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Texas Officials Clear 43 People After Ebola Monitoring - 18:41
The fiancée of Thomas Eric Duncan, who died of Ebola, was among the people watched for signs of the disease because they had contact with him before hospitalization.
Hong Kong Leader Reaffirms Tough Stance on Elections and Economic Discontent - 17:59
Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong’s chief executive, has shown no sign of softening his Beijing-endorsed stance regarding open elections in the city.
Bits Blog: Amazon Kindle Voyage, a High-End E-Reader That Beats Hardcovers - 17:36
Amazon’s latest Kindle, the Voyage, is better than a printed book.
Suicide, Car Bombings in Iraq Kill at Least 43 - 16:40
Iraq's top Shiite cleric on Monday gave his support to the new government battling the Islamic State group as militants unleashed a wave of deadly attacks on the country's majority Shiite community, killing at least 43 people.
Two Women Resign Japan Cabinet, a Blow to Abe - 16:02
Hurt by election funding scandals, the two were the highest-profile women in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government, part of his goal to empower women.
Nepal Tragedy Reverberates Across Borders - 15:55
As rescue efforts ended, the international dimension of the disaster and the toll it took on Nepal’s own people, many of them guides, came into focus.
Albanian Premier Postpones Serbia Trip After Episode at Soccer Match - 15:20
Prime Minister Edi Rama was scheduled to visit Belgrade, the Serbian capital, on Wednesday, the first trip there by an Albanian government leader since 1946.
Turkey Says It Will Aid Kurdish Forces in Fight for Kobani - 15:16
Turkey, in an apparent shift, said that it would facilitate the movement of Iraqi Kurdish forces to the embattled Syrian city of Kobani to join the battle against militants.
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Former Pope closer to sainthood - 1:23
Pope Francis moved a predecessor closer to sainthood on Sunday, beatifying Pope Paul VI on the last day of a gathering in Rome of church leaders from around the world.
Ebola travel ban 'unprecedented' - 7:24
There's a lot of information out there on the Ebola crisis. And now, the issue's gone political with increasingly vocal talk on Capitol Hill and in midterm campaigns calling for a travel ban to keep the disease from spreading in the U.S.
Guides to blame for Nepal tragedy? - 5:32
With 39 hikers dead in Nepal's Himalayas, questions are raised over the role played by guides.
Reluctant F1 star 'drove a Lada' - 17/10
"What do you call a Lada driver with a speeding ticket? A liar."
Club denies rapist offered deal - 19/10
Should a convicted rapist, who has served their time in prison, be allowed to resume their old job?
Obama: A very successful president? - 15:06
President Obama's poll numbers have hit a new low and he's under fire for everything from the rise of ISIS to the response to the Ebola threat. So it may seem surprising to many readers that the Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman -- who has been one of the president's strongest critics from the left -- has written a cover story for Rolling Stone entitled "In Defense of Obama."
What ISIS' online magazine tells us - 15:05
ISIS is looking to take over a good chunk of the Middle East -- if not the entire Muslim world. At least, that's the message the terrorist movement is sending in its English online magazine, Dabiq.
Why no empathy for Ebola victims? - 15:09
The world's response to Ebola is its own sort of tragedy.
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Some paedophiles 'won't be charged' - 19:16
Some of the UK's estimated 50,000 paedophiles with images of child abuse will escape prosecution, the head of the National Crime Agency says.
Brits my boss, not Barroso, says PM - 17:17
David Cameron is to set out further plans to curb the rights of EU migrants to work in the UK by Christmas, insisting the British people and not Brussels officials are his "boss".
Actress Lynda Bellingham dies at 66 - 16:35
Tributes are paid to British actress and TV presenter Lynda Bellingham, who has died at the age of 66 after suffering colon cancer.
Child poverty targets 'won't be hit' - 17:34
The UK risks being "permanently divided" between rich and poor unless more is done to boost social mobility, says Alan Milburn, the government's anti-poverty tsar.
Nigeria declared free of Ebola - 17:48
The World Health Organization declares Nigeria officially free of Ebola - hailing it a "spectacular success story" - after six weeks with no new cases.
Mansion tax 'at least £250 a month' - 18:49
Ed Balls says owners of properties worth between £2m and £3m will pay an extra £250 a month in "mansion tax" under a future Labour government - with higher rates for higher value homes.
Movers hit as Bank system stops - 17:36
House movers remain delayed after the Bank of England stopped an automated system that transfers billions of pounds between banks for much of the day.
Turks to let Kurds join Kobane fight - 19:08
Turkey is to allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to cross the Syrian border to Kobane to fight Islamic State militants, its foreign minister says.

Britain's Essex County befriends East China - 21:52
China's Jiangsu Province and British County Essex County jointly hosted a cultural bazaar on Oct 18 to promote the deep educational and economic ties they have had over the years.
Brazil election poll shows Rousseff gaining momentum over Neves - 21:39
President Dilma Rousseff gained some momentum but remains locked in a tight battle for votes with challenger Aecio Neves ahead of the Oct. 26 runoff to Brazil's presidential election, an opinion poll showed on Monday.
Blast rocks Donetsk in east Ukraine, no deaths reported - 21:18
A powerful explosion near a munitions factory rocked the rebel-held city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine on Monday, breaking windows several kilometres (miles) away, but there was no word of any casualties.
Aquino rejects call to annul US-Philippines forces agreement over murder case - 20:47
Philippine President Benigno Aquino rejected on Monday calls to tear up the Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States after an American serviceman was charged with the murder of a transgender Filipino outside a former US Navy base.
Turkey helping Kurdish fighters cross into Kobani - 19:40
Turkey said on Monday it would allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to reinforce fellow Kurds in the Syrian border town of Kobani, while the United States air-dropped arms for the first time to help the defenders resist an Islamic State assault.
Nigeria declared Ebola-free after containing virus - 19:39
The World Health Organisation declared Nigeria Ebola free on Monday after a 42 day period with no new cases, in a success story with lessons for countries still struggling to contain the deadly virus.
Bus accident kills 20 in Bangladesh, leaves 30 injured - 18:57
At least 20 people were killed and 30 injured when two buses collided head-on in northern Bangladesh on Monday, police said.
Ebola watch list shrinks as US ratchets up response - 17:20
The first group of people monitored for Ebola in the US will clear the three-week observation period midnight Sunday, with none exhibiting symptoms, as the federal authorities and Pentagon are ratcheting up responses to fight the deadly disease.
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Iraq PM rules out foreign boots on the ground - 17:09
Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi on Monday ruled out any foreign ground intervention to assist government forces in retaking territory lost to jihadists and urged Sunnis to give up such hopes.
Robbers raid top Pakistan charity, steal $400,000 - 14:26
Armed robbers have raided one of Pakistan's leading charities and stolen $400,000 in cash as well as five kilos of gold, police said on Monday.
Nigeria's Ebola outbreak is officially over - 13:46
The World Health Organization declared on Monday that Nigeria is free of Ebola, a rare victory in the months-long battle against the fatal disease.
Attack at Baghdad's Shia mosque kills at least 11 - 13:33
A suicide bomber detonated explosives on Monday outside a Shia mosque in central Baghdad, killing at least 11 people in the second such attack in the capital in 24 hours, officials said.
Attack at Baghdad Shia mosque kills at least 11 - 13:33
A suicide bomber detonated explosives on Monday outside a Shia mosque in central Baghdad, killing at least 11 people in the second such attack in the capital in 24 hours, officials said.
Nigeria declared Ebola-free - 13:01
One of the worst affected countries with Ebola – Nigeria, has been declared disease free.
UK's Prince William, wife Kate's second child due in April - 12:25
Prince William and his wife Kate's second child, who will be fourth in line to the British throne, is due in April, an official statement said on Monday.
Turkey aiding Iraqi Kurdish fighters to cross into Kobane - 12:12
Turkey on Monday said it was assisting Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga fighters to cross its borders to join Syrian Kurdish forces battling jihadists for the Syrian town of Kobane.
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Man confesses to murders, leads police to the bodies of at least 7 women in Indiana - 18:09

Police found the bodies of at least seven women in northwestern Indiana over the weekend, a gruesome string of killings apparently connected to the same man.

Hammond, Ind., police found the first body around 9:30 p.m. on Friday. The woman, identified as missing 19-year-old Afrika Hardy, was found strangled to death in a Motel 6 in the town.

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Obama lauds Supreme Court on gay marriage, has no plans to be a justice - 17:33

The life of a Supreme Court justice would be a “little bit too monastic” for President Obama, according to an interview he gave the New Yorker regarding his legal legacy.

Obama also praised the Supreme Court’s recent decision not to review lower court rulings that struck down state prohibitions on same-sex marriage; he said he believes the Constitution provides gays the right to marry and that 81-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “gets to decide, not anybody else, when she chooses to go.”

In Japan, two female ministers quit, dealing a blow to Abe and ‘womenomics’ - 16:44

TOKYO — Two of Japan’s new female cabinet ministers, appointed just last month as part of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plan to let women “shine,” resigned their posts Monday amid allegations of financial impropriety.

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Post Partisan: A public dispute between NIH officials over Ebola - 16:00

Foes of medical research spending by the National Institutes of Health got a boost Sunday from an unlikely source: Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Fauci, a media-friendly scientist, was asked on “Meet the Press” on Sunday about remarks on the Ebola outbreak made by Francis Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health. Collins had said that if not for a “ten-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine in time for...

Suspicious submarine sighting off Sweden’s coast prompts ‘Hunt for Red October’ comparisons - 13:19

There is something suspicious lurking among the tiny islands that dot Sweden’s coastal capital city of Stockholm.

On Friday and Saturday, Sweden mobilized ships, helicopters and more than 200 troops following reports of “foreign underwater activity” less than 31 miles off of the coast. The operation, reminiscent of an era when Sweden routinely patrolled its coastal waters for incursions by Russian submarines, prompted Cold War comparisons to the 1990 thriller “The Hunt for Red October” and th...

Fact Checker: Rand Paul’s claim that the White House suggested Ebola transmission is like AIDS - 12:00

“I think from the very beginning they haven’t been completely forthright with us. They’ve so wanted to downplay this that they really I don’t think have been very accurate in their description of the disease. For example, they say, ‘Don’t worry, it’s only mixture of bodily fluids through direct contact.’ So what are you thinking? I’m thinking like AIDS, you don’t get AIDS at a cocktail party so my level of alarm goes down. And if I am treating somebody or looking at them around, I’m thinking...

The new snack craze on Mexico’s streets starts with Doritos, and goes from there - 9:30

MEXICO CITY — The streets of metropolitan Mexico City (population 20 million) are many things, not all of them pleasant.

They are crowded, yes. Malodorous, at times. Dirty, sure. They are also one of the world’s great incubators of snack-food experimentation, where street vendors slather mayo and cheese on grilled corncobs, and carve mangoes into flowering fruit bouquets.

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Jay Leno, the King of Late Night, gets his laugh lines at Mark Twain Prize ceremony - 6:28

After listening to his friends and fellow comics sing his praises for two hours, Jay Leno did what he does best.

He grabbed the microphone and told a few jokes.

Accepting the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on Sunday night at the Kennedy Center, the legendary host of “The Tonight Show” performed some stand-up — grousing about getting old, reminiscing about his parents and dishing about the office interns. He ended by individually thanking each of the evening’s presenting performers, provi...

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WILLIE HORTON II? Dems claim 'race-baiting' over ad on black murderer - 18:22
  • Will Dems show up? Polls point to GOP turnout advantage
  • Obama talks, audience walks
  • FOX NEWS FIRST: Dem turnout effort can't turn tide
  • DCCC raises $17M in September, spends $37M
  • VIDEO: Party chairs square off in joint interview
  • Full Coverage: 2014 Midterm elections
  • MONSTER CREEP-OUT Puppy-sized spider shocks scientist in rainforest - 18:22
  • Town overrun by dangerous spiders
  • Giant, extinct Kangaroos probably didn't hop
  • VIDEO: Sea lion tosses fisherman after being set free from net
  • Jumbo squid attacks submarine
  • VIDEO: Amazing great white shark shot goes viral
  • MAJOR BREAK IN CASE Remains found in search for missing UVA student - 18:22
  • VIDEO: Remains found in search for missing student Hannah Graham
  • FLASHBACK: Suspect in Graham case accused of sex assaults
  • Man in custody after bodies of 4 women found in Indiana
  • TODD STARNES City eyes jail for clergy who won't perform gay nuptials - 18:22
  • VIDEO: Ministers told to perform same-sex weddings
  • VIDEO: Ministers face jail for balking at same-sex marriage
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    Paul McCarthy 'butt plug' sculpture in Paris provokes rightwing backlash - 18:21

    American artist slapped and artworked vandalised, as right-wing protesters accuse him of humiliating Paris

    Shocked by McCarthys butt plug? You havent seen his phallic Pinocchio

    Paris has no shortage of towering columns that amateur psychologists like to view in sexual terms. But nothing here has made the link between monumental sculpture and sexual desire as literal as a green, abstracted Christmas tree that looked disconcertingly like a plug anal the mildly more polite French term for a butt p...

    UK General Election: 200 days to go - three key trends to follow - 18:20

    In 200 days Britain heads to the polls. With less than seven months to election day, now is a good time to take a step back and look at the state of the race

    Elections are coming.

    In 200 days Britain heads to the polls. With less than seven months to election day, now is a good time to take a step back and look at the state of the race. Over the past month the political agenda has primarily rotated around three events: party conferences, byelections in Clacton and Heywood & Middleton, and the S...

    The Extinction Marathon: the art world's bid to save the human race - 18:15

    Yoko Ono, Gilbert and George, Gustav Metzger, Lily Cole and dozens of scientists and anthropologists come together at Londons Serpentine Gallery to confront the end of humanity

    On Saturday, one of the seven northern white rhinos left on this planet died, leaving just a single breeding male to ensure the survival of a species aggressively hunted into near-extinction.

    This was the haunting and apt backdrop for the ninth festival of ideas held at Londons Serpentine Gallery, a two-day marathon that...

    Shrien Dewani trial: court told of cold and controlling behaviour - 18:09

    Anni Dewani did not want to go on South African honeymoon and had been thinking about getting divorce, court also hears

    Anni Dewanis best friend and cousin has told of the swift but devastating process by which she came to suspect Shrien Dewani of murder.

    Giving witness evidence at Shrien Dewanis murder trial, Sneha Mashru claimed Anni never wanted to go on honeymoon with Shrien and had in fact been thinking about getting a divorce at the time of her death.

    Continue reading...
    Chinese state accused of attacking Apple's iCloud - 18:00

    Apples cloud service facing a man in the middle attack in China, with the state implicated

    iCloud users in China are the target of a man in the middle attack, most likely run by the Chinese state on connections passing into and out of the country, surveillance experts say.

    The attack on the storage service began on Monday, the same day the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released in China for the first time. It intercepts data passed between the user and, Apples cloud computing service, by ...

    Alternative Miss World: latex, inflatables and giant jellyfish - 17:52

    Inspired by Crufts, Alternative Miss World has welcomed everyone from Angie Bowie to David Hockney. Ellie Violet Bramley goes behind the scenes at the riotous dressing-up extravaganza and is still picking the glitter out of her hair

    • The Alternative Miss World in pictures

    Im backstage at Shakespeares Globe and a man dressed as Mary Queen of Scots is taking exception to my offer of a handshake. You may curtsy, says the Queen. The air is thick with glitter and hairspray and, everywhere I look, the...

    Amazon spreads Christmas cheer and improves pay for temporary staff - 17:52
    Online retailer promises to pay 13,000 seasonal workers 20p an hour more than minimum wage, up from 1p last year

    The GMB union has given a guarded welcome to improved terms offered by Amazon as the online retailer prepares to hire 13,000 seasonal workers to process millions of daily orders before Christmas.

    Amazon said it would pay the temporary staff £6.70 an hour 20p more than the minimum wage for their first 12 weeks of work. They would be guaranteed 20 hours pay a week and the vast majority...

    Hillsborough inquest: chief inspector is told you are covering up your cover-up - 17:50
    David Beal strongly objected to allegations that he was a key figure in the alleged cover-up, and changed police statements

    A South Yorkshire police officer who was involved in changing another officers statement and worked for an internal evidence-gathering unit after the Hillsborough disaster has denied being a key figure in the cover-up that allegedly followed.

    David Beal, a chief inspector in the force on 15 April 1989, when 96 people died at the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nott...

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    Turkey to let Iraqi Kurds reinforce Kobani as U.S. drops arms to defenders - 18:47
    ANKARA/BEIRUT (Reuters) - Turkey said on Monday it would allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to reinforce fellow Kurds in the Syrian town of Kobani, while the United States air-dropped arms for the first time to help the defenders resist an Islamic State assault.
    Poll shows Rousseff gaining momentum as Brazil election nears - 18:45
    RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - President Dilma Rousseff is gaining momentum but remains locked in a dead heat with challenger Aecio Neves ahead of Sunday's runoff to Brazil's presidential election, a survey by pollster MDA showed on Monday.
    Ebola fear ends for dozens on U.S. watch lists - 18:44
    DALLAS (Reuters) - Weeks of worry about Ebola infection ended on Monday for several dozen people who came off watch lists in the United States, but more than 260 others were still being monitored for symptoms as the U.S. government ramped up its response to the virus.
    Iran acts to meet terms of extended nuclear deal with powers: IAEA - 18:36
    VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran has taken further action to comply with the terms of an extended interim nuclear agreement with six world powers, a monthly U.N. atomic agency update on the accord's implementation showed on Monday.
    EU's Ashton to stay on until end of Iran nuclear talks - 18:28
    LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) - European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said on Monday she will continue leading nuclear negotiations with Iran until a deal is reached but is determined to meet a November deadline for an accord.
    Swedish 'Cold War' thriller exposes Baltic Sea nerves over Russia - 18:13
    STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - It has all the makings of a Cold War thriller -- an emergency military deployment with stealth ships and helicopters hunting for a foreign submarine in the Stockholm archipelago. Grainy photographs of a mysterious vessel. Sightings of a black-clad man wading in shallow coastal waters.
    Aquino rejects call to annul U.S.-Philippines forces agreement over murder case - 17:10
    MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine President Benigno Aquino rejected on Monday calls to tear up the Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States after an American serviceman was charged with the murder of a transgender Filipino outside a former U.S Navy base.
    Deaths linked to GM ignition-switch defect rise to 29 - 16:45
    DETROIT (Reuters) - A program to compensate victims of a faulty ignition switch in General Motors Co vehicles has approved two new death claims, bringing the total number of deaths linked so far to the switch to 29, according to a report released on Monday by the lawyer overseeing the program.
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    Teen convicted as 'armed clowns' spread panic in French towns - 18:07

    The party is over for a fake clown who received a six-month suspended jail term Monday for threatening passers-by while in full circus garb, a disturbing trend terrifying towns in northern France.

    Whether brandishing a rubber chicken at a children's party or starring as the evil protagonist in a horror film, clowns have long had both the ability to entertain and terrify.

    This fear of clowns, dubbed coulrophobia, has swept small towns in Pas-de-Calais in northern France where police report a wav...

    An android opera: Japan's Shibuya plots new era of robot music - 18:05

    Life and death, surveillance and privacy, humans and robots: Keiichiro Shibuya likes to unsettle and push boundaries in music.

    The Japanese composer made a stir in 2012 when he created the first ever virtual opera starring a computer-generated image of a girl, and he is now preparing to go a step further with a show performed by singing androids made by leading roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro.

    "I have a project that I will put on later with robots that have human form," said the 41-year-old, in Par...

    Planet marks hottest September since 1880: US - 17:45

    Last month was the hottest September for globally averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces since record-keeping began in 1880, the US government said on Monday.

    "It also marked the 38th consecutive September with a global temperature above the 20th century average," said the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

    When combining average temperature over land and ocean surfaces, NOAA found a record high for September at 60.3 Fahrenheit (15.72 Celsius), or 1.3 F (0.72 C) above t...

    France shows UK retailers how to beat competition - 17:28
    The success of French retailers in stopping the advance of discounters in the last five years shows a way out of the crisis embroiling Britain’s “big four” grocers. Their simple formula: fewer complex promotions and big price cuts across the board.
    'Social activist' Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter - 17:27

    Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern whose relationship with then-president Bill Clinton led to his impeachment, on Monday joined Twitter, quickly earning thousands of followers.

    "#HereWeGo," said the 41-year-old Lewinsky -- whose Twitter profile brands her as a "social activist" and contributor to Vanity Fair magazine.

    Her second tweet said she was "excited (and nervous) to speak to #Under30Summit" -- an event taking place in Philadelphia on Monday and hosted by Forbes.

    Also featured ...

    Norwegian Ebola patient 'cured': aid group - 17:25

    A Norwegian woman who contracted the Ebola virus while working for Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone has been cured, the organisation said Monday.

    "We are very happy to learn that our colleague has been cured," said Jonas Haagensen, a spokesman for the Norwegian branch of the organisation, also known by its French name Medecins sans Frontieres, reacting to news that she was released from a special isolation unit.

    Oslo University Hospital said the patient would be discharged from a special...

    Neymar relishing partnership with Messi, Suarez - 17:05

    Barcelona forward Neymar is looking forward to welcoming Luis Suarez into his and Lionel Messi's star-studded strike partnership when the Uruguayan returns from a four-month ban this weekend.

    Suarez looks set to make his debut for the Catalans on the biggest stage of all as Barca face Real Madrid for the first time this season at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday.

    Neymar and Messi have already combined for 17 goals in 10 games so far this season and the Brazilian is convinced last season's Prem...

    Sri Lanka heads for snap presidential poll in January - 17:05

    Sri Lanka will hold a presidential election in January -- almost two years ahead of schedule -- with Mahinda Rajapakse seeking a third term, the information minister said Monday.

    An early election had been widely expected. But the remarks by minister Keheliya Rambukwella were the first confirmation that Rajapakse is seeking a fresh mandate after removing the two-term limit on the presidency soon after winning re-election in 2010.

    "The presidential election will be held in January," Rambukwella ...

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    Sorghum Syrup Revived by Accidental Artisans - 18:46
    Sweet, earthy sorghum was once a staple of the Southern cupboard. Today, it's being revived by thumbs-in-the-suspenders farmers who find themselves accidental artisans. American Food Roots co-founder Michele Kayal tells the story. On a recent Saturday morning, Danny Ray Townsend stood stirring a pan of sorghum over a hot hickory wood fire. The breeze came only now and then, wafting through the shed and carrying the syrup's grassy scent to the crowds gathered around the mule-powered mill. ...
    Autumn is Apple Time! - 18:45
    Autumn is in full swing and since most of us have probably overdosed on assorted foods and beverages flavored with pumpkin spice, it's a good time to remember another taste of fall - a crisp, red apple, fresh off the tree! September and October in Minnesota are the perfect time to visit a local apple orchard, pick some apples, and fight the slight chill in the air with a sip of warm apple cider. The boys in the above photograph circa 1915 were enthusiastic with their apple picking and have ...
    Rachel Maddow's List Of Angry Punk Songs To Get You Through The Midterm Elections - 18:45
    Not too excited for the upcoming 2014 midterm elections? Maybe Rachel Maddow's new playlist can help you out. Maddow created a list of five angry punk songs that she believes best characterizes the candidates and issues surrounding this year's election. It's a list that can hopefully get even the least-politically involved youngster pumped for the midterms. Here it is: 1. Fugazi-- "Bad Mouth" 2. Bad Brains-- "I Against I" 3. Black Flag-- "I've Heard It Before" 4. Sleater-Kinney-- "Youth D...
    5 Things I Learned Selling My Used Panties - 18:45
    Selling dirty underpants online has given a small, creative, and very open-minded cadre of women an opportunity to make a decent living while significantly reducing their laundry bill. Cracked sat down with one of these women and asked her to walk us through the business of selling one's underwear online.
    Uncovering a Free Black Man's Past: Buying a Slave to Unite His Family - 18:42
    My ancestor, Lewis Freeman, was a free Negro who lived in Chatham, North Carolina from at least 1800 until his death in 1845. I would like to know when he was born. - Harold F. _________

    Dear Harold,

    When searching for family roots in the South, a researcher might assume his or her African American ancestors were slaves. While it is true that, by far, the overwhelming percentage of black people in the South were doomed to spend their entire lives in slavery prior to the Civil War, it is al...

    A Weaker West Opens the Way for the Rest of the World -- Good and Bad - 18:41
    "So far, the 21st century has been a rotten one for the western model," according to a new book, The Fourth Revolution, by John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge. This seems an extraordinary admission from two editors of the Economist, the flag-bearer of English liberalism, which has long insisted that the non-west could only achieve prosperity and stability through western prescriptions. It almost obscures the fact that the 20th century was blighted by the same pathologies that today make...
    BlackbirdFX: Lebanon's Rising Animation Star - 18:41
    What do you get when you mix twenty-something Lebanese talent, animation, and a market hungry for high-end 3-D fun? BlackbirdFX, of course, Lebanon's rising star with a serious mission to produce short films, feature length movies and an upcoming sitcom with a distinctly Lebanese flavor. "'Sitcom Lebnene,' (Lebanese sitcom, in the local dialect) will be the first animated situation comedy in Lebanon," boasts BlackbirdFX founder, filmmaker and animator Ralf Karam. "Sitcom Lebnene" charac...
    Why We Take Pictures - 18:40
    "Why do you take pictures?" It's a loaded question that I get asked all the time and there's definitely more than one answer. My first camera was a purple Le Clic that my parents gave me on my 12th birthday. I dangled it from my wrist like a tiny box that held all of my prized possessions and secrets. That's what a camera was for me - a diary of sorts that captured everything from my bare feet in the grass to my sister's favorite toy sitting on her bed to my mother's briefcase in its usual sp...
    USATODAY - News Top Stories
    USATODAY - News Top Stories
    Hurricane Gonzalo to slam Bermuda today - 17/10
    Hurricane Gonzalo roared toward Bermuda as a powerful Category 3 storm.        
    Obama names Ron Klain as Ebola 'czar' - 17/10
    Klain is a former vice presidential chief of staff.        
    Boys asked to leave school after dressing like women - 17/10
    The boys were given a choice by their principal: change or go home.        
    Nurse with Ebola: 'I'm doing really well' - 16/10
    Airport screenings for Ebola stepped up as hospital where patient died defends protocols.        
    Travel ban for Texas health care workers in Ebola case - 17/10
    The order covers more than 70 hospital workers and remains in effect for 3 weeks.        
    Worker who may have handled Ebola specimen on cruise - 17/10
    The unnamed woman is in isolation on the Carnival Magic.        
    Biden's son fails drug test, is discharged from Navy - 17/10
    The younger son of Vice President Joe Biden failed a drug test for cocaine a month after his commissioning last year into the Navy Reserve a...        
    Kobani may fall to militants, top U.S. officer says - 17/10
    A top U.S. commander says Kobani could fall to the Islamic State.        
    SPIEGEL ONLINE - International
    Daily news, analysis and opinion from Europe's leading newsmagazine and Germany's top news Web site.
    From Berlin to Santa Monica: Isherwood's Legacy Lives on in Don Bachardy - 14:17
    In 1968, David Hockney completed a portrait of one of the 20th century's most vibrant pairings: author Christopher Isherwood and artist Don Bachardy. The gay couple opened their home, where the painter still lives today, to Hollywood's luminaries.
    'Poets and Alchemists': Berlin and Paris Undermine Euro Stability - 12:10
    Market uncertainty over the future of the euro has returned, but that hasn't stopped France from flouting European Union deficit rules. Berlin is already busy hashing out a dubious compromise.
    Deadly Ukraine Crash: German Intelligence Claims Pro-Russian Separatists Downed MH17 - 19/10
    Germany's foreign intelligence agency says its review of the crash of a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 in Ukrainian has concluded it was brought down by a missile fired by pro-Russian separatists near Donetsk.
    Nine Days in the Caliphate: A Yazidi Woman's Ordeal as an Islamic State Captive - 15/10
    When Islamic State fighters conquered the border region between Iraq and Syria, the Yazidi village of Kocho also fell into their hands. Twenty-year-old Nadia was among dozens of young women who were abducted and abused. This is the story of her ordeal.
    The Call of Jihad: Families Struggle as German Kurds Join Islamists in Syria - 15/10
    Islamic State has no qualms about killing Kurds in Syria. Yet the organization has still managed to attract Kurdish supporters in Europe. In Hamburg, a number of families are struggling to cope with their sons' decisions to answer the call of jihad.
    The Reckoning: Kohl Tapes Reveal a Man Full of Anger - 14/10
    Helmut Kohl spent over 600 hours speaking with the journalist Heribert Schwan about his life's work. The secret tapes reveal a chancellor resentful of his public image and disdainful of many of those around him, including Angela Merkel.
    Out of Balance?: Criticism of Germany Grows as Economy Stalls - 14/10
    The latest indicators suggest Germany's once buzzing economy is beginning to stall. The development has created a serious dilemma for Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. Critics say spurring growth is more important than his goal of a balanced budget.
    The Extremist Trap: Don't Sacrifice Civil Rights in Battle against Islamists - 13/10
    After the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the US sacrificed its values and betrayed its civil rights. With a new Islamist threat brewing, Germany must avoid avoid making the same mistakes. Its democracy is strong enough to withstand the threat.
    The Sydney Morning Herald News Headlines
    The top News headlines from The Sydney Morning Herald. For all the news, visit
    Kiwis slam haka response - 16:10

    New Zealand bosses have criticised Australia's "disrespectful" response to the haka.
    Confirmed: Cheika accepts coaching job - 14:45

    Michael Cheika has accepted a three-year offer to take on the role left vacant by the resignation of Ewen McKenzie
    It doesn't have to be like this - 15:15

    Finding a good parking spot is hard enough without having to interpret signs.
    Q&A's weird and wacky night - 16:20

    A man named Igor opened a rare politician-free Q&A with a most entertaining question.
    Abbott invites Widodo to G20 - 17:48

    The PM has personally invited the new Indonesian President to Brisbane.
    Abusers caught in the act - 15:15

    New legislation means police will be able to enter domestic violence scenes with cameras.
    Big six to face heat from ASIC - 9:01

    It didn't name names, but the corporate watchdog says the six biggest institutions will get some extra attention.
    An attack on our standard of living - 15:15

    Comment: Scaremongering greens' focus on resource sector is an attack on standard of living.
    Russia Today@RT_com  (Russia)
    RT - Daily news
    RT : Today
    Family of only Ebola victim in US freed from quarantine - 18:18
    The mandatory quarantine for the family of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient in the US who died on Oct. 8, has ended. With the release, Louise Troh, Duncan’s fiance who was held at a secret location in Dallas, expressed both relief and grief.
    ​‘My bus, my rules’: Gay couple ordered off London bus for kissing - 18:02
    A London transport employee is under investigation after he allegedly threw a gay couple off his bus after he saw them kissing.
    ‘Heinous crime’: Japanese man gets 2-year jail term for making 3D guns - 17:49
    A Japanese man was imprisoned for two years after being found guilty of manufacturing guns with a 3D printer and attempting to ‘emasculate’ the country’s strictly enforced gun laws.
    ​British mother rescues wounded jihadi son from Turkish-Syrian border - 17:46
    A British mother has traveled to one of the most dangerous areas on the Turkish-Syrian border to rescue her son, who was injured fighting for the Islamist militia Islamic State (IS formerly ISIS/ISIL).
    ​Naked protest artist cuts earlobe off on roof of psychiatric clinic - 17:38
    Pyotr Pavlensky, a controversial performance artist and activist best known for nailing his testicles to Red Square last year, hacked off a piece of his ear while naked on the roof of a psychiatric institute in Moscow.
    86-year-old starves to death in ‘right-to-die’ protest - 17:23
    An elderly British woman has starved herself to death because British laws do not permit her to seek assistance in taking her own life. The case has revived the euthanasia debate and renewed calls for the ‘right-to-die’.
    Russia-China trade hits record $59bn in first half of 2014 - 17:15
    Russia’s recent trade figures show strengthening ties eastwards, not westwards. Trade with the 28-nation European Union declined 3.2 percent from the same period last year, whereas trade with China increased by 3.4 percent.
    ​Why do we know nothing about ISIS? - 17:12
    “Don’t you know that Isis was the name of an Egyptian goddess?” a colleague from Iraq recently wrote me. “Mind you, they never give things names for no reason in the West. Terror, death and fear – that is what we have to cope with day by day.”