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  • 3DPrint@3DPrintBoard  
    3D Printer & 3D Printing News
    You3Dit Crowdsources 3D Design & Printing
    The growing industry of 3D printing may seem inaccessible to the layman, but the creators of You3Dit.com are among those aiming to change that. They believe, as their site states, that “you should have the... View the entire article via our website.
    HobbyKing Now Offering Cheapest 3D Printer Yet — Fabrikator Mini 3D — $179.77
    Late last year we were in the midst of an all out war on Kickstarter. A war which was certainly good for consumers, but not so good for 3D printer manufacturers who were all... View the entire article via our website.
    Designer 3D Prints a Class II Power Loader from the Movie ‘Aliens’ After 30 Year Search Turns up Empty
    3D modeling and 3D printing have led to the creation of all sorts of unique movie props, scaled down movie replicas and various cosplay designs over the past couple of years. We’ve seen costumes... View the entire article via our website.
    3D Printing Stock Earnings Season – What to Expect From Stratasys, 3D Systems, VoxelJet & Exone
    There is little doubt that investors within the 3D printing space are a bit unnerved as of late. As stocks have continued to plummet this last quarter, investors remain skeptical but also a bit optimistic... View the entire article via our website.
    Magic of Magnets: You Can Now 3D Print Your Own Anti-Gravitator to Amaze Your Friends
    3D printing is a technology that can be quite amazing and fun to watch. In fact, my lineup of 3D printers have become somewhat of a pastime when it comes to having friends and... View the entire article via our website.
    3D Printed Machine to Provide Free Energy ?
    Thermodynamics is the branch of physics that is concerned with the relationship between heat and temperature and the ability to harness energy for work. Thermodynamic free energy is the amount of energy available to do... View the entire article via our website.
    Doctors use 3D Printing to Straighten Severely Bent Legs & Perform Double Knee Replacement Surgery
    Whether it is through the use of 3D printed medical models, 3D printed titanium implants, or other cutting edge technology, doctors and surgeons in China certainly are no slouches when it comes to finding... View the entire article via our website.
    Occipital Raises $13M in Series B Funding to Advance Structure Sensor & ‘Spatial Computing’
    3D printing and 3D scanning go hand in hand. While up until recently, 3D scanning technology was either too expensive, or just did not provide for enough quality in order to easily go from... View the entire article via our website.
  • Tech Times@TechTimes_News  
    Tech Times : Top News
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    Xbox One Gamers Can Now Play 'World Of Tanks' [Video]
    The world of tank fights has expanded to a new theater of war. 'World of Tanks' is now available on Xbox One.
    T-Mobile Adds Apple Music To List Of Music Freedom Free Streaming Services
    T-Mobile adds Apple Music to Music Freedom free streaming services where customers can stream unlimited music from their devices without using their monthly data.
    New Smartphone App Will Boost User's Imagination And Creativity
    A research group has been tapped to study imagination and create a smartphone app. The app will aim to measure and then boost users' imaginations and creativity through specific exercises.
    Microsoft Outs Android Emulator: Here's How To Use It
    Microsoft has released the Android Emulator as a standalone download and one does not need to install the bulky Visual Studio package with it.
    Moto X Style vs Moto X Play: What's The Moto X For You?
    The Moto X Play is expected to be priced at about $300 upon its release in the United States in August, while the Moto X Style is expected to be priced at $399 when it is released in September.
    Secrets Of Tyrannosaurus Chomp Revealed - Serrated Teeth Like Steak Knives
    Serrated teeth sliced into animals during mighty battles in the Age of Dinosaurs. New discoveries were recently revealed when researchers cut into these ancient teeth.
    Story Trailer Reveals Why Worlds Are Colliding In 'Lego Dimensions'
    So what's going on in 'Lego Dimensions,' anyway? What's the story behind this game that finds more than a dozen Lego worlds interacting and coming together to fight a common foe? A new trailer holds the answers.
    Police Raid Fake iPhone Factory In China And Seize $19.4 Million Worth Of Counterfeit iDevices
    Chinese authorities have shut down a lucrative production facility for counterfeit iDevices. The multimillion dollar operation pumped out fakes down six production lines.