gillmor Gang LIVE 10.24.14 - 24/10
 Gillmor Gang – John Borthwick, Robert Scoble, Dan Farber, John Taschek, Keith Teare and Steve Gillmor. Gillmor Gang – John Borthwick, Robert Scoble, Dan Farber, John Taschek, Keith Teare and Steve Gillmor. Recording has concluded for today. Live FriendFeed chat during the show broadcast Our Gillmor Gang Facebook page Our sister show G3 on Facebook Read More
Don’t Open Random PowerPoint Presentations From Strangers Right Now (Or Ever, Really) - 24/10
 Heads up! In what feels like a throwback to the late 90s/early 2000’s, Microsoft has discovered one helluva bug in Microsoft Office. Executed properly, the bug could be exploited to take over your entire system running just about any version of Windows. You can find Microsoft’s full disclosure on the bug here, but here’s the bulk of what you should know: This bug is being… Read More
Google Rolls Out An Invite System For Its New Email App, Inbox By Gmail - 24/10
 Good news, you don’t have to scour eBay for an invite to Google’s new email application, Inbox. You just have to know someone who got in. Today, Google announced by way of its “Inbox by Gmail” Twitter account that each Inbox user will now receive three invites they can hand out to friends. Hilariously, the invite button emoji is a golden ticket. If you aren’t… Read More
This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: iPads, Disrupt London, And iPads - 24/10
 You might have heard that Apple released some new iPads last week. A lot of them. Plus, TechCrunch ventured across the pond for Disrupt London, where a number of incredible hardware startups debuted their wares. It was a long, but awesome, week. We discuss all this and more on this week’s episode of the TC Gadgets Podcast featuring John Biggs, Matt Burns, and Jordan Crook. Have a good… Read More
Newsvine - Get Smarter Here
Newsvine - Get Smarter Here
Who wrecked a car into the Ten Commandment Monument in Oklahoma? Take the poll and try and convict the perp before the police find them. - 0:41
So, some unknown person or persons wrecked a car into the disputed Ten Commandments monument on a court house lawn in Oklahoma and the accusations are running wild in the seed about this so I think we need a poll.
WATCH: Bystanders at Dallas Airport stop antigay attack by piling on drunk bully - 5:39
In the video embedded below, an apparently intoxicated man attacks another passenger who he believes is gay. Within seconds, a number of bystanders leap into action to take the attacker down and hold him until police can handcuff him and lead him away.
Can you detect the amazing stealth animals hiding in all these pictures? - 11:48
Stuff like this sends me directly back to ten years old!
Bush Appointee Tosses Tea Party's Sham Lawsuit Against the IRS For Alleged 'Targeting' - 24/10
Bush Appointee Tosses Tea Party’s Sham Lawsuit Against the IRS For Alleged ‘Targeting’ Author: Valerie Beaumont October 24, 2014 10:28 am A federal court threw out two lawsuits Tea Party groups had filed against the IRS, alleging the agency unfairly targeted …
The Police Are Still Out of Control - 11:46
Forty-odd years on, my story probably seems like ancient history to most people, layered over with Hollywood legend. For me it’s not, since at the age of 78 I’m still deaf in one ear and I walk with a limp and I carry fragments of the bullet near my brain. I am also …
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: A Vote for the Right Is A Wrong Vote! - 4:16
                                                                These are the reasons we cannot vote the GOP ticket in  …
Disputed Oklahoma Ten Commandments statue smashed - 24/10
OKLAHOMA CITY — Authorities say someone drove across the Oklahoma Capitol lawn and knocked over a Ten Commandments monument that a group has been suing to have removed, smashing it to pieces. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. George Brown says the person drove into the monumen …
Woman Arrested For Posting A Photo of Herself Stepping on The Quran - 10:12
This is one of those rare situation when women and men are treated the same in Islam, they are both treated badly. This is not a story from Saudi Arabia, nor from Somalia or Iran. This story is from Greece, the cradle of democracy and western civilization. How can this be? The  …
Tech Web, page A1
Soft Machines, which has raised $125M, leaves stealth mode, reveals plan to license "virtual cores" technology to chip makers (Don Clark/Wall Street Journal) - 10:50

Don Clark / Wall Street Journal: Soft Machines, which has raised $125M, leaves stealth mode, reveals plan to license “virtual cores” technology to chip makers  —  Secretive Startup Unveils Universal Chip  —  Venture capitalists these days tend to avoid chip companies, largely because developing new products costs a bundle.

The FCC as data security cop: $10 million fine for carriers' security breaches (Michael Cooney/Network World) - 7:55

Michael Cooney / Network World: The FCC as data security cop: $10 million fine for carriers' security breaches  —  FCC says TerraCom and its affiliate YourTel stored Social Security numbers, names, addresses in the open  —  The FCC took a big stand today saying it will fine TerraCom and YourTel America $10 million …

Apple reviewer sent screenshot of explicit image without warning to developer to show that app could be used to find porn (Chris O'Brien/VentureBeat) - 6:50

Chris O'Brien / VentureBeat: Apple reviewer sent screenshot of explicit image without warning to developer to show that app could be used to find porn  —  App developer claims Apple sent his company porn to prove its app could be used to find naughty pics  —  A Florida developer says his company got a bit of a naughty surprise via a recent email from Apple.

First Android 5.0 Lollipop updates should hit the Galaxy S5 in December (Abhijeet Mishra/SamMobile) - 4:30

Abhijeet Mishra / SamMobile: First Android 5.0 Lollipop updates should hit the Galaxy S5 in December  —  Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming to the Galaxy S5, and we've already given our readers an exclusive look at an early version running on the device.  We had already said that the Galaxy S5 would be receiving …

Google bought six Redwood City office buildings totaling about 934,200 square feet for $585M (Bloomberg) - 2:45

Bloomberg: Google bought six Redwood City office buildings totaling about 934,200 square feet for $585M  —  Google Said to Buy Redwood City Offices for $585 Million  —  Google Inc. (GOOGL) bought six office buildings northwest of its Silicon Valley headquarters from Starwood Capital Group LLC and Blackstone Group LP …

Whisper responds to Guardian's "10 questions", says members of editorial team put on leave (Michael Heyward/Whisper) - 2:30

Michael Heyward / Whisper: Whisper responds to Guardian's “10 questions”, says members of editorial team put on leave  —  Setting The Record Straight  —  I wrote last Saturday that we welcome the current discussion around Whisper, and are grateful to those who have shared thoughtful feedback with us.

Google's New Search Downranking Hits Torrent Sites Hard (Ernesto/TorrentFreak) - 1:40

Ernesto / TorrentFreak: Google's New Search Downranking Hits Torrent Sites Hard  —  In recent years Hollywood and the music industry have taken a rather aggressive approach against Google.  The entertainment industry companies have accused the search engine of not doing enough to limit piracy, and demanded more stringent anti-piracy measures.

HP seeking buyers for corporate-networking business in China: WSJ (Sudarshan Varadhan/Reuters) - 0:35

Sudarshan Varadhan / Reuters: HP seeking buyers for corporate-networking business in China: WSJ  —  (Reuters) - Hewlett-Packard Co (HPQ.N) has begun sounding out private-equity firms in China to buy its corporate-networking business in the country, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the situation.

The Verge - All Posts
Brookstone puts up pre-order page for Fitbit Surge before it's been announced - 7:04

Fitbit still hasn't gotten around to officially announcing its new $250 Surge fitness watch, but the company's retail partners are no longer waiting around. An apparent mixup has led Brookstone to prematurely publish a pre-order page for the "super watch." A friendly tipster clued us in on the mistake. And the page (still live as of this writing) confirms everything we've already told you: Surge is a fitness watch — not a smartwatch — with built-in GPS and a variety of sensors that can record...

Watch a 'Game of Thrones' star create planets in this sci-fi short film - 3:55

Aiden Gillen is by now best known for playing ambitious men, particularly on critically acclaimed HBO series. On Game of Thrones, he plays the conniving Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, and on The Wire, he played conflicted politician Tommy Carcetti. So Polish digital effects company Platige Image and the European Space Agency probably figured he was uniquely suited for their new short film Ambition. The short, which debuted at the British Film Institute's Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder celebra...

Google CEO Larry Page just put Sundar Pichai in charge of almost everything - 24/10

Google's Sundar Pichai, who's already responsible for overseeing Android and Chrome, is about to have even more on his plate. According to Recode, CEO Larry Page has sent a memo to employees revealing that Pichai will now lead nearly every major product division at the company. That includes search, maps, Google+, commerce, research, plus ads and infrastructure. The senior executives previously tasked with heading up those efforts at Google (including new world record holder Alan Eustace) wil...

Doctors transplanted 'dead hearts' into three patients, and it worked - 24/10

Two months ago, doctors in Australia transplanted a "dead heart" — a heart that had stopped beating inside a donor's chest — into a 57-year-old woman, reports the BBC. The operation, which has been deemed success, was unlike any other, because for the first time, it didn't involve a brain-dead donor who's heart was still beating.

Continue reading…

Stephen Hawking joins Facebook, promises to share work toward 'what makes the universe exist' - 24/10

Stephen Hawking has joined Facebook, promising to share his work toward discovering "what makes the universe exist" with his followers of his new account. "Time and space may forever be a mystery, but that has not stopped my pursuit," Hawking writes. "Our connections to one another have grown infinitely and now that I have the chance, I’m eager to share this journey with you." His page has also posted a video of Hawking accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge, with his three children taking the pl...

Remember that time Sonic the Hedgehog starred in a remake of 'Jaws'? - 24/10

It's Friday, so allow us to get a little weird. Back in 2011, Balena Productions created Sonic in JAWS. It's exactly what it sounds like, which is to say it's a remake of the Steven Spielberg classic starring the fastest hedgehog alive. Why write about this now? No reason other than it's inexplicably good, featuring some pretty decent voice acting (better than the official Sonic series often has anyway), that iconic Jaws shot, and a supporting cast that includes Conker from Conker's Bad Fur D...

FCC delays auction for 600MHz spectrum - 24/10

The Federal Communications Commission announced today that the spectrum auction planned for mid-2015 will now take place in early 2016. In a blog post, Gary Epstein, chair of the FCC’s Incentive Auction Task Force, says that lawsuits from television broadcasters attempting to prvent the spectrum auction have delayed the proceedings. The airwaves that will eventually hit the auction block are low frequency (600MHz) and therefore attractive to wireless carriers that want to build next generatio...

AT&T is locking down Apple SIM cards in the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 - 24/10

Just when we think the SIM card may be about to die, here comes AT&T on a self-serving life support mission. MacRumors reports that the Apple SIM card, which is designed to be used by a growing number of carriers around the world, will be locked by AT&T as soon as you sign up for a month of service. Apple confirms the report in a support document: "When you choose AT&T on iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, AT&T dedicates Apple SIM to their network only."

Continue reading…

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Vine Personality Curtis Lepore Dropped From Rainn Wilson TV Project After Backlash - 9:34

Rainn Wilson's SoulPancake has severed ties with well-known Vine personality Curtis Lepore after backlash surrounding Leopre's casting in an upcoming TV project from the Office alum's production company.

Earlier this week, Wilson announced plans for the first scripted TV comedy featuring an ensemble cast of Vine stars. The half-hour show, titled Hollywood and Vine, was set to star Jerry Purpdrank, Lele Pons, Simone Shepherd, Christian DelGrosso, and Lepore as social media stars who are strugg...

Fall TV's First Cancelled Show Is... - 9:24

It turns out love was not in the air between ABC and the fall TV season's first axed show, Manhattan Love Story

The network's decision to ax the show, of course, comes as no surprise

See also: Go Behind the Set of CW's 'The Flash'

In just four airings, Love Story, starring former America's Next Top Model contestant Analeigh Tipton and Jake McDorman, shed nearly half of its 4.7 million premiere audience, with the most recent episode pulling an anemic 2.7 million viewers. Combine that number wi...

Seattle School Shooting Gunman Was Homecoming Royalty - 4:10

MARYSVILLE, Wash. — A student recently crowned freshman class Homecoming prince walked into his Seattle-area high school cafeteria Friday and opened fire, killing one person and shooting several others in the head before turning the gun on himself, officials and witnesses said.

Students said the gunman was staring at students as he shot them inside the cafeteria at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. The shootings set off a chaotic scene as students ran from the cafeteria and building in a frant...

Jack-o'-Lanterns: They're Just Like Us - 3:55

Not even your average Halloween pumpkin can deny the allure of social media or online dating. It's hard out there for a gourd. Read more...

More about Humor, Halloween, Funny, Watercooler, and Comics
The 9 Most Absurd Political Ads of the 2014 Election Season - 3:07

With midterm elections less than two weeks away, the number of campaign ads being played on national television is heating up

Spending on advertising is set to surpass $1 billion for this election cycle, according to the Wesleyan Media Project, with interest groups accounting for an all-time high of senate airings

See also: The Midterm Elections Are Worth Your Attention. Here's Why

As candidates enter crunch time for the races, let's take a look at some of the bizarre, controversial and ridic...

Google Exec Breaks Space Jump Record With Nearly 26-Mile Free Fall - 2:26

Alan Eustace, a senior vice president at Google, broke Felix Baumgartner's two-year-old world record for highest altitude free-fall jump on Friday morning when he parachuted from a balloon near the top of the stratosphere, free-falling from a height of nearly 26 miles and breaking the sound barrier in the process.

The New York Times reported that Eustace, 57, ascended to the edge of space in a balloon filled with 35,000 cubic feet of helium from an airport in Roswell, New Mexico. He then cut ...

Benedict Cumberbatch Trying to Walk Like Beyonce Is the Best Thing You'll See Today - 2:05

Prepare to have your love for Benedict Cumberbatch grow ten folds

Because what is a REAL man, if not one who attempts to walk like Beyoncé on a television show?

See also: Benedict Cumberbatch as 'Hamlet' Sells 100,000 Tickets in Mere Minutes

Yes, that's exactly what happened on an episode of The Graham Norton Show after comedian Miranda Hart began giving the panelists — Cumberbatch included — a lesson in walking, from the awkward course correction to the pop star walk. While showing off th...

John Constantine's LinkedIn Profile Touts His Demonology Expertise Ahead of Premiere - 1:42

Looking to hire a demonologist with a rock background? Look no further than John Constantine.

The self-proclaimed "master of the dark arts" has taken a page from the post-college guide to employment and set up a LinkedIn page, in which he touts his, ahem, points of expertise. This, of course, is a move by NBC to publicize the Friday premiere of Constantine, based off the Hellblazer comics.

See also: CBS Harnesses Star Power for Instagram 'Takeover'

Despite his obvious skills in fighting the u...

Digg Top Stories
Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now
The King Of Swindlers - 0:07
The French confidence man who took credit for what one nineteenth-century paper called “the most gigantic swindle of our time."
The Internet Is Not The Enemy - 13:00
Global efforts to stop the Islamic State should not come at the expense of online freedom. Let the world see the depravity of their ideology.
The Problem With Veggie Burgers So Real They Bleed - 12:00
An array of startups are seeking to replicate the specific sensations of meat using only plant matter. But is plant-based trickery really the path to a healthier planet?
Why I’ll Never Call Myself A 'Gamer' - 11:00
A brief history of my flirtation with a subculture, one-sided affair with Zoe Quinn and decision to quit gaming before we got too serious.
Where Does The Word 'Gamer' Come From? - 10:00
Tracing the origins of the word, it's heavy male connotations and if it can be rescued.
Why Do Americans Pray? - 8:57
It depends on how you ask.
Ghosts Of My Youth - 7:54
There's a lot of paranormal activity in my family. Whether it is more than most other families is hard to say, but we seem to have more than most. During holidays and family events, after the adults wander into the kitchen to drink coffee or head off to bed, us cousins gather in some remote part of the house and talk about the things that go bump in the night.
A Natural A/B Test Of Harassment In Gaming - 6:51
Emily Greer, founder of gaming platform Kongregate, did a simple analysis of the online comments she's received and those of her husband.
The futures of programmatic retargeting, measurement and video - 24/10
Thanks to some new uses for big data, there are going to be some different ways advertisers can retarget consumers. Mobile video is about to see some exponential growth in terms on inventory bought, but advertisers are still having trouble finding quality video in general available through real-time buying. Publishers are looking to move beyond impression-based pricing, and just what are some of the other challenges the programmatic industry faces going forward?
Current, future trends and how programmatic ‘makes sense’ for publishers - 17/10
According to trends, programmatic has a bright future in advertising; there could be changes to the way success in online advertising is measured; bot ease startles conference goers; automatic guaranteed needs some clarification, and how sometimes things just make sense for publishers.
A day in ad fraud: Watch those fake clicks fly - 14/10
A video created by Forensiq shows just how quickly just a single infected computer can add to the tally of worthless clicks.
Private markets and the future of viewability metrics - 11/10
Some are already hailing private marketplaces as the "future of programmatic," while others are lamenting their growing pains. There are "big changes" coming in the world of ad fraud. This viewability stuff needs to get sorted out, because there are some killer metrics waiting.
AdTech Is Alive and Well: I’ll Have the Full Stack, Please - 10/10
Reading The Information's piece on Facebook's reported re-introduction of the Atlas ad-serving technology , I wondered - Does the market really need six or more full stack adtech solutions?
Viewability and growth major parts of ad tech scene right now - 03/10
Major talking points this week involved the continued uncertainty around the transition to a viewability standard, the absolute certainty around the growth in spending expected across the programmatic landscape, and what publishers are going to have to be ready for to be successful going forward.
IAB, 4A’s, ANA announce cross-industry organization to fight ad fraud - 30/9
The new collaborative initiative's goal is to to build a trustworthy supply chain, encouraging marketers and media buyers to further invest in interactive marketing.
Risks of buying traffic far outweigh the reward - 29/9
Many companies who would represent or buy your ad inventory have a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy, and there are no "review boards" to petition if your site gets blacklisted from the various marketplaces/networks.
The past 24 hours of MetaFilter
"It was all about me, my life, and my choice." - 11:59
So I had no choice. At work, I spoke to my friend Shirley, who promised to call around her Bronx neighborhood that night. She knew someone who knew someone, and in a few days, it was arranged. I would stay with her and everything would be all right. What having an abortion was like in 1959.
Welcome to the jungle! - 11:47
Walk in the footsteps of Jane Goodall on Street View: Gombe National Park.
Oh btw just beat Baumgartner's skydiving record LOL - 9:31
Google executive Alan Eustace beats Felix Baumgartner's skydiving record. It took more than two hours to hit an altitude of 135,890 feet (41,419 metres), where he separated himself from the balloon and started plummeting back to Earth. Eustace hit a top speed of 822mph during a freefall that lasted four-and-a-half minutes. New York Times (contains video clip): For a little over two hours, the balloon ascended at speeds up to 1,600 feet per minute to an altitude of more than 25 miles. Mr. Eust...
No, not 6 minute abs, 7! Seven is the magic number! - 8:33
For those of you who wanted to follow the exercise plan featured in the NY Times on the 7 minute workout (previously), they now offer an app to make it easier to follow their program. Bonus: The reference to the post title
Do you like vintage training/educational fims? Meet Jeff Quitney. - 4:45
Jeff Quitney has curated hundreds and hundreds* of YouTube playlists with thousands and thousands of vintage educational, training and institutional films and documentaries. If you hate multi-link posts you can jump right in because the playlists aren't organized. In addition to including extensive background information and links to other resources in the video descriptions, he has restored or improved the video and audio in most of the films. Space, the military, and biology are well repres...
Non non non - 3:57
Unless you are a monomaniacal specialist of the 80s, there is very little chance that Cha Cha Guitry will ring any bell. And yet this band, buried away in Saint-Etienne – at the very heart of France – could have rivalled easily with Elli & Jacno or Telex. Emblematic of that French touch which tinged new-wave with a bit of sunshine, their electro, retro-futuristic songs have that slight sweet and sour flavour between casualness and sophistication.
I love tortoises, and I love to crochet. - 1:07
Katie Bradley loves tortises: "At this point, I have made well over 1500 turtle cozies."
Disrupting Healthcare - 0:49
'We Are Going For Change': A Conversation With 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki. 'After spending seven months in the Food & Drug Administration's penalty box, the consumer genetics testing firm 23andMe recently submitted a new health-related test for FDA approval.' 'It was a significant step following last November's FDA slapdown of 23andMe's genetic tests, which included health reports outlining customers' chances of getting a wide variety of diseases from celiac to melanoma. In a sharply worded w...
Best-Selling Author Warns ‘You Might Not Want to Buy’ His Book - 12:30

Patrick Rothfuss is the author of the mega-bestselling novels The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear, and is currently hard at work on The Doors of Stone, the final volume in his epic fantasy trilogy The Kingkiller Chronicle. In the latest episode of Geek's Guide to the Galaxy he discusses his latest book, The Slow Regard of Silent Things, a novella set in the same world but with a slightly different feel than his other works.

The post Best-Selling Author Warns ‘You Might Not Want to B...

How Car Recalls Work - 12:30

Millions of cars are being recalled because they may have airbags that can explode with deadly consequences. Here's how the process works.

The post How Car Recalls Work appeared first on WIRED.

Over 12,000 People Evacuated Near Cerro Negro de Mayasquer and Chiles - 4:26

It appears that an ongoing volcanic crisis along the Colombia-Ecuador border is beginning to look more significant. A sharp increase in the number and size of earthquakes under Cerro Negro de Mayasquer and Chiles has prompted the evacuation of over 12,000 people as both countries prepare for a potential eruption. What kind of eruption is difficult […]

The post Over 12,000 People Evacuated Near Cerro Negro de Mayasquer and Chiles appeared first on WIRED.

Silicon Valley May Be Friendlier to Female Execs Than It Seems, Study Says - 2:17

Despite the controversy, one new study shows that, compared to the rest of the country, Silicon Valley is a pretty friendly place for women.

The post Silicon Valley May Be Friendlier to Female Execs Than It Seems, Study Says appeared first on WIRED.

Game|Life Podcast: Papers, Please Developer’s Stunning New Adventure - 1:10

WIRED's own Angry Nerd Chris Baker returns to the Game|Life podcast this week!

The post Game|Life Podcast: Papers, Please Developer’s Stunning New Adventure appeared first on WIRED.

A Google Exec Just Skydived 136K Feet, Smashing the World Record - 0:04

Google's search czar just broke the record for highest sky dive ever. As reported in the New York Times, Alan Eustace jumped from a balloon that was 135,908 feet above the Earth.

The post A Google Exec Just Skydived 136K Feet, Smashing the World Record appeared first on WIRED.

Stephen Hawking Joins Facebook, Urges Fans to ‘Be Curious’ - 24/10

Stephen Hawking is exploring yet another bizarre and fascinating part of our universe that stretches the very idea of reality: Facebook.

The post Stephen Hawking Joins Facebook, Urges Fans to ‘Be Curious’ appeared first on WIRED.

The Sobering Facts About Egg Freezing That Nobody’s Talking About - 24/10

Women must be fully informed about reproductive medicine before setting their hopes on it. Facebook and Apple and all companies would do well by their employees to hold fertility vendors to the highest possible standards and not inadvertently put worker’s physical and mental health in jeopardy.

The post The Sobering Facts About Egg Freezing That Nobody’s Talking About appeared first on WIRED.

Technically Scary: Halloween Costumes For The Modern Geek - 24/10

Surf the techno-Zeitgeist this Halloween with the latest costumes out of Silicon Valley. They're sure to wow—or alarm—your trick-or-treating technophile friends.  

Apple's Hair Force One

With his luxurious grey hair and affable smile, Apple's VP of wear is the man every girl wants ... as her dad. No wonder he's the guy Apple trusts at its product unveilings. Father knows best! 

Snapchat's Ghost As A Hobo (GoBo!)

Snapchat photos are supposed to be as ephemeral as the ghost in the company's logo. B...

AT&T Ruins Apple’s SIM Bid In War On Carrier Choice - 24/10

Apple’s first SIM just had its first arrow slung at it: AT&T has locked down the company’s new Apple-Made SIM cards in its newest line of iPads. 

Typically SIMs, the teensy ID cards that allow a device to be used on a cellular network, come from the carriers. But Apple now makes its own, presumably so that the devices can be used on any network.

See also: What's Apple Going To Do With All Its Loose Ends?

However, customers purchasing the iPad Air 2 or the iPad mini 3, the first to carry these SI...

Why Open Source Is Becoming A Big Developer-Recruiting Tool - 24/10

Most companies are just coming around to the idea that open source can help lower costs and boost innovation within their organizations. But Web companies like Netflix, Twitter and Facebook understand that open source can be more: a powerful weapon for recruiting and retaining top engineering talent.

See also: The Reasons Businesses Use Open Source Are Changing Faster Than You Think

If we believe that developers are the "new kingmakers," then the companies able to source the best developers wil...

"Surveillance Self-Defense" Is A How-To Guide For Every Level Of Online Privacy - 24/10

Whether you're a journalism student wanting to learn security tips not taught in college classrooms, or a pro at keeping communications secure, the Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to make your activities online even safer from prying eyes.

The EFF's new project called Surveillance Self-Defense is a collection of tools and resources broken down into specific resource "playlists" for both computer types and the people using them. These include: Mac user, human rights defender, student journ...

Apple Sent Porn To A Developer To Prove His App Could Be Used To Find Porn - 24/10

Pornographic content is forbidden in the Apple App Store, but Apple seems to be OK with sending porn to developers who submit their apps for review, according to one who received an inappropriate pic. 

"It turns out Apple thought the best way to tell us our app could be used to surf porn was to surf for porn using our app," Carl Smith, a Florida developer for nGen Works, wrote in a blog post on Medium (NSFW link). 

The email, which Smith shared with ReadWrite, appears to be from the Apple app r...

Ahhh! 5 Storytelling Apps That Will Scare You Silly - 24/10
<em>Editor's Note: This piece was originally published by our partners at <a href="">PopSugarTech</a>.</em>

Halloween creeps closer! The house has been cobwebbed, the candy is out, and the costume is good to go . . . so now what? Get ready for the festivities by spooking yourself and your friends silly with haunting tales of ghosts, talking dolls, and phantoms. These five hair-raising storytelling apps will frighten, startle, and disturb yo...

Here's An Actual "Walking Simulator" For All You Smartphone Walkers - 24/10

Editor's note: This post was originally published by our partners at Kill Screen.

The term "walking simulator" is often falsely applied to what I recognize, and appreciate, as "exploration games." Proteus, Gone Home, and Dear Esther are most commonly targeted with the label; it's smeared across digital stores and forums like a graffiti tag.

Yet these aren't video games that place the act of walking as their central conceit. That belongs to the environment, whether a gloomy British seaside or a ...

With Bethany Mota, YouTube Is Doing More Than Dancing With The Stars - 24/10

Six weeks into a fierce season of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, YouTube’s fashion wunderkind Bethany Mota is still going strong. Paired onstage with pro favorite Derek Hough (as well as off-stage in romantic rumors), Mota is currently ranked No. 2 in the competition’s average score chart. But as far as the Google-owned YouTube is concerned, she’s No. 1 in the video channel’s ongoing push to go mainstream. 

“Oh my God, LOVE HER, oh my God,” Taylor Swift tweeted with the hashtag #BAEthany soo...

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Our local grocery store's chalk artist is incredible. Here is what he did for Halloween. - 5:47
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An advertisement on the opponent's bench at my local semi-pro hockey game. - 3:29
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My friend made this amazing splicer mask from scratch. - 3:49
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Paper USB - 1:42
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There is no time I have ever thought, 'Oh awesome, iTunes opened itself.' - 9:36
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Satellogic envisions a world where satellites capture live video feeds of the Earth - 1:34
The startups CEO believes the world needs to start quantifying its health the same way humans already are with wearable devices.
Sundar Pichai becomes second-in-command at Google with major reorg - 24/10
Sundar Pichai just became the second-most-powerful man within Google, and is now overseeing search, infrastructure, maps, commerce, ads and more as well as Chrome and Android.
Roku could file for IPO soon, raise as much as $150 million - 24/10
Roku wants to go public and raise as much as $150 million, but the filing could be confidential.
The NYPD will give smartphones to its officers, and it looks like they’ll run Windows - 24/10
The New York Police Department will give a smartphone to every single one of its officers in the field. Although Microsoft wasn't mentioned, it looks like many of the devices issued…
Fenced in: That unlocked Apple iPad SIM gets locked when activated on AT&T - 24/10
This is why we can't have nice things. The Apple SIM that comes with the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 was supposed to let customers switch between service…
Twitter open sources an anomaly-detection tool - 24/10
Twitter has open sourced a tool that it uses to detect spikes in time-series data, in order to make sure it's able to react to issues with its servers, applications or other systems…
Nest gobbles up Revolv for the engineers, not the hub - 24/10
Nest has purchased the smart home hub maker Revolv in a deal that's more about getting talent than an endorsement of the hub model.
Don’t toss that old Android: Turn it into a Chromecast receiver! - 24/10
With the right cable you can connect and Android device to an HDTV. Add in Cast Receiver software and your Android can act like a Chromecast for many different apps and…