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Take an action flight over Paris on the back of an eagle - 7:30
An eagle's breathtaking flight at 180km/h over the City of Light has been captured by a Sony Action Cam attached to the bird's back.
First man convicted in child predator sting with virtual girl Sweetie - 6:17
An Australian man with previous child pornography charges is believed to have been the first convicted in an operation using a CGI child to lure predators.
Uber driver charged with battery on SF rider - 5:43
A driver is cited after he allegedly pulled a passenger out of his car and then smashed her phone.
Google endorses a simpler way to secure your data - 3:33
Even the strongest passwords can be hacked, which is why Google urges users to adopt two-step authentication. A new USB drive makes it easier for users to safeguard their data.
Apple, GT Advanced strike 'amicable' deal over debt repayments - 2:26
GT Advanced, which earlier had a deal to supply sapphire displays for Apple devices, will sell the furnaces in its factory to repay Apple.
San Francisco passes 'Airbnb law,' one step closer to making rentals legal - 2:17
The Board of Supervisors votes to allow short-term rentals, ignoring Sen. Dianne Feinstein's heeding that the law could be detrimental to the city.
Tomorrow Daily 072: Real-world Mario Karts, a working hoverboard, and more - 1:56
On today's show, we discuss go karts that remind us a little too much of Mario Kart, an art installation that creates textile patterns out of sound, and the company making working hoverboards. Yes, we said working hoverboards.
Windows 10 Technical Preview updated, boasts 7,000 changes and fixes - 1:13
The latest Build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview is now ready to download.
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iPad Air 2 Review: The Best Tablet Available, Now More Portable And Powerful - 3:01
 Apple’s latest iPad update includes a redesigned iPad Air, just one year after the device was first introduced. Typically, Apple keeps the outside case design on mobile gadgets around for two years before switching things up, so the new slimmer Air is a remarkable feat in terms of hardware engineering. The new iPad also now comes in a gold color option, and packs a better camera and… Read More
iPad Mini 3 Review: Apple’s Small Tablet Stays Mostly The Same - 3:01
 Apple’s iPad mini 3 is one of two new tablets launched last week at a special event in Cupertino, and it is definitely the one that got the least attention from Apple’s product development team over the past year. The iPad Air 2 has an all-new processor, new screen manufacturing tech, a new camera, and more. The iPad mini 3, by contrast, gains just Touch ID, and a new gold finish… Read More
Carvey Is A Powerful CNC Machine For The Rest Of Us - 0:55
 Robotic CNC machines – cutting systems that use spinning tools to swipe through metal, wood, and plastic – are cool but ugly. Most of them are as big as a fridge and designed to carve out objects in a few minutes but none will sit quietly on your desk and do its business with aplomb and elegance. Now, however, there’s Carvey. Carvey is the Form 1 of CNC. Designed to be a… Read More
Our Four Favorite Companies From The 500 Startups Demo Day - 0:43
 Time just keeps flying by, as it’s already demo day for 500 Startups’s tenth batch of companies. We spent the better part of this afternoon watching the 29 companies in the accelerator’s latest batch put their best face forward for a group of investors at Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View, Calif., and we’ve rounded up the most exciting companies that presented. Read More
Hands-On With The Nexus 6 And Android Lollipop - 21/10
 Smack dab in the middle of last week, Google announced two new pieces of shiny: the Nexus 6 phone, and the Nexus 9 tablet. Alas, both announcements came by way of blog post, rather than the standard fanfare-filled physical event — meaning no one actually got to touch the devices. Until now! Read More
Hands-On With The Nexus 9 Tablet - 21/10
 The Nexus 9 in a nutshell: it’s big, and it’s beautiful. I got to spend a few fleeting minutes with the device this afternoon, and though we plan to have a full review in the coming days, I thought I’d share my initial thoughts. Like the jump from Nexus 5 to Nexus 6, there’s a pretty huge spike in quality and build feel from the Nexus 7 to the Nexus 9. The predecessor… Read More
Yahoo Beats In Q3 With Revenue Of $1.09B, EPS Of $0.52 - 21/10
 With all eyes on what Yahoo will do with its $5 billion+ in Alibaba cash, Yahoo today reported its Q3 earnings after the close of trading, with sales of $1.09 billion excluding traffic acquisition costs and non-GAAP earnings per share of $0.52. Revenues including acquisition costs were $1.15 billion. Yahoo’s stock was up 3% in after-hours trading, following this news. Analysts were… Read More
On The Heels Of Apple Pay, Jumio Launches A Card-Scanning Mobile Checkout Product For Retailers’ iOS And Android Apps - 21/10
 Computer vision startup Jumio, best known for its payment card and ID-scanning technologies which allow end users to hold up their cards to a mobile device’s camera to simplify the process of entering in that data on small screens, is rolling out a new product today designed to improve the mobile checkout experience for retailers. Called “BAM Checkout,” the product is the… Read More
Newsvine - Get Smarter Here
Newsvine - Get Smarter Here
10 Inconvenient Facts Both Parties Love To Ignore - 7:39
Yes, I know this story is a year old. Deal with it. I only found it just now. Here's the list: 10. The Public Supports Obamacare 9. MSNBC Is More Opinionated Than Fox 8. Liberal Bias is Real 7. Immigration Is Good For The Country 6. Higher Taxes Benefit The Economy 5. Mini …
Tech Web, page A1 technology, which enables gigabit speeds on DSL, expected to arrive in homes by 2016 (Stephen Shankland/CNET) - 7:55

Stephen Shankland / CNET: technology, which enables gigabit speeds on DSL, expected to arrive in homes by 2016  —  Lowly DSL poised for gigabit speed boost  —  Internet service providers are getting a new option called that can extend the lifespan of existing copper phone lines yet again.

iPad Air 2 benchmarks: excels in Geekbench compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nvidia Shield, Sony Xperia Z2, strong on 3DMark but not best (Mark Spoonauer/Laptop Mag) - 7:30

Mark Spoonauer / Laptop Mag: iPad Air 2 benchmarks: excels in Geekbench compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nvidia Shield, Sony Xperia Z2, strong on 3DMark but not best  —  Apple iPad Air 2 Review  —  Editors' rating:  —  The Pros  —  Super-thin design; Superior anti-reflective display; Much faster A8X chip …

Leeo launches $99 Smart Alert Nightlight, alerts you via mobile when smoke/CO2 alarm sounds (Kyle VanHemert/Wired) - 6:35

Kyle VanHemert / Wired: Leeo launches $99 Smart Alert Nightlight, alerts you via mobile when smoke/CO2 alarm sounds  —  A Fire-Safety Nightlight That Offers a New Take on the Smart Home  —  The Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight is not the stuff of soft-focus smart home dreams.  It won't vacuum your floor, or start your coffee pot when you wake up in the morning.

Apple Pay: Seamless in Stores, but Quirky Online (Molly Wood/New York Times) - 6:25

Molly Wood / New York Times: Apple Pay: Seamless in Stores, but Quirky Online  —  AFTER I used Apple Pay for a day of shopping in stores, a few things became clear: The new payment system is convenient, problem-free and even fun.  —  The same can't be said for using Apple Pay to shop via apps on my phone or tablet.

Google exec: Chromecast V2 is coming; users have cast 650 million times (Jonathan Vanian/Gigaom) - 5:55

Jonathan Vanian / Gigaom: Google exec: Chromecast V2 is coming; users have cast 650 million times  —  Google's Mario Queiroz said that 650 million people have now hit the cast button.  An API for developers will let them build custom apps for Backdrop.  —  Three months ago, Google claimed that Chromecast users …

Product Hunt Gets Social With Twitter-Like User Profiles, Following Features And Notifications (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch) - 5:10

Sarah Perez / TechCrunch: Product Hunt Gets Social With Twitter-Like User Profiles, Following Features And Notifications  —  Product Hunt, the Andreessen Horowitz-backed aggregation site currently focused on surfacing new tech products and startups, is now turning itself into something of a social network this morning …

iPad Air 2 review: great hardware, but lacks multiuser, multitasking support, tablet-specific features (Nilay Patel/The Verge) - 5:05

Nilay Patel / The Verge: iPad Air 2 review: great hardware, but lacks multiuser, multitasking support, tablet-specific features  —  Apple iPad Air 2 review  —  What is an iPad?  —  When Steve Jobs introduced Apple's tablet in January 2010, he delivered an unequivocal answer.  “The iPad, if you were to sum it up …

iPad Air 2: best iPad ever, but only a modest evolutionary improvement over the Air (Walt Mossberg/Re/code) - 4:45

Walt Mossberg / Re/code: iPad Air 2: best iPad ever, but only a modest evolutionary improvement over the Air  —  Apple iPad Air 2 Review: It's Better, but Is It Better Enough?  —  I am a tablet lover and, more specifically, an iPad lover.  I use my iPad and iPad mini every day for a variety of things …

The Verge - All Posts
Apple iPad Air 2 review - 3:01

What is an iPad?

When Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s tablet in January 2010, he delivered an unequivocal answer. “The iPad, if you were to sum it up, is our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price,” he said. The words appeared on the screen behind him as he said it, and then he repeated the line. Magical and revolutionary. It became one of Jobs’ most iconic phrases. What he was really saying was even simpler: the iPad is the future.



Apple iPad mini 3 review - 3:01

For the past few years, most of the technology world has ruled by a cold, hard truth: to get the best thing, you pretty much had to get the biggest thing. Every Android phone was bigger than the last, and the smaller ones were always disappointing. Apple, though, staunchly resisted this trend. The iPhone is smaller than competing phones — even the new iPhone 6 is smaller than your average Android flagship — but still very much top of the line. And last year, the iPad mini 2 (née iPad mini...

Apple is now crowdsourcing business listings to help make Maps better - 2:50

For years you've been able to report inaccurate or otherwise lacking information from Apple Maps listings. The company has also employed what's known as "ground truth" personnel, people whose job it is to verify the company's data. Now Apple's putting some of that work in the hands of businesses that want to get information about particular locations into its Maps app. Today the company quietly launched Apple Maps Connect, a tool designed for business owners to both verify and submit new info...

Candy, cabs, and socks: using Apple Pay in the real world - 0:36

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 8.1, and along with it, the company’s new mobile payments service. Apple Pay isn’t the first of its kind — we’ve seen options from Google and others for years. But it is the first one that works natively on the iPhone, and so we installed it on an iPhone 6 and spent the afternoon trying to find out what we could and couldn't buy with it.

Getting set up on Apple Pay is really easy: once you've installed iOS 8.1 on an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you have to add your credit...

World Series ballparks are the first pro sports venues to support Apple Pay - 0:15

Headed to the World Series? You'll be able to buy a hot dog and beer at the concession stands using an iPhone 6 — or Google Wallet, for that matter. MasterCard and MLB Advanced Media have announced that contactless payments are now supported at Kauffman Stadium and AT&T Park. They're the first professional sports venues to roll out support for Apple Pay, which became widely available to consumers with yesterday's launch of iOS 8.1.

NFC payments have of course been around for years now, but it...

Adobe's symbolic pro-Gamergate gesture frustrates victims - 21/10

Software company Adobe has implicitly voiced support for vitriolic "consumer revolt" Gamergate. After being asked by Gamergate supporters to drop sponsorship for Gawker Media, the company said that it was not actually an advertiser, but would ask Gawker to remove an Adobe logo from its site. Gamergate supporters were protesting a series of tongue-in-cheek tweets by Gawker-affiliated Valleywag editor Sam Biddle, jokingly calling to "bring back bullying" of nerds. "Adobe stands against bullying...

Windows Phone features make their way into Windows 10 - 21/10

Microsoft is starting to bring some of its useful Windows Phone features directly into Windows 10. The software maker released an update to its Windows 10 Technical Preview earlier today, and the latest build now includes the same Action Center (Notification Center) from the phone side of Windows. alongside DataSense and Battery Saver. All three features come directly from the latest versions of Windows Phone and underline Microsoft’s plans to offer Windows 10 across PC, tablet, phone, and Xb...

NASA's new SoundCloud account will make you feel spaced out - 21/10

Space has never sounded better (literally it hasn't, as it is a near vacuum where sound waves don't propagate). NASA launched its first official SoundCloud account last week in time for Twitter's introduction of embeddable audio clips, and already the space agency has posted over 60 recordings from current projects and famous historic missions. The actual audio of NASA astronaut Jack Swigert saying "Houston, we've had a problem" on Apollo 13? It's here.

Continue reading…

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Government and Students Hold Talks as Hong Kong Protesters Watch On - 8:00

HONG KONG — On one side of a conference room in Hong Kong on Tuesday night sat five people in their 20s, dressed in jeans and black T-shirts bearing the words “Freedom Now.”

On the other side were representatives from the government, besuited and decades older than their counterparts.

See also: Artist Sketches Hong Kong Protests After Selling Everything for Wanderlust Dream

These were the first talks between students who have spearheaded street protests in Hong Kong for more than three weeks ...

Makeup Artist Uses Face as Canvas to Transform Into Celebrities - 8:00

Some people use makeup to hide blemishes or enhance their appearance. Others use it to completely transform themselves.

Freelance makeup artist Lucia Pittalis defies gender and age to completely transform her appearance into musicians, film characters and pop culture figures. Pittalis not only masters facial structure, but also somehow captures her subject's essence, dressing perfectly to play the part

See also: 28 Horrifying Halloween Makeup Ideas That Look a Little Too Real

Have something ...

Prepare For More Devastating Bushfires, Australian Climate Council Warns - 7:58

SYDNEY — Australians are being warned to prepare for another devastating bushfire season this year, particularly in New South Wales.

A new report by the Climate Council, which was abolished by the Abbott government and is now funded by public donations, warned the length and severity of the bushfire season is increasing year on year.

"Record-breaking heat and hotter weather over the long term in NSW has worsened fire weather and contributed to an increase in the frequency and severity of bush...

The Three Performances That Rocked the Final Week of Battles on 'The Voice' - 6:51

Battle Rounds are complete

But in a week filled with fierce competition, there were no doubt some KO's

So which duos were at the top of The Voice mountain of talent? These are the three best performances of the week:

Beth Spangler and Mia Pfirrman

(Team Adam)

This mega-battle of powerhouses could have been a trainwreck, honestly. Whenever a coach chooses a belty, stylized song for a duo, I get worried. Those types of songs are incredibly hard for the performers to make their own and you run...

Teddy the Dog Desperately Tries to Retrieve Ball From Evil Chair - 6:30

Poor Teddy. At least you can still get by on your looks.

Teddy — who is "not the brightest dog in the world," according to his owner — tries to retrieve his precious ball from between the spokes on the back of a kitchen chair. For a gleaming moment, he barely figures out how to go around to the front, but he sadly still ends up defeated by his wooden foe.

It's okay, pup. You'll get it one day.

‘Dawson's Creek’ Is Infinitely Better With Dachshunds

'Internet Trolls' Musical Gives Upbeat Tune ...

Picturing the Blizzard That Caused Nepal's Worst-Ever Mountaineering Disaster - 5:45

The deadliest mountaineering disaster in Nepal's history occurred last week, when the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Hudhud pushed moist air up against the tall peaks of the Himalayas. The result, as the air climbed the rocky mountainsides while cooling and condensing as it did so, was a staggering 6.5 feet of snow at a time of year when foul weather is rarely seen

The blizzard and related avalanches struck right when hundreds of relatively inexperienced climbers from around the world come to t...

Vine Updates iOS App With Enhanced Discovery and Sharing Tools - 4:48

Vine just made it easier for its users to discover and share new videos.

The iOS version of the app was updated Tuesday with new discovery features that allow users to find new videos, regardless of how many users they follow.

See also: 11 Vines for When You Can't Contain Your Excitement

Vine users can now follow specific channels, a feature first introduced last year that categorizes videos based on broad themes such as animals, comedy, DIY, food or style. Now, when you select a particular c...

This Harry Potter Rap Is For Muggles Wishing Quidditch Was a Real Sport - 4:18

"Just because you're flying on the ground doesn't mean it isn't fun at all, doesn't mean it isn't fun at all. No, and foreheads ain't the only place you can get scars that make you special," Sebastian Milla raps at the end of his Harry Potter-themed song

His "Snitches and Seekers" rap, featured in the just-released Mudbloods documentary, is about the fictional international sporting event called Quidditch, which students on campuses everywhere have turned into a real-life club sport with broo...

Digg Top Stories
Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now
Escape From Microsoft Word - 5:02
The word processor that most of the world uses every day, Microsoft Word, is a work of genius that’s almost always wrong as an instrument for writing prose.
People Think Their Opponents Are Hate-Filled, Unless You Pay Them Money - 7:21
According to a new study being released by PNAS, it's possible to get people to think more positively about their opponents, all it takes is a small cash payment. And with a more positive understanding of the opposition, people become willing to think that compromise is possible.
Our Unique 'Microbial Aura' Travels With Us Wherever We Go - 6:18
Every individual has a unique “microbial aura” that we spread constantly wherever we go, according to research published recently in the journal Science.
Nothing You Think Matters Today Will Matter The Same Way Tomorrow - 3:56
Just look at the future we imagined in 1964.
High Winds Blow Waterfall Back Up - 5:17
Winds were so strong in Hayfield, England on Tuesday that at least one waterfall no longer fell.
Published for the First Time: A 1959 Essay By Isaac Asimov On Creativity - 5:02
Writing in 1959 for DARPA, Asimov shares his thoughts on how people get new ideas and the importance of free time.
Ben Bradlee, Legendary Washington Post Editor, Dies At 93 - 1:59
Benjamin C. Bradlee, who presided over The Washington Post newsroom for 26 years and guided The Post’s transformation into one of the world’s leading newspapers, died Oct. 21 at his home in Washington of natural causes.
Video Allegedly Shows Airdropped U.S. Weapons Falling Into ISIS Hands - 3:56
If the weapons depicted — including rocket-propelled grenades — were of U.S. origin, they were intended for Kurdish fighters. Instead ISIS militants may have added them to their already massive stockpile of arms.
Current, future trends and how programmatic ‘makes sense’ for publishers - 17/10
According to trends, programmatic has a bright future in advertising; there could be changes to the way success in online advertising is measured; bot ease startles conference goers; automatic guaranteed needs some clarification, and how sometimes things just make sense for publishers.
A day in ad fraud: Watch those fake clicks fly - 14/10
A video created by Forensiq shows just how quickly just a single infected computer can add to the tally of worthless clicks.
Private markets and the future of viewability metrics - 11/10
Some are already hailing private marketplaces as the "future of programmatic," while others are lamenting their growing pains. There are "big changes" coming in the world of ad fraud. This viewability stuff needs to get sorted out, because there are some killer metrics waiting.
AdTech Is Alive and Well: I’ll Have the Full Stack, Please - 10/10
Reading The Information's piece on Facebook's reported re-introduction of the Atlas ad-serving technology , I wondered - Does the market really need six or more full stack adtech solutions?
Viewability and growth major parts of ad tech scene right now - 03/10
Major talking points this week involved the continued uncertainty around the transition to a viewability standard, the absolute certainty around the growth in spending expected across the programmatic landscape, and what publishers are going to have to be ready for to be successful going forward.
IAB, 4A’s, ANA announce cross-industry organization to fight ad fraud - 30/9
The new collaborative initiative's goal is to to build a trustworthy supply chain, encouraging marketers and media buyers to further invest in interactive marketing.
Risks of buying traffic far outweigh the reward - 29/9
Many companies who would represent or buy your ad inventory have a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy, and there are no "review boards" to petition if your site gets blacklisted from the various marketplaces/networks.
Why would you even consider these lame traffic-acquisition offers? - 29/9
As if you need another reason to steer clear of easy traffic boosts, have you taken a look at some of these services that promise to deliver those massive chunks of “real” users to your website in return for chump change.
The past 24 hours of MetaFilter
Cøme play with üs - 7:15
Rëdrüm (some assembly required)
Rob Cantor has been having a very good year - 6:31
You may know Rob Cantor for his work with Tally Hall (previously), or for his hit meme-song Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf (also previously), for which a new, amazing video was released today, or for the time he faked a bunch of celebrity impressions (previously again!). But wait - there's more! Rob Cantor got his start as the vocalist and guitarist for mid-2000s fabloo rock band Tally Hall, but his first major tracks independent of the group were two weird, wonderful songs about celebrities be...
"I'm actually kind of surprised that no one has made one by now." - 6:28
I tend to spend months on a piece here and there, but once this one got in my blood, I couldn't stop. It all started with the Cyberdemon by Reaper Miniatures my friend Chris Fields gave be back in 2004. After doing a paint job on it back then I wanted to build an environment for the little evil cyborg. -Icons of Doom
And yet, I still haven't discovered what the heck "Snarf Farms" are. - 5:48
Figuring out some of the more obscure references in an episode of MST3k is a labor of love for some devoted fans. The folks over at The Annotated MST3k (previously) have been at it for eleven years now and have 113 episodes completely annotated. But for those who prefer their annotations in real time, you're in luck. The official YouTube channel for the show has posted two completely annotated episodes (Mitchell and Manos - The Hands of Fate) for your viewing pleasure.
Marriage Equality in the Equality State - 5:27
At 10AM Mountain Time on Tuesday, October 21, Wyoming began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The U.S. Supreme Court had announced its decision to "let stand appeals court rulings allowing same-sex marriage in five states," including Wyoming, on October 6—16 years since gay college student Matthew Shepard was abducted, tortured, and left to die outside Laramie, WY, in a homophobic attack that galvanized LGBT activism across the country. The Matthew Shepard Foundation posted toda...
music video: The Tropics, "Fireproof" - 3:38
"Fireproof" is the new music video from San Francisco pop group The Tropics. It features an enjoyable, upbeat, punchy song with a vibrant vocal from lead vocalist Claire George. Lighthearted, smile-inducing bonus: The video is also a spirited, shot-by-shot homage to the video for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's 1991 hit "Good Vibrations".
We have no sense of scale for it some kind of pipe? - 3:14
Mystery photos from CERN's history
...and then Druids for some reason! - 0:24
The entire 10 movie 'Halloween' series in two minutes.
A Velvet Worm Named for Totoro - 21/10

This velvet worm is so cute it's named for Totoro. Too bad it's a slime-spewing killer.

The post A Velvet Worm Named for Totoro appeared first on WIRED.

Google Acquires Cloud Database Company Firebase - 21/10

Google announced today that it is acquiring cloud hosted database company Firebase. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Google will continue to offer Firebase’s services as part of its Google Cloud Platform line. “If you’re a developer who has built an app on top of Firebase, nothing will change for you and you […]

The post Google Acquires Cloud Database Company Firebase appeared first on WIRED.

Beware, Playing Lots of Chess Will Shrink Your Brain! - 21/10

The newspapers love using neuroscience findings to make us feel bad about our less salubrious habits. Earlier this year they had a field day with a study that purported to show time spent watching online porn shrinks the brain. Even more recently, we were warned about multi-tasking with our digital devices: “Multi-tasking makes your brain smaller,” exclaimed […]

The post Beware, Playing Lots of Chess Will Shrink Your Brain! appeared first on WIRED.

Why CFOs Should Embrace SysAdmins - 21/10

Traditionally, CFOs love developers because they create product. We tend to invest in developers, and expect efficiency from sysadmins. That’s because CFOs often see IT as a cost center, and sysadmins as the people who keep the lights on. Devs are seen as creating innovation, while sysadmins are there to make sure that innovation runs, […]

The post Why CFOs Should Embrace SysAdmins appeared first on WIRED.

Could Virtual Care Heal the Health System? - 21/10

How many times have you been sick and tried to get an appointment with your doctor, only to find out that he or she had no openings for the next three days? Or maybe you got sick over a weekend or in the middle of the night, when your doctor’s office was closed, and had […]

The post Could Virtual Care Heal the Health System? appeared first on WIRED.

A Fire-Safety Nightlight That Offers a New Take on the Smart Home - 21/10

The LEEO nightlight is just the first in what will be a series of connected devices designed for regular people.

The post A Fire-Safety Nightlight That Offers a New Take on the Smart Home appeared first on WIRED.

New Tablet Case Recognizes Sign Language and Translates It Into Text - 21/10

The UNI tablet case uses gesture recognition technology to translate sign language into audible speech.

The post New Tablet Case Recognizes Sign Language and Translates It Into Text appeared first on WIRED.

Vine Makes It Easier to Discover Videos With New Channels Feature - 21/10

Vine’s six-second looping videos can be endlessly entertaining, given the Vines in your feed are actually worth watching. In an effort to get its users spending more time in their home feed (and checking out interesting Vines they may not otherwise see), Twitter-owned Vine updated its app today so you can follow channels. Vine introduced […]

The post Vine Makes It Easier to Discover Videos With New Channels Feature appeared first on WIRED.

Apple iCloud Attacked, Experts Point Finger At Chinese Government - 21/10

For Apple, China has been a great many things. Vendor. Partner. Customer. Competitor. Now perhaps one more thing can go on the list: Attacker. 

Following Friday's debut of the latest iPhone 6 in China, hackers spent the weekend targeting Apple’s iCloud data storage service. Apple acknowledged that it has suffered "intermittent organized network attacks" trying to glean user data when they sign in to iCloud. 

As for who the perpetrator may be, security experts have one prime suspect in mind: the...

Marissa Mayer's New Plan For Yahoo Looks A Lot Like Her Old Plan For Yahoo - 21/10

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has spent close to two and a half years at the helm without articulating any particularly clear strategy for revitalizing the hodgepodge of a Web company. Now, pressured by activist shareholders who want her to cut costs and send its Alibaba-IPO windfall back to investors, Mayer has basically announced that she plans to ... do more of what she's been doing.

During the company's quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, Mayer defended her strategy of acquiring startups—the maj...

How To Stop Apple From Tracking You In Mac OS X Yosemite - 21/10
Not comfortable in Apple's Spotlight? Here's how to exit, stage left. 

The latest version of Apple's operating software for its Mac computers, OS X Yosemite, turns out to be just a bit leaky where some of your personal information is concerned. Yosemite, it turns out, is configured by default to send local-search terms and your location information back to Apple and its third-party search partners.

See also: What's Apple Going To Do With All Its Loose Ends?

Apple acknowledged that it does g...

Apple Pay: I'm Not Impressed - 21/10

I know, I know. We're all supposed to be celebrating the miracle of Apple Pay right now. That's too bad.

After conducting several transactions with Apple's new payments service, my conclusion is that Apple Pay makes the same mistake that several past attempts at reinventing payments made: It doesn't solve any real problems for consumers.

Problem No. 1: Getting Set Up

To use Apple Pay to pay in stores, you need an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus that's been upgraded to iOS 8.1. There are many reasons you migh...

Google Has A New Answer To Apple's Beats Music - 21/10

Everything is better when it’s handcrafted—apparently even music. Google is unleashing digital DJs and playlists based on moods and circumstances on its Google Play Music app as part of its integration of Songza, which Google acquired earlier this year.

See also: Get Ready For The Streaming-Music Die-Off

On Tuesday, the company announced that Google Play Music subscribers can now choose music playlists keyed to a particular time of day, certain feelings, or a specific activity. These "radio sta...

Sorry, American Kids: Doctor Who Won't Teach You To Code - 21/10

In the past 50 years, no fictional time-traveling humanoid alien has done more to secure humanity's past and present than the Gallifreyan Time Lord known as The Doctor. Now in his 12th incarnation (or 13th, if you count the War Doctor), he teams with his most fearsome foe to secure humanity's future ... teaching children how to code. 

See also: How To Raise The Next Zuckerberg: 6 Coding Apps For Kids

Well, children who live in the UK, anyway. 

Voiced by the magnificent 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi,...

Don't You Hate It When Your Virtual Girlfriend Psychologically Profiles You? - 21/10

Editor's note: This post was originally published by our partners at Kill Screen.

Move over Scarlet Johansson, because Blast Theory's coming out with a new virtual life coach/stalker/overly attached girlfriend to put in your pocket. Her name is Karen, and while she may not possess the Scarjo raspy sex-voice as heard in the A.I. love story Her, she will psychologically profile you.

Blast Theory, a group of artists in Brighton, UK, who focus on interactive projects, were interested in how they m...

Apple iPad Sales Continue To Tank, Though The iPhone Is Doing Great - 20/10

Apple needs a serious update to its iPad line more than ever. True, it announced a perfunctory set of upgrades last week (although that included the utterly minimalist refresh of its iPad mini). But in the wake of miserable iPad sales for its July-September quarter, you have to be wondering if that's anywhere near enough. 

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Quarterly iPad sales clocked in at 12.3 million units, a 13% decline over the year-earlier quarter. Over the trailing twelve mon...

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